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Lower Back Pain

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Belladonna, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Belladonna

    Belladonna Member

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Herpes a little over a year ago. My first outbreak was tough and painful; but once I saw my doctor and got medicine, things improved tremndously.

    Over the past year I've been getting used to this, trying to listen to my nody, eating healthier, etc. And I've had a LOT of out breaks this first year, (10... 11 if you count the one I feel coming on).

    Lesions aren't too much of a problem during my outbreaks, mainly because when I experience prodonal symptoms I immediately start taking the appropiate dosage of acylovir, (I take it daily for supression). My prodonal symptoms include tingling/ itching in my infection sites (before the lesion appears), and horrible lower back pain paired with severe nausea. I've heard of the lower back pain and nausea occuring with initial outbreaks, but does anyone else out their suffer through excrutiating back pain with every outbreak like I do? (It is, however a good warning to abstain from sex with my partner, but jeesh, it hurts).

    If anyone has experiende with this and has suggestions besides good drugs, (thinking about asking the doctor for back pills), please share, i would truly appreciate it.

    And since this is my first post, I would like to say thank you to all of you out there that have chosen to be honest and responsible--- I decided on the same path the day I was diagnosed.
  2. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    Hi belladonna....

    you know, I have constant back pain (hip back problems....long story...sigh) so if I DID have any backpain from the outbreak, I wouldn't know it. :roll:

    BUT with this last outbreak, I had the weirdest pain in my upper thigh...like behind my thigh, in the muscle, right under the ole butt cheek. At first I thought I pulled something, but then I noticed the tell tale tingling and like the next day...voila....big ole sore on the labia.
    this was something new for me. Maybe the back and leg aches are a sign of a more severe outbreak? Not sure.

    I never had outbreaks before and when I did, it was once every six months and teeny tiny. I didn't take anything for it, because I found it wasn't bad enough to warrant meds.

    THEN when I was pregnant, I had an outbreak so bad, I could barely walk. it was horrible and frightening. Since then I have had several bad outbreaks. I do not know why. I tried the meds, valtrex was ok, but I always felt like I was in the prodomme phase when I took it. Do not get me started in acyclovir, that stuff hates me or something! :P

    I was taking just lysine, bcomplex and not much else and I didn't have an outbreak for about 6 months. THen last month I had a horrific one. I feel this was brought on by eating oatmeal (something I had NO CLUE could trigger an OB, but apparently, it is really bad!!!!) So I cut out the oatmeal, the nuts (these never gave me any grief, but I am being super careful) cut back the caffeine, cut out my beloved diet sodas (can we say FRESCA?!?! I love this stuff!!!) just to see what happens.

    What happened was the bad outbreak cleared up after 3 weeks...I had a week of respite....THEN I had another bad outbreak!!!! GRRRR

    So I drank a ton of coffee, bought some diet sod and ate a handful of nuts yesterday! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I am experimenting with Cholarphor and posting my results there, you can read them in the treatment section...where I am the "human guinea pig!"

    The best thing to do is be your own guinea pig, as we are all so different and have different triggers to set off our happy little herpes :roll:

    I think for me, the key thing is to get some dicipline and get myself back on a super lo carb, ultra high protein and fiber diet. (fiber from fruits and veggies) no more "whites" meaning, no sugars, no flour, no breads, no pastas...nada! When I did this in the past, I had NO outbreaks and I felt good and I even ate almonds and peanuts all the time...no outbreak. All that protein in me was kicks some major booty, so....I need to get myself back into control and get back on that diet, see what happens.

    Good luck to you. I sure hope the outbreaks subside for you soon.
  3. Belladonna

    Belladonna Member

    Thank you, ouch

    Thank you for the advice, Ouch; but i was asking to see if anyone else had experienced this type of back pain with EVERY outbreak, no matter the size. At first, I wasn't on any type of suppressive therapy, I was using the suggested mix of lysine, b-complex, and really watching what I ate, (no foods high in arginine, steering clear of ALL caffeine, etc.)--- and there was no relief. I was having an outbreak monthly or more. About three months ago I went on acylovir and this is my first outbreak since, so suppression is working well with my system. I'm very happy with suppressive therapy and I'm going to stick with it, along with eating healthy, taking lysine & b-complex, and avoiding caffine. I just wanted to know if my lower back pain was a common ailment of other HSV sufferers. My doctor has told me that it's not common, but completely normal, (due to where the virus resides when it is dormant).

