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no wine,coffee or chocolate?

Discussion in 'Food, Drink, Diet & Recipes for Herpes' started by chole, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. chole

    chole Member

    Hi until today I have been a total caffine addict,lots of coffee,diet coke.Today I have stopped it all ( as 3 weeks after my first ob I still have one annoying spot that wont go ).So am trying anything.I have had awful headaches,side effects app of coming off caffine,sounds like a drug,it sort of is for me.Anyway am just trying to get rid of the final spot,so trying anything.Another thing is alcohol a trigger or is it just different with everyone?,I have not had any since I was diagnosed,but am missing a glass of wine or 4 and chocolate too,gotta have some treats right?,h is a total shit,it effects so much more than I would of ever imagined.
  2. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    Technically, caffeine is a drug and it is not a good idea to quit that stuff cold turkey. I tried that once and had a migraine headache all day long, couldn't even pick my head up off the pillow! Gradually decreasing your daily intake is the best way.

    Everyone's triggers will be different. Lots of people continue to drink coffee and alcohol and still indulge in chocolate. What's bad for some may not be bad for you.
  3. beachday

    beachday Active Member

    I have not been able to give any of those things up, and I am still suffering from my first outbreak of over 1 1/2 months. let me know if this works for you. I would have drank the half caffeine half not, then switched to decaf before I went cold turkey. Good luck.
  4. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    I had the same problem with coffee, but I was so scared of H, that I just stopped drinking it, replaced by weak tea and green tea and of course pain killers. I loved chocolate and peanut butter and also stopped and had L-Lysine instead. First I felt sorry for myself, by after a couple of months just got used to it and have lots of fruit instead. If I have something "bad", take extra Lysine and although my immune system sucks( always lots of colds, sinus infections), my second outbreak happened after 4 months. My family doctor says that Lysine does nothing, but it works together with a diet.
    If I were you, I would try to sit in salt water, it dries those spots really well. I know everything sounds awful, but if you are patient, it works.
    And there are worse diseases than this one, remember. Everything for people.
  5. chole

    chole Member

    thanks guys,I know there are worse illnesses that this am we are damn lucky this is not a life threatning one.I have been taking lysine for a couple of weeks and not sure if its doing anything at all.Will keep taking it for now.
    Have woke up and had just tea,no headache now,amazing, are the withdrawal symtons gone already,I used to drink about 10 cups and 5 diet cokes a day.I am feeling alot calmer too,which must be good for h.About the salt water,shall I just use normal salt in the bath?
    Beachday,your first ob is lasting 1 and a half months?,have you been back to your doc?meds?.Its been a month now since was diagnosed and thought my ob would be well gone considering am still on med too,just this one spot.Maybe you should try and cut down on the "bad food" and see if it helps,worth a try.I know its not easy,but am trying to be positive and think h is actually making me very healthy in my diet ( although on my next night out am having wine and eating what I like,sod it,gotta have some life ).
  6. Wine

    I drink wine quite a bit. Last week I probably had two glasses a night for 4 nights straight. I've also been known to drink a little heavier on special occassions. Plus I smoke. Either way, that doesn't seem to affect my OB's near as much as stress. I know that everyone is different, but for me, wine is not a problem at all.
  7. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    Wine is not a problem for me either. i drink quite a lot of it, luckily I only like the red because seems to be the best for your body.

    Tip for wine drinkers: wine has the natural resveratrol in it, which is actually supposed to be good for herpes. Also, as I read in the section about the alkaline diet, if you add 3 drops of alkalife to your wine, it doesn't change the taste and it neutralizes the acidity so that it's better for you. I bought alkalife (you can email me if you want to know where - I got an awesome deal - I did NOT pay $30 a bottle). And I've been using it in my water as well as my wine, and even my beer!
  8. pj17

    pj17 Member

    I still drink lots of beer- although it is listed as a trigger.
    I also drink lots of coffee... I have had 3 obs in 8 months...
  9. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    you hit the nail on the head!! I am one of those who can drink wine (and whiskey!! ;-) )
    and eat chocolate (not a big fan though, so rare I do eat it!) and no outbreaks. THESE are not my trigger foods.

    I can't do too much caffeine as it makes me WAY to hyper, then I crash to hard, but I do not think it affect my outbreaks either.

