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Outbreak on Back of Thigh

Discussion in 'Spreading and Preventing Herpes' started by Matchstick, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Matchstick

    Matchstick Newbie

    I have outbreaks on the back of my thigh. I've never had any genitally.....that I've been aware of. I am now in a relationship and had to have 'the talk.' We went condomless for a period of time, but he has recently read about viral shedding. (I should have been more aware, but this is still all new to me and I"m learning along with him.)

    My question is, since my outbreaks only occur on my leg, will I shed vaginally or is it only at the outbreak location?

    I will that I am on daily Valtrex.
  2. Hottfoxxy

    Hottfoxxy Active Member

    U shed anywhere a pair of boxer shorts would cover... So also in the genital area
  3. writemegirl

    writemegirl Active Member

    I rarely get vaginal OBs; always on my buttocks and thighs. Hottfoxxy is right; you will shed vaginally also.
  4. schmack

    schmack Active Member

    Most likely, you were infected genitally and therefore still have genital shedding. Some of the S2 nerves lead into the buttocks / back of the thigh area, which is why some people get outbreaks there. If you run a google image search for "dermatome map," you can see how the nerves are distributed through your body. Typically, hsv2 infections lie in the s2/s3 dermatomes.

    If you were actually initially infected on your thigh instead, it's possible that you would not have genital shedding. Here is a good discussion of that situation: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/STDs/Non-genital-lesions--genital-shedding/show/1258425

    Do you happen to know when you were initially infected and what was the nature of your initial outbreak?
  5. Matchstick

    Matchstick Newbie

    No Idea

    I have no idea how I got this or from whom. My first outbreak was in the middle of a monogamous marriage. I feel fortunate its only been on my thigh & not very frequently over the years, but now that I know what it is, I feel like an idiot & a leper.
  6. Bobabooey

    Bobabooey Newbie

    What they won't tell you!!!

    You did "nothing" wrong, and you don't need to have intercourse to get herpes.
    No more than you need to kiss someone as a child to get cold sores.
    The best explaination for "back of leg/hamstring" outbreaks is a TOILET SEAT!

    Yes, I know it sounds cliche, but it is true. Imagine how many affected women sit on a toilet seat and spread the virus from contact by several means including hands/toilet paper....etc................Don't blame yourself.
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