    I'll have an outbreak where I'll barely have a lesion, and yet I will feel like someone is squeezing my lower spinal cord--- so it does not seem to correspond to the severity of the outbreak, as you suggested.

    If anyone out there is experiencing this type of pain, (and nausea), with their outbreaks, please let me know. Thank you!
  4. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    wow, that is weird. Hmmmmm.....Have you had your back checked for anything like pinched nerves, etc? Just to make sure it isn't something like that.

    I know there ARE quite a few people who experience back pains and leg pains with their outbreaks. But I do not know if they are this bad. sorry I can't help you in this one. Hopefully someone who DOES have back ache will be able to give you more thorough information!!

    But maybe just to be sure, have your back checked. do lots of nice stretches to elongate the spine too. if you are a swimmer, this is the BEST excercise to help with your back, and doesn't cause stress on the rest of your frame.

    Good luck!
  5. eokolo

    eokolo Newbie


    just wanted to let you know that I have lower back pain near my spine area each time im being affected by a outbreak. It started from the first time I ever had a outbreak and now subsequently each time Im about to have a outbreak I have the same sever back pain that hurts and is horrible. It last for about a week into the outbreak sometimes longer. Each time that I discuss this with my doctor Im told theres nothing they can give me for the relief besides painmeds which dont work to control this type of pain. I try to take hot bathas nad soak in the tub for an extensive amount of time or take muscle relaxers but truthfully you just have to ride it out until it subsides is the only way.
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  6. davidstev

    davidstev Newbie

    I believe I contracted Herpes around 20 years ago, but never knew, as apart from the initial outbreak, I never had any symptoms. However, a few years ago, every now and again I would get a small sore on my genitals. Probably only once or twice a year. It was so minor, at first I thought it was nothing, but then it came a bit worse so I went to the clinic. The Dr told me he thought I had it, but the tests returned negative. However, in the past 2 months it has hit me really hard. No sores at all, but the back pain, right in my spine, hips, back of legs, really bad. Really weird pain too, like a trembling, as if nerves are on edge, and nausea really bad. I never suspected herpes. Finally a few days ago relief, it all went away, and still pain free, today a very small sore appeared.

    From reading up on the net, and this forum, I am now convinced I do have Herpes, and all of the bouts of pain as above are caused by it, I am kind of relieved, as it made me feel so ill I thought my number was up.

    I am very stressed much of the time, and have reflux, and sure they all go together.
  7. ratbooger

    ratbooger Newbie

    Hello, Belladonna. I have had herpes for four years that I know of. I've heard you can have herpes before the initial outbreak, so I always say 4 years bc that's when I noticed the first blister. I still have many outbreaks a year and have the excruciating back pain along with it. Does taking acyclovir help? I've been prescribed it many times, but never followed through with taking it like I was supposed to. For the excruciating back pain, I usually take ibuprofen. It doesn't help an immense amount, but some is better than nothing I have found. I also use a heating pad on my back. That sometimes does a bit of good. Looking forward to seeing the replies to this post bc the burning, painful back problem is sometimes more than I can bear. The lesions are painful too, but I can handle that with no problem.
  8. Selenadaisy

    Selenadaisy Newbie

    Hello..I would love to see more on this thread. I have just had the worst bout of lower back pain/upper thigh pain that coincided with a very minimal and very tolerable outbreak (one sore and on the top of my butt crack...LOL)....but OMG...the back pain and leg pain is unbelievable. I can hardly bend over and its only my left leg, upper and outer side of my thigh. I was diagnosed with this in 2008. Had the worst outbreak (couldn't pee for 2 weeks without crying) and freaked out. I have hardly had an out break since. I think the first two years after...nothing at all. Then a few (like 2) in 2011. AND this year...this is the third outbreak. All are minimal...a sore or two on my upper butt crack area...very strange....but I have been told that is where the virus resides. I have been under a phenomenal amount of stress (I owned a business which went bankrupt due to a frivolous lawsuit brought on by the previous owner..who was trying to get the business back....and that was nothing compared to taking care of two parents who have each undergone heart surgery in the last 4 months!!...No wonder I've had 3 outbreaks this year!!) Phenomenal stress, bad diet, no meds....no real information on the virus because I had so few problems....BUT this...the back pain is making me walk and sit and hobble around like an 85 yr old. Is this normal? I've actually scheduled a DRs visit because I'm so paranoid about it. Any advice is welcome! The stress will go away (parents are recovering and going home soon)..I'm "over" the BS caused by the crook and am slowly thinking about getting a job (the boyfriend works and says I don't have to) and will tackle diet as soon as the folks leave.....what else should I be looking for?
  9. Broken Heart

