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Light therapy really has worked miracles for me!!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by livinginhope2009, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I’m abit of a forum lurker, I haven’t posted much but have been avidly reading and trying out many many different treatments. I have HSV2 Genital and ive tried just about everything imaginable to the point of mixing my own little remedies (which was pretty successful and worth a try). I made a mixture of ground down acyclovir tablets (just a couple), purell and st Johns wort tincture (one of the main ingredients in dynamiclear I read on their site). I mixed it into a paste and it was very soothing and everything healed up quite fast. But I did notice this remedy did nothing to prevent recurrences. Ive also tried suppressive therapy, various creams, Lysine supplements, vitamins and a few other things but nothing made a major difference. When I was taking daily Acyclovir tablets they only made a slight difference in that the attack amounts were exactly the same (constant) but they were milder. The only other thing I would recommend (before I tell you about the light therapy stuff!) are Epsom salt baths, very relaxing, very soothing and dead cheap! It dries out the sores and really helps with the pain too. I personally think anyone with herpes should have Epsom salts in their bathroom it can be a lifesaver!

    Ok so recently ive been lucky enough to stumble upon this device:(LINK) in my local boots chemist shop. There’s not much information on the boots website about it but I believe it is almost identical to this device:(LINK)

    Well….let me tell you! In the 10 years I have had this virus this is the most effective thing I had used so far!! Now strictly speaking this thing is designed for cold sores but in the FAQ’s on the website it does say it fine to use it for genital herpes and that in theory it should work. Well I can honestly say this has to be the best £35 ive ever spent. I bought this machine a month ago and ive used it for just two sessions on a sore I had at the time I purchased it and ever since I have not had another outbreak at all! This is a god send for me because I was literally having constant outbreaks, as in, as soon as one sore healed up another would come up. Now even the skin down there feels healthy if you know what I mean, before it would feel itchy and tender as if I was always contagious! Anyways I just wanted to share my wondrous find with everyone else here, as ive picked up many tips from this forum myself. I’m sure there must be places or websites you can get hold of this device or similar in other countries around the world. Perhaps others could share some links or their experiences with using these machines.

    The machine is also available via NHS prescription from doctors too: (LINK)

    Heres abit more blurb: (LINK)

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ill also keep you all posted if I have an outbreak, so far it’s been a month of no outbreaks whatsoever……I hope this could work well for you too! :-D
  2. Thanks a lot for your info.

    After seeing your thread, i went to the links you supplied and realized that device's working source is short-wave infrared light which, (after i read some articles about short wave infrared light knowing) has big penetration ability. It can penetrate about 1cm depth into human body, though of course due to attenuation only about 10% or even less energy really goes into deep.

    So i've been thinking what if a device that has bigger power than Virulite, the curing effect may be better. So i searched interent for SWIR medical instrument, and unfortunately there's only one manufacturer availble inside my country and the price is too expensive - around 1,000 Euros, damn. If SWIR can really cure g-herpes i'd like to spend the money but now, i need to know more info. regarding this.

    This month i'd be busy and not convenient to conduct any experiment, but next month i'd like to buy some SWIR lamp first, if possible.

    So please Mr Linvinginhope2009, wish u do come back giving more feedback.

    Thanks again.
  3. sportsgirl1

    sportsgirl1 Newbie

    Where did you get the St.John's tincture?
    Is it expensive?
  4. I bought a small dropper bottle for about 4 pounds in Holland and Barrett which is a health shop in the UK, not sure if they have them world wide. But it shouldnt be expensive elsewhere.
  5. Unfortunatly ive just had a new OB for the first time since using the machine. Its been something like 7 weeks though so im still impressed because as i said in my first post, id been having constant ob's before using it. It also seemed to have somewhat zapped this new ob because i usually have alot of itching before it becomes a sore but now there is no itching and the sore appears painless. Id still recommend getting one of these machines but it hasnt stopped the ob's in entirity as id hoped but it does offer relief and it appears to prolong the length of time between the ob's popping up. I will still post any progress reports.
  6. ScottNZ

    ScottNZ Newbie

    This sounds really good and i'm ready to try anything out!

    Couple of things i was wondering about the treatment and would like to know what people think or if they know already...

    1) Could you use the treatment when you don't have any coldsores to prevent outbreaks?
    2) If you used it a lot, do you think it could weaken your immune system (and hence cause worse outbreaks when you stopped using it)?

