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Oregano oil rubbed on spine at night?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by gotitsowhat, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. gotitsowhat

    gotitsowhat Well-Known Member

    Anyone tried this. I have started doing it. My spine feels hot and sort of feverish although it doesn't burn. Is this supposed to work? Any experience with this?
  2. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    Hi BrainyBlonde,
    I read in one post about mother and daughter's experience with oil of oregano. They both suppressed virus completely, even their Doc couldn't believe it. I also read some articles about oils - they stop virus from multiplying and even put it dormant. They recommend not to leave blisters dry but put some vaseline or baby oil on them.
    I started two days ago oil of oregano. Every evening rub it in my back, also put straight on blisters - my second outbreak is gone in two days. No leg pain, just smell and fire on blisters, but they are gone now.
    I don't know if this is coincidence,:rolleyes: but looks like people who tried this kind of therapy are right.
  3. bluefrog

    bluefrog Active Member

    i love the feel of oil of oregano rubbed on my lower back. It is warm and soothing. I did take 4 drops a day for a few days, but I keep forgetting that I have the stuff. I have heard mostly positive comments regarding oil of oregano.
  4. I just recently bought oil of oregano to treat an outbreak. I swallowed some (which is disgusting by the way) and I put it on my sore (which burned like fire! and caused my panties to stink even after I washed them). After two days, I didn't feel like it was helping so I stopped using it. Perhaps I will try it out on my spine though since I now have a bottle of it.
  5. bluefrog

    bluefrog Active Member

    Asmuch as I love oregano, it is tough to swallow the oil! It is strong and burns! Give it a few days, since like you said, you did purchase it. Rub it on your lower back at night when you go to bed. It is soothing.
  6. brokenlips

    brokenlips Member

    Me too

    I bieng using oil of oregano too and my leg pain is gone and fever blisters are gone too:cool: in just one or two days or don't come out and say Hi...:-D
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