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Latex shorts/boxers/underwear

Discussion in 'Sex, Kissing and Intimacy' started by health, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. health

    health Newbie

    I am interested in men's latex (or polyurethane or pvc) shorts, boxers, boxer briefs, underwear that would provide more of physical barrier for sex.

    There are three things I've seen that I'm considering:
    1. Latex boxer briefs (to possibly cut a hole in to fit the penis through)
    2. Latex boxer briefs that completely cover the penis as well (these exist)
    3. I just came across a latex underwear on ebay called MythPoint which basically have a whole cut out for the penis.

    All things being equal cheaper would be better.

    Has anyone had experience with these?
  2. LittleBC

    LittleBC Member

    I haven't had any experience with this but I am really interested in this topic.

    I've seen some latex clothing at this website:


    But what have you seen that you're interested in using ? I'd love to hear about it. Post some links here too if you will ?
  3. health

    health Newbie

    1. Latex boxer briefs (to possibly cut a hole in to fit the penis through)

    2. Latex boxer briefs that completely cover the penis as well (these exist)
    They call these a boxers with a "sheath"

    3. I just came across a latex underwear on ebay called MythPoint which basically have a whole cut out for the penis.

    At the site you linked to I saw these:
  4. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

  5. LittleBC

    LittleBC Member

    This kit is excellent !!!! But JESUS... the price !!!!!
    Unbelievable. No wonder herpes keeps spreading. Who the hell is going to fork out THAT kind of money ?!!?!?
  6. RealisticGal

    RealisticGal Well-Known Member

    Okay, I'll be honest. My question is how many people would actually use it?

    (Not me.)
  7. schmack

    schmack Active Member

    Are you trying to prevent male-to-female or female-to-male? The contraption would look different depending on which you are trying to accomplish. Either way, there are some fairly lengthy discussions about this topic on here if you look around.
  8. LittleBC

    LittleBC Member

    Maybe you wouldn't use it but I think a whole lot more other people would use it if it was 50 bucks instead of hundreds of dollars (that kit is WAY overpriced.) And it would be nice of some of those people were people without herpes who were being smart for a change and worried about catching an std.

    Sex is FUN... I know if I was looking for partner(s) I'd rather be having sex with some rubber or plastic in the way than not getting any at all. How many bunches of people have I read on this forum who are having trouble finding anyone to *bleep* them ? :sadfacetoday:
  9. health

    health Newbie

    Yeah Ive see www.latexboxers.com before, but it's too expensive and I'm not really interested in any of the other stuff that they sell in their kit.
  10. health

    health Newbie

    So I got the bicycle style shorts with a full penis sheath. I got one size bigger than my true size because I didn't want to have to be struggling to put them on. I think this was a good decision because I can put them on without applying lube (except to my penis) or talc. The legs were a little long and so I cut them down.

    Finally after abstaining for so many months we got to have sex again!!! I wore a condom inside just so I wouldn't have to cleanup a mess. Feeling wise it's not that great because the rubber of the sheath is way thicker than a condom. But it was just great to have sex again. It was great to feel like we were totally protected with probably zero risk of transmission. One downside is that we seemed to need a lot of lube and the sheath seemed to dry out quickly.

    After having sex that way a few times, I decided to cut the tip off the boxer's penis sheath, so now the head of my penis is exposed. I still wear a condom and the feeling is so much better :) and I feel like the coverage is still really good. And because the head is exposed it now stays wet.
  11. LittleBC

    LittleBC Member

    I think these people are really onto something with their latex boxers. But I wrote to them via email to ask them some questions and they haven't answered me. Isn't that just wonderful. The only company around (seemingly) making a truly safer sex kit and they aren't professional, aren't manning their website, or perhaps aren't even in business anymore?? They seriously want people to fork over almost 350 U.S. DOLLARS for a safer sex kit and they don't even man their website to respond to inquiries... nor do they post any contact info other than email addresses (one of which is wrong!) Like I'm going to give my credit card number to a site I can't follow up on with a phone call if I never get my order ??? Don't think so...

    PISSES me off hugely. Such a promising idea being run into the ground by ineptitude. :mad:
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