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other infection looks like Herpes?

Discussion in 'Herpes Tests and Diagnosis' started by world, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. world

    world Member

    Hi there
    Which other infections looks like gential herpes? I worried having a sore on my penis head. I'm not circumcised. I did go to STD clinic for test,Swap and culture I guess so, I gave blood and urine samples for all STI. HIV negative. Waiting for my Herpes result. Its really kills my paitents. Still I need to wait 13 more days. I don't know why they need 3 weeks to release the result??? I almost decided that I'm having Genital herpes but very little hope that should be something else. Your experiences will help me.
  2. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    The reason a culture takes a while is because they have to wait to see if the virus replicates... like growing a culture in a pitre dish. This can take time, although 13 days seems a little excessive. Mine took 5 days.

    There are other things that appear similar to herpes, so without a formal diagnosis, it's hard to say with absolute certainty that's what it is. I think certain fungus and allergic reactions might appear similar.

    Wait for your test results. That will tell you for sure.
  3. world

    world Member

    Hi Mslucy
    Thanks, I understand.
    I really really hoping it shouldn't be Herpes. Actually went to Gov hospitals they always take 3 weeks for follow up appointment but for me each day seem to be very long, untill I'm at work some what I can put this things in back mind if I come back to home!! its total depression more over if its weekend it worst.
  4. Angel Eyes 23

    Angel Eyes 23 Newbie

    When I was looking up the same question when I was waiting for MY results to come back I found out that shingles can look exactly like herpes and be on the genitals, apparently it looks so much like it sometimes it fools even the doctors...just a thought
  5. world

    world Member

    I have or not

    I'm confused more:confused:, I just came from hospital, the following is my result
    Comments:Source: Genital,penile swab
    Clinic diagnosis: Penile sore
    Ordered: HSV Ag IF
    HSV Ag IF Unsuitable(only few cells seen)

    My doc said nonconclusive, there was no enough fluid and said I may have or mayn't but according to the appearance it's looks like herpes and reacted for antiviral treatment so he asked me consider that I have Herpes. I did asked him why it can't be someother balanitis,fungal,allergy infection but he simply said it reacted for antiviral so its Herpes I guess I went to wrong doc:rolleyes: I can't come for a end. He also said Igg test can't prove 100%!!!!! I also went to STD clinic but after I started my antiviral so I think even that result will be false negative!?!?!?!?!?! or unsuitable

    what is your advice? but I'll go for Igg test after 2 or 3 months.
  6. Denise 07

    Denise 07 Active Member

    I'd say your only option now is to get the IGG test done. If it's a new infection however, it can take 3 months before antibodies appear. If you've had it for awhile than it will show antibodies on the IGG.
  7. world

    world Member

    On 4th oct I got all the lab test came negative which was done on 10th day, here the follwoing

    Herpes simplex Virus isolation
    Specimen - Swab
    Specimen comment - Penis
    Herpes simplex virus 1 Culture - Negative
    Herpes simplex virus 2 Culture - Negative
    Hep B Surface Ab(Anti-Hbs) - Negative(<=10mIU/mL)*can u tell me what is means?
    Hep B Surface Ag(HBsAg) - Negative*
    PCR for Chilamydia and GC
    Chlamydia PCR - Negative
    GC- PCR - Negative
    PCR for Chilamydia and GC
    RPR screening - Non-reactive
    My Doc said we can't came for conclusion by the results because I went there on 10th day and moreover I was in antiviral med which was given by GH doc so he suggest to take IGG test on 8th week. I just want to be sure whether if my infection is new or not so I gave blood for IGG on the day itself, result will be in 2 week
    My doc also adcived me to take Hepatitis B Vaccination. I toke 1 dose on 4th oct need 2 more dose, 1 in next month and march 2011. I thought my sore may be syphilis so atleast I can have cure but its not now left no choice so I convince myself that I have herpes.
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