    Broken Heart Member

    This was me for MONTHS. I could barey move. I got massages and saw a chiropractor with very little relief. I was told I have a bulging disc in my neck. Now, I'm convinced my low back pain is due to H.

  10. Hispes

    Hispes Newbie

    Thanks for the thoughts and experiences in this thread. Have just checked out this thread and joined the HCsupport network as I've been suffering extreme back pain for the last day at the same time as an OB on my upper thigh. I couldn't work or move had to stay at home. I've had H for at least 22 yrs but never this kind of back pain. I thought maybe I've put my back out somehow but then I thought i've often had a lesser form of this backpain often at the same time as an OB also connected with other gut disturbances. Has made me think how this virus is a constantly changing and challenging mission! I tried aciclovir for the first time in the last year and it worked very effectively the first couple of outbreaks then less so for the last couple. Over 22yrs I often think I've got it controlled, stress is certainly a trigger, but sometimes it is unpredictable and after only having a couple of outbreaks a year I'll suddenly have a rush of them, even with a stress free lifestyle!. Must try the lysine, a friend recommended that
  11. Acesheart

    Acesheart HC Support Provider

    Hi Hispes, welcome to our site. I can tell you I too have had ghsv2 for 24 years. I do get some back discomfort, but my Dr way back told me to also take Vitamin B-12 Complex, along with my antivirals and I started Lysine about a year ago, almost. I am female and have only had two outbreaks ever. The ob's are usually tougher on girls. The vitamin b-12 promotes nerves health, and energy and relieves stresses. Happy you found us. Take Care. Truly, Ace :)
  12. Hispes

    Hispes Newbie

    Hi Aces, thanks for your thoughtful reply! I appreciate it. Severe back pain has lasted for three days but is now thankfully going away. I've had this kind of pain once or twice before usually I've been able to directly attribute it to some back stress. Sometimes I wonder if other physical weaknesses in my body also set off H, and I wonder if its a fine line between the HSV2 and physical issues, rather than psychological stress. I usually take Vitamin B-complex and had stopped in the last couple of months gotta get back on those babies! Thanks again
  13. threwthegame

    threwthegame Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    Hi, I can also attest to the severe back pain and associated leg sensations. For me the situation is slightly different. I contracted ghsv1 about a month ago and the back pain has not stopped since 36 hours after being exposed! It feels almost exactly the way Belladonna described it - like someone is squeezing a section of my lower spinal cord and gets really bad if I sit or stand for a long period of time. The pain travels down one leg and even makes the right part of my uterus hurt. Sleep usually makes the pain go away but it starts again first thing in the morning and does not stop for the entire day. The strange thing is that I have no lesions whatsoever that I can see yet, not even on the cervix. I am taking large doses of Lysine and olive leaf extract daily which seems to help a little, but I don't know for how long. The pain is making me unable to walk or focus on anything and I am going insane.
  14. dangitinAL

    dangitinAL Well-Known Member

    I found I was having major issues with leg pain due to this. I started taking CoQ10 200-400mg daily and that helped stop the leg pain. I was hobbling around like an old woman and even had to scoot slowly down stairs or walk sideways down the stairs like an 85 year old. CoQ10 is supposed to help heal the tips of your nerves (as does the b12). Take the b vitamin with the CoQ10 and maybe it will help. I found the cheapest at swansonvitamins.com but I have also found it on amazon.com and vitacost.com or puritan.com. Alternatively, most pharmacies have both.
  15. threwthegame

    threwthegame Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    My pain has gotten worse over the past 2 days. My spine and groin hurt like crazy with no relief. My upper left arm now also hurts when I move it even slightly and my arm feels limp, weak and sore. I am so scared. I have just starting taking CoQ10, but I don't know what will come of it.
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