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Mistaken for yeast infections?

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by aaaa, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. aaaa

    aaaa Newbie

    Since this 'scare to get checked' has been circling around my mind, i have been spending countless hours scourig the internet for info. Nearly four years ago, someone advised me to get tested, as he had done so. I did, and nothing.

    Last year, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. Yesterday I called my gyno to understand what tests were run on my pap smears and blood (because they check to make sure the baby is not at risk and such) She told me my tests (but not sure if my blood, specifically) were checked for all STDs including herpes. But I can't help but believe I have it - for MONTHS (almost 5) there has been a flaking, yellow crusting spot - no bumps, but very small cuts or fissures in the little dent of the upper lip (below the nose) - but it seemed like it was connected to a cut I had gotten at the base of my nose due to winter months and blowing, etc.)

    Furthermore, I have been getting what I believe to be yeast infections more often. Six or seven since becoming pregnant with my daughter in Feb 03. Through my research on the web, I read that herpes is often mistaken for yeast infections. Is this common? Has anyone misdiagnosed H by writing it off as a yeast infection?

    Please help, this is pressing on my heart and I want to be more certain of what I'm talking about before I speak with the man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. (though I am going to the doctor friday and will ask him to go).
  2. kandiiz

    kandiiz Newbie

    I was misdiagnosed with constant yeast infections or vaginitis for years. I never had an outbreak with blisters on my labia, but I constantly had itching and burning inside my vagina and the doctors kept telling me that it was a yeast infection or vaginitis and all the medication they gave me just made the itching worse so I quit going to the Dr. and just dealt with it. Also, I always got what the doctored called boils on the back of my rear end. It wasn't until I actually had an outbreak on my labia that I figured out what was going on.
  3. Workaholic

    Workaholic Newbie

    Very interesting you should mention this....

    I too was tested for H and it came back negative.....the symptoms have been persistent for going on 3 months now...and when I say persistent...I mean PERSISTENT!! The prescription my Dr. gave me didn't do anything either to clear it up.

    From what I have read on the internet, outbreaks don't usually last that long....

    This past Friday, I went to a book store and picked up a book on STD's....symptoms....how transmitted....and treatments.....

    Read about symptoms of yeast infections in men and its suggested treatments....

    I went to Walgreens and bought some over the counter ointment.....

    I immediately started noticing some improvement......and today...no itching whatsoever!!!!

    I'm still going to go to another Dr. to make SURE it's not H....but thought I'd share with you guys!
  4. aaaa

    aaaa Newbie

    Thank you for your replies...
    I went to the doctor last Friday (Dear Reagan, thanx for dying - federal holiday) I know, bad joke. but hey, I'm a democrat.

    Anyway, I was still having this "yeast infection" when I went to the doctor and she took a culture from it and also from my mouth (but the mouth thing had kinda healed too much to test i think). When she came back, she advised me to rule out herpes. But, I dunno... something doesn't seem right.

    Is it possible a cold sore could last five months? I hear that outbreaks "don't last that long" - but it doesn't seem that a regular old run of the mill cold sore would either.

    I went to the doctor while having the yeast infection because I thought I could be asymptomatic - or perhaps these "yeast infections" were MY outbreaks. Would a culture reveal that? To Kandiiz: Were you told that if there's no sore or blister then there's nothing to test? I, too occasionally get boils - admittedly during stressful times, and asked the doctor if they counted as bumps. The docotr's answer to this was that a blister occurs on top of the skin - a boil or whatever is under the skin and is something aggravated underneath trying to come through.

    So, right now the docotr says no herpes, but I am still up in the air. perhaps i have to wait for an outbreak. perhaps i should seek a second opinion - or perhaps i should accept with two negatives test results that maybe I don't have herpes and that guy (who was a cheater) is also a liar.

    Workaholic: would you mind sharing your symptoms? I'm gonna go look up on the male yeast infections - he and I could passing it back and forth (especially since we're both anxious to get back to business after one of those nasty yeasties)- maybe not letting it clear up all the way.

    Thanx - aaaa
  5. Blondie

    Blondie Newbie

    what ointment?
  6. Workaholic

    Workaholic Newbie

    Clortimazole.....anti-fungal ointment...

    My symptoms included some lesions on my penis and lately some itching/inflamation.

    According to the book I was reading, there are plenty of STDs/infections out there that can cause skin lesions and of course itching. What made me lean towards the yeast infection was that my symptoms started appearing soon after a NON-SEXUAL encounter (all she did was put her HAND on it...nothing else....lol....now I sound like Clinton!). The book mentioned in the "How transmitted" section that yeast infections can be transmitted non sexually. Add to the fact that my symptoms have been present for going on a pretty darn long time...made me believe it's not H.

    Now, for the confusion.....my doctor immediately suspected H when he saw my symptoms and called for a blood test. It came back negative (of course, right?) but the H medication he gave me did nothing and the symptoms still persisted.

    I don't want everyone to start running to Walgreens and stocking up on this stuff....but...out of everything I read....the symptoms and transmission possiblities of a yeast infection seemed to match mine the closest.

    I still plan on going to another Dr. to make sure one way or another...I'll keep everyone posted!
  7. discrete7

    discrete7 Newbie


    I had protected sex 15 days ago..
    I started itching... my face is tender ever since especially the last 10 days. we did not kiss, or do anything oral...

    Then i started reading about Herpes and last 2-3 days my genital area has this burning tingling feeling, and itching mostly all over my body.

    I am feeling week... felt some fever on day 12.

    Today I noticed some loss of some facial hair on my beard area.
    I went to see a doctor today. She said there is no sign of Herpes. She is not sure though. The internet says there may not be any signs...

    I am hoping it is just some yeast infection... Can it be? If yeast infection drugs cure it, would it mean it is yeast infection?

    :( I can't sleep. Please help!
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