    Anyone else tried it and found it working??
  7. Hi there,

    Ill try to answer your questions from my own expriences and also from the information sheet included in the pack for the machine.

    1) I dont think you could use it when you have no sores to prevent them because it works by encouraging the skin to heal the sore that you currently have, but they do say continued use can prevent, i must admit mine have been very few and very mild since ive been using it. I have had only one ob since buying the machine about 2 months ago and it cleared up within 2 days, using the machine seems to really speed the normal cycle the blister goes through.

    2) Good question, and ive no idea to be honest. But as things stand i wouldnt stop using it because it is working well so far. But i dont know if its effectiveness will diminish over time.....
  8. pingu

    pingu Member

    which one did you buy?

    Hiya. Did you buy the light machine from Boots or did you buy the virulite one? Please let me know.:rolleyes:
  9. pingu

    pingu Member


    I have to say that I purchased the machine from Boots. I tried it last night because I started getting a predome and some mad itching along my jaw line last night. Today the itching has gone away and the predome is so small I can barely see it. wow

    I hope it keeps working this way. I will keep adding updates to this thread and monitor my progress.

  10. Denise 07

    Denise 07 Active Member

    That's awesome :) I hope it continues to work for you! I wondered where you have been lately because I hadn't seen any posts recently. Glad you're doing better! Keep us updated please.
  11. notlikinghsv

    notlikinghsv Member

    I am thinking about getting light therapy. Boots or virtulate?
  12. KingOfLeon

    KingOfLeon Newbie

    I splashed out £30 on on of these VuruLite gadgets at Lloyds Pharmacy in the UK. I was picking up my Aciclovir tablet prescription for cold sores (which work, mostly, I think... but not 100% this time) and noticed it on the counter. I though it would be worth a go.

    I have a couple of sores on my upper lip at the blister stage, so I zapped them with it. One had been stinging a lot and it seemed to stop stinging - not sure if that's my mind playing tricks on me!

    Anyway, I will report back if I think it's any good - I have to say I am sceptical at the moment.

    I joined this forum as a result of searching on this subject...
  13. KingOfLeon

    KingOfLeon Newbie

    Sorry, ViruLite is the correct spelling.
  14. KingOfLeon

    KingOfLeon Newbie

    I'M CURED!

    OK, almost better now, but I had been taking tablets as well. I suppose next time I will have to try the gadget on its own.
  15. pingu

    pingu Member

    Bumping for updates!

    Hi everybody!
    Yes, sorry I haven't been back. Since moving to Dubai I've suffered bad patches of asthma and the last 3 weeks have been very bad for me (in and out of hospital). However...

    Back to the light machine. I got mine from Boots and it has worked very, very well for me. Better than lysine which was not making any real difference.

    Since buying the machine about 1,1/2 month ago I've had 4 "threats". This means mad itching combined with something that looks like a bee sting. These are usually the symptoms of an upcoming cold sore ob in my case. I use the machine as soon as possible and then again every 6 hours. The instructions advice on 12 hours treatments but they also say it doesn't do any harm to use the machine more ofter -except you may have to replace the battery sooner! In every case the "bump" was reduced and gone by the end of the day -never developed a sore. The itching was greatly controlled if not gone after a couple of applications.
    Just to be on the safe side I put a bit of lysine ointment on the bump (although this never worked on its own before).

    So far so good. Happy. Not taking acyclovir at the moment or anything. Still staying away from chocolate and nuts. The usual suspects, you know.

    Interesting, when a get a new "threat" it starts at a different place but not on any of the places treated with the machine. Maybe the sneaky virus is looking around to breakout in a "virgin" place. Not sure. Like I said the machine is working for me, at least so far, so there... :D
  16. SydneyGal1972

    SydneyGal1972 Newbie

    i have been doing some reading on light therapy and trying to work out whether to give it a go?! I noticed you posted your initial post in 2009 and had positive results. I am just wondering whether your still using the light therapy two years on and if you are still having positive results.
    Thank you!!!
  17. serge12345

    serge12345 Newbie

    same questions..

    anyone here still using this?
  18. kl625

    kl625 Member

    anybody know where to buy these in canada? been getting cold sores weekly... willing to give this a try
  19. brightpad111

    brightpad111 Newbie


    Hello readers,
    i am sharing you experience.For long time the problem facing for acne and disorder in the skin but this day i am really good and better for Light therapy treatment.
  20. betogether

    betogether Newbie

    same question
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