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Might have HSV2 and so worried about spreading it via non-sexual contact-help please

Discussion in 'Spreading and Preventing Herpes' started by raidersfan, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. raidersfan

    raidersfan Newbie

    I am only 41 days past a sexual encounter in which I think I may have contracted HSv2 based on some 4 days of intense tailbone pain, numbness in buttocks and down my legs, some itching on urethra area on shaft of penis, some small dots that lasted 2 days on the head but have not had any active lesion yet or blisters but I am still going out of my mind waiting to test for it with an IGG test at 4 months out. Now my latest concern while I wait to be tested assuming the worst that I have HSV2, I wonder if I can I spread it to other parts of my body and how? If so, how long before it would show signs on those parts of an infection?

    You see, I had to wipe my face and mouth off around 5pm tonight at dinner right after I went to the restroom to check my penis today for the millionth time and did wash hands with soap and water but I feel like my lips are tight, dry and I am worried I transmitted a potential infection somewhere else on my body. I looked at my facial lips closely and see some tiny bumps on my lips but don't know if those were always there and are your typical skin cells as (I never really cared about the composition of my lips) before or something else.

    Sorry if I seem nuts but I am going out of my mind with this and now am OCD with how clean I make everything and what I do and don't. The last thing I want to do is spread it around my body or worse yet to my kids via shedding, etc. Since I am asking for help with question might as well ask if I should be concerned or how I should give my young children baths without getting any possible infection to them. I couldn't live with myself if I ever got them infected with this should it turn out I have herpes.

    Thanks for listening to Mr Paranoid and your responses in advance.
  2. package deal

    package deal Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    hsv is skin to skin contact. it the only way. If you washed your hands immeditly after uh...checking yourself you really dont have to worry about spreading it to another part of body
  3. package deal

    package deal Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    oh also dont worry about spreading it to your kids. You can bath them and hug them. To catch hsv 2 they would have to have skin to skin contact with the sore and sense you have hsv 2 they wont be in contact with it at all.
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