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Outbreak or Yeast infection?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by flower83, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. flower83

    flower83 Newbie

    I was diagnosed with HSV2 6 weeks or so ago. I had severe yeast infection symptoms and no amount of monistat was making it go away. Then I had 3 small blisters that tested positive for the disease. I tested positive on a blood test which means I have had it for awhile. The outbreak cleared up within a week taking 1000 mg of valtrex and using the cream stuff.
    Right before my period started 2 weeks ago I noticed my yeast infection symptoms come back. I was sooo upset and wouldn't let my girlfriend come near me because I felt so gross and was afraid to pass it on. I started taking valtrex, the itching continued and the cream seemed to burn a little bit when applied. I got my period and the outbreak continued. First of all - can I wear tampons with an outbreaK?
    So after 1 week on valtrex the itching was still there. It seemed to be INSIDE my vagina, not on the outside. I took a diflucan (yeast medicine) and within 2 days I was better. Was this just a yeast infection? How can I tell the difference? Thanks!
  2. Firehorsewoman

    Firehorsewoman Active Member

    That's a great question and is very difficult to answer which makes it really tough for us itchy gals doesn't it? Have you asked your doctor?

    yeast? bacteria? herpes? all three? :confused: That is the question.

    I bet that yeast infections occur pretty frequently in females afflicted with genital Herpes. Yeast likes to overgrow when anything is out of balance.

    I myself got relief many times from oral anti-yeast medications and that postponed my diagnosis because I wasn't breaking out in sores at that time and thought it was just yeast causing the ITCH. But many times the anti-fungals would not work and then I was started on antibiotics for bacterial vagninosis. Truthfully, I had never experienced an ITCH like that in my life. The herpes itch was worse than yeast and bacteria I had experienced in the past. But, it couldn't be herpes without sores right? Wrong. The sores just showed up late.

    I personally don't want to ever swallow another Diflucan as long as I live. But, it may help you. You may be co-infected. What does your doctor say? If (s)he has an answer sorting out the itch I would love to hear it!

    PS-herpes lesions can occur deep inside the vagina and/or cervix
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2010
  3. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    the first 6 mo of getting herpes many women get many yeast indfections and bacterial vaginitus,,due to the hormones changing and the body trying to fight the virus..i had my dr give me a standing order of medication i could get whenver i needed it cuz she knew i had only had 1 yeast infection in my life previously..after about 5 mo it became less and less, and now i havent had any for over a year..
  4. queennie4

    queennie4 Active Member

    I can relate.....

    Don't this sound fimilar, I was having yeast infection like it was a cold. just kept coming and going in not to mention four in one year, but with not knowing that I had HERPES since 04' I was just told in jan. 2010.

    so this been going on back in forth, and all the monistat in the world couldn't fix that itch.....and my case it was herpes and that how i found out but I was only on meds. for 6wks. then I stop due to my choice to stop taking them but I been fine since then.....outbreak or yeast infection only a dr. can tell....

    hope you find the answers you looking for all us is different when it comes to this matter.:rolleyes:

  5. flower83

    flower83 Newbie

    Thanks for the advice, hate the confusion

    Thanks guys for the advice and relating. It is soooo confusing. I have been getting yeast infections for YEARS! Since I was a kid. But now I am wondering if some of the YI I have gotten in the past were actually outbreaks. I guess I will never know. It is so frustrating. I feel like I don't know my body.

    I hate the fact that my vagina seems to have betrayed me. I didn't do anything wrong. I am kind of prudish! I wonder how long it takes to get used to feeling so gross.

    How funny is it that me having a yeast infection is fine but an outbreak makes me feel so gross! I hate how it is so stigmatized. Ugh.

    I do need to go see my doc. I haven't since I found out because I have been so embarrased but I should probably get one of those standing orders to both Valtrex and Diflucan!
  6. Firehorsewoman

    Firehorsewoman Active Member

    Funny but I felt "grosser" when I was thinking it was yeast. I felt like I could bake bread in my vagina the itch from the "yeast" was so bad.

    With herpes I don't feel gross...I feel like my vagina and ass have been taken hostage by the enemy....and damn it I want them back!!! :madd:

    Please don't be embarassed to see your doctor. That is their job and they see lots of worse things than herpes I'm sure.
  7. queennie4

    queennie4 Active Member

    I agree with firehorsewoman go to the dr. and get it treated it may be something else, outbreak or yeast infection either way it best to just get it diagnose correctly
  8. I get lots of YI's too.. always did even before I got HSV2. My YIs have almost become resistant to Monistat. I take very good care of myself "down there",,, eat right,,, etc and still get them. All I have to do is soak in my jacuzzi for 1/2 hour and two days later,,,here comes the itch. Seems all the females in my family have this problem. Diflucan only works if I take 3 in a week but now my insurance will only pay for one every 30 days even if my doc overrides it. I recently found a homeopathic remedy called AZO yeast. Most of you have probably heard of this. I'm pretty sure they sell it at drug stores. I bought it at drugstore.com and it's pretty inexpensive. If you get symptoms, take 3 per day and after that take 1 per day for maintenace. This and a daily dose of l acidophilus... plus I eat lots of yogurt.... seems to keep the YIs away. I get about 6 per year and I am a healthy person.. no diabetes, etc. Honestly for me the discomfort from YI has always been worse than HSV2. Good luck.
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