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Masturbation when you have herpes?

Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed' started by breakeveryrule, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. I wanted to hear from the guys out there with herpes how they handle masturbation? Are they afraid of spreading it to other locations on their penis while jacking off or getting it on their hands, etc.? What does one do? Never get off ever again? Wear a rubber glove? Tried doing it with a condom on but too hard to achieve the goal. Feel like I will never have sex or anything ever again. Help. :(
  2. WaxedWrong

    WaxedWrong Active Member

    ok well im not a guy but i just wanted to reply-
    - u have genital herpes i assume.... >>genital meaning its either going from ur penis to ur ass. so since u already have it, u cant spread it to the same genitalia.... and if u do have any fears of jacking off, rem u can always wash after u do it... hands/penis- surrounding area... washing is GOOD.
  3. nongfuspring

    nongfuspring Newbie

    also wondering about this.

    i am a guy.

    pretty sure i'm in the middle of an outbreak (initial).

    i withheld for a while but gave in to temptation.

    usually when i masturbate i get red areas on my body, which go away quite soon. and this is not from physically exerting myself, i think it's some hormonal thing. when i'm especially horny this happens also. not as much as when i was younger.

    anyway, i don't want to make the outbreak any worse by over-exciting my bodily activities.

    also, my outbreak is not on the penis itself. i don't want to spread it there.

    i was careful those two times, washing carefully before and after.

    but my hands are getting really dry from washing them too much.

    any advice?
  4. Phoenix2063

    Phoenix2063 Newbie


    I think the cruelest thing about herpes is that during an outbreak or nearing one I get extremely sensitive and horny. Its not enough that I can't have sex but your going to throw the desire and passion in my face? Bastard of a virus!! It's a double whammy.

    Does this happen to anyone else? I probably masturbate more during an outbreak than any other time just to will the extreme sensations away.
  5. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    This may sound outrageous, but I've found that if I feel the beginnings of an ob coming on, sex will often stop it in it's tracks. Maybe it's the endorphins that are released. You have to catch it early, though. Once the virus is 'dug in', so to speak, it's too late.

    And, no, you don't have to worry about spreading the ob to other locations on your genitals.
  6. nongfuspring

    nongfuspring Newbie

  7. Papa Bear

    Papa Bear Newbie

    I'm like you phoenix I tend to feel most horny when an OB appears to be on the way and it often feels strangely satisfying?
  8. Dogwatch

    Dogwatch Active Member

    Ditch the rubbers, go right ahead and have a good time!!!!!!!!!

    Presumably you wash your hands anyway after wanking. So no harm, no foul.
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