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Menstruation Cycle and Outbreaks?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Doe Eyes, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Doe Eyes

    Doe Eyes Member

    Sorry if that has already been posted MODS - I am new, please let me know and I will delete.

    So I was diagnosed last Summer, around May - June. Since then I have been frequently getting outbreaks almost every other menstruation cycle. Does this lessen with time? I heard within the first year or so you'll have about 4 - 6 outbreaks in a year, but my outbreaks seem more frequent than that. I always take vitamins and try to boost my immune system and get good sleep along with taking my meds to help suppress it, but I just feel really let down. Also, my outbreaks usually last about 6 days or so... At least visible 'scaring' does that mean I'm still 'infectious'? My symptoms won't be raised but they will be on the skin, they won't tingle and itch.

    I have a tonnn of questions, but if anyone has any idea as to how to help this it'd be appreciated. Also the best kind of medication/suppressors that have helped would be great too. I think I'm using Aclyvair? I'm not sure honestly.. I heard it doesn't work after 48 - 72 hours of having an outbreak :/ Why the Hell is everything so expensive? These pharmaceutical companies are really gouging, I'm a college student who can't afford .08 oz of "Magical drops" for $80...Sorry for the side rant, a little sensitive to that. :x
  2. Anon84

    Anon84 Newbie


    I have been diagnosed around 8 years. I didnt get many symptoms until around 2 years ago, when I started going out with my now fiance.

    At that time, I started taking Famvir twice daily (to reduce OB and viral shedding), and I went on the pill.

    Since that time I now get outbreaks (both oral and genital) every other menstrual cycle.

    I have been to many GPS about this. They increased my dose of Famvir, and I am now on the highest dose and it hasnt helped (I am also immuno compromised with Type 1 diabetes).
    I also tried switching from the pill to the implant to change around the dose of hormones etc. That hasnt helped either.

    I am planning on seeing a specialist because, as you know, having OB every second month is really difficult, and my GPs don't have the speciality knowledge needed.

    Are you on the pill? Maybe try changing your brand, or trying going off it to see if the different hormones make a difference?

    If you're not on daily meds, maybe start taking those - they are supposed to prevent OBs. I know they are expensive, but wouldn't the added cost be worth it?

    Also - maybe in time, the number of OBs will decrease.

    Good luck!
  3. MissHope

    MissHope Active Member

  4. overcoming

    overcoming Member

    So glad I found this thread. I am having the same problem! Except mine comes towards the end of my period, and I have noticed that indeed it happens every other period! wtf!
  5. starryhsw

    starryhsw Newbie

    It's comforting to know that i'm not alone.I had it since 2007 and it seems that i'm getting alot more OB in the recent 2 years.Would say it's a monthly affair thing right after my menstrual cycle...Any advise or take on this? it's really annoying and pissing me off!
  6. Kitty123

    Kitty123 Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    Pleaaaaaaaase pleasssssssse. Please someone tell me that this lessens over time. I have the same problem and my doc doesn't seem to understand. She swears up and down that I'm not having OBs around my period and she won't renew my prescription!

    Does this lessen over time?! I can feel one coming. I'm finished my period. But I can feel the dryness starting, and the slight twinges. This is how I know something is going to happen.
  7. ravencry

    ravencry Member

    after 16 years in in retrospect i have seen a handleful of what i call triggers for me including my menstraul cycle though not as often as you ladies. stress and once a sunburn were my other triggers. my experience with herpies has not been as bad as some on this site and i'm very grateful. another coorelation i noticed back in dec of 2010 was a combination of meds i was taking.an antibiotic and an antiviral that i tried for the first time. what a disaster lol longest OB i ever had. i had never taken an antiviral due to a complicated case that evaded diagnosis for so very long and at this stage of the game i dont see the point. my body does very well on its own. i went through a very early menopause and have found OB's are even less frequent..change in hormones? i dont know but i'm ok with it :) try keeping a journal like i did to track your triggers when u got an OB, how long it lasted, what was going on in ur life etc you may see a pattern. if your doctor isnt listening.....get a new one noone knows our bodies better then ourselves. if you feel it then its there even without a visual. good luck and have a great day!
  8. starryhsw

    starryhsw Newbie

    I forget to add that apart from my OB,i've also been having chronic yeast infection and more than often,concurrent with my OB.OMFG! I'm at wits end...anyone who can advise or help?I've been seeing a specialist since and all treatment she put me under does not seems to make my yeast infection go away permanently.It's freaking annoying and it affects my mental emotion leaving me pretty depress.Help needed here.....
  9. Caligurl33

    Caligurl33 No longer a member

    Any updates? I am in the same boat.
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