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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried a liquid bandage for their cold sores instead of just letting it scab over.

    For me, the worst part of getting a cold sore (besides the leper-feeling) is the ugly scab that lasts for 2 weeks.

    Liquid bandages work like scabs by keeping moisture in and germs out. Please let me know.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    moisture=bad, oxygen=good keep the sore open and dry....blow dry it with a hair dryer.....it works
  3. ThisGirlsDreamin

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    Dec 15, 2004
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    Washington State
    Possible Preventive Measure

    I just posted information that a dermatologist used to help me with herpes on my finger. Im the author ThisGirlsDreaming, you might want to read the treatment that he used...
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