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Lysine & Arginine Balance?

Discussion in 'Food, Drink, Diet & Recipes for Herpes' started by vworried, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. vworried

    vworried Newbie

    I heard an imbalance in these two is what causes outbreaks, recently ive started making smoothies with raw cacao powder, which has arginine in it & today it may have caused me a mini outbreak of coldsores (a cluster of 4 very small ones)

    I also snack on nuts & seed throughout the day, i consider this all very healthy yet today coldsores have popped up

    Seeing as i have not had one for over a year & ive only just started using the cacao powder, it seems thats whats causing it.
    Its actually really healthy stuff but maybe i just dont have enough lysine in my diet?

    If i counter this with more lysine will this be okay?

    Like if i put spirulina & seaweed in the smoothie aswell?
    I also eat fish & chicken...

    I really want to keep making the smoothies with the cacao powder & eating nuts...maybe today i just used too much, as it is very potent stuff

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. phaze

    phaze Newbie

  3. vworried

    vworried Newbie

    i only get coldsores on average once a year so i think that a balanced diet will be okay, the nuts & seeds i currently eat have never triggered anything before

    at the time i was also eating pumkin seed oil on salad which i think actually triggered it
  4. I was pretty stoked to discover the apple/peanut butter snack (yummy and healthy? I'm down) but I'm starting to think it's what causing my current ob. This is only my second ob since the initial one (the first was caused by stress) and it's bugging the living shit out of me that I'm going to have to abandon my new favorite snack. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose diet is suffering because of this bastardly little virus.
  5. vworried

    vworried Newbie

    Just to let you all know my outbreak went fast because i put aloe vera on it all day everyday, i also started eating lots of legumes (high in lysine) & also started having huge salads with spinach & watercress (high in lysine), i also found chicken breast helps too, i also make smoothies with the spinach, watercress & some spirulina. I think the spirulina really helped its amazing stuff.

    But the aloe vera i felt really help this from becoming blistered, ive never had a coldsore before without it becoming painful & blistered, im 100% sure the aloe vera helped

    so the point is USE ALOE VERA!
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