    My triggers seems to be things like oats. Too many carbs. Not enough protein. But mainly oats. OR too many sunflower seeds (My indulgence!! I LOVE sunflower seeds, but....I will overdo it and voila!!! Coldsores or herpes outbreak below!!)

    I think it is a good guideline as too MOST people seem to be affected by chocolates and alcohol and caffeine. Perhaps eliminate all for a while, then add one of them back in. See what happens. Then wait a month or so...add another in....see what happens, wait a month or so. We are our best guinea pigs...I am always trying and testing different things on myself. I am like my own little personal experiment.

  10. chole

    chole Member

    I have stopped the coffee,and down to one diet coke,not easy,but god I feel so much better in general,was making me hyper like you say,so there is a good thing about having h have stopped my caffine addiction.....still having the odd bit of choc,I just can't cut it out totally ( need to try as still having small ob after a months on med ).One thing at a time.Have not had any alcohol since I was diagnosed a month ago,scared it will make things worse,not just physically,but mentally too,think it would just bring out all my sadness at the mo,I have accepted I have H and feeling alot better about it am just still having fever and leg pains and want to feel well soon coz am bored of it now!!
  11. Gonzales

    Gonzales Active Member

    Just have your wine, coffee or chocolate, don't let that little nuisance change that. If you suffer a lot of outbreaks, try some less, but no need to stop.

    Beer as well. Don't be hiding any sadness, just face it if it surfaces and move on. Let it surface as many times as you need it to.
  12. beachday

    beachday Active Member

    I've cut back on most things except alcohol. since I also lost my job recently, I seem to be going out way too much.
  13. liedto

    liedto Active Member

    Resveratrol and Arginine?

    I have noticed that Resveratrol seems to be found in its highest concentrations in many of the same foods that have the highest concentrations of Arginine. Is there some relation between how the two of these occur in foods in nature and why one is good for herpes and the other not?
  14. JS21

    JS21 Member

    I wish I knew the answer to that one.

    As far as I can tell, alcohol weakens the immune system and makes the body very acid, as it is a refined sugar. Some folks find taking magnesium and putting more fats in their diet really helps eliminate the desire for chocolate. I've never been one of those who really craved chocolate. Coffee is extremely acid. Even drinking organic decaf, two six-ounce cups of coffee is asking for an OB, in my case. Two or three days of decaf is a good way to trigger an OB. I'd rather not have herpes symptoms than indulge.

    I can drink black tea, with no flavorings. I put whole milk in mine. Sometimes, I'll make it weak and drink it plain. I drink PG Tips and have not trouble, if I don't drink too much of it. I only drink tea in the mornings, or I can't sleep.

    Twenty years ago, I would drink three or four pots a day. Now, two or three cups is my limit. Somedays, only one. And I have to take breaks from it now and then.

    Sometimes I drink Pu-erh tea instead of PG Tips. I can drink oolong, but not Darjeeling (due to the bergamot oil).

    Once in a while, I'll drink some fancy green tea, or bancha, but not too often.
  15. samallen

    samallen Active Member

    Yeah I can't imagine giving up booze, chocolate or oatmeal!! I indulge in all 3 almost daily and it doesn't seem to bug me. However each persons' body is different so if you notice that they're triggers for you then limit your intake. Otherwise, enjoy them all and don't think about this silly little virus. Stress and worrying is just as bad as the foods we "supposed" to avoid.
  16. TheArcheologist

    TheArcheologist Active Member

    I still drink coffee, stay away from beer, thats my trigger. my 2nd Ob is clearing up and no new symptoms.
  17. lifesstillgood

    lifesstillgood Active Member

    If acidic foods bother you, you could try taking Prelief with it. It is over the counter and takes the acid out of foods. Just a thought.
  18. czechmate

    czechmate Newbie

    so is drinking decaf coffee OK? Since the evil substance for us is caffeine then that should be fine, right?
  19. notamused

    notamused Active Member

    the other night I had one beer and in the morning it was like 'hello herpes'.
  20. victim

    victim Newbie

    Each person reacts differently to bad foods, I drink a cup of coffee every day and it isn't enough to cause an OB, especially if your compensating with meals that are the good foods.

    One shouldn't give up coffee if you enjoy it, it has lots of antioxidants and prevents a lot of cancers...
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