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Outbreaks after sex?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by Maize, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Maize

    Maize Newbie

    Hey all,
    I've had genital herpes for about 7 years now - I know, 7 years!
    I recently had my first son, all went well - no outbreaks during the pregnancy and I was able to deliver a healthy baby vaginally. The problem started about 4 months after he was born. Now literally everytime my husband and I have sex I get an outbreak! Everytime! We going to have an only child on our hands at this rate! I don't know what to do here, has anyone else experienced this? And the blisters seem to have migrated towards my anus. (I know that's TMI but what can you do!)
    I'd love some insight here, I'm at a loss!!:confused:
  2. helied2me

    helied2me Well-Known Member

    Hi Maize,

    Congratulations on the birth of your healthy baby boy!

    Outbreaks can be brought on by sex, some people have had some luck with lots of lube but be sure it's not the warming sensation kind or anything with nonoxyl-9 (sp?) For others it just takes time to get past having outbreaks brought on by sex.

    Outbreaks near the anus is not uncommon. The virus travels in the nerve cells through the nerve pathways so it depends on which path that nerve cell takes as to where the outbreak will end up. Kind of like a tree limb with it's different branches. Does that make sense to you?

    I hope this doesn't last too long darlin', I'd hate to see your son miss out on a sibling!
  3. lovebug

    lovebug Active Member

    Do you do anti-virals when this happens?
    Have you thought about doing some anti-virals as close to the time after sex? I read that nearly all the virus reproduction occurs within the first 12/24 hours of recurrence - prodrome - and that the minute you feel something, that it's a good idea to do massive doses the first 2 days, then taper it off over the next three, in order to kill as much of the virus as possible.

    Or... maybe in your case, since you know that sex will trigger it, how about going on short-term suppressive, right after sex.

    Do you think that maybe hormones may be a factor, along with the sex? I also read that it is not uncommon for women who've had herpes for a while with little or no symptoms to then suddenly develop more outbreaks. This has to do with hormones changing, becoming pre-menopausal, etc. Your hormone levels are fluctuating since you've given birth, and maybe that, combined with the friction during sex, is triggering the outbreak.

    Maybe there's some kind postnatal hormone therapy you could do? But having never had a child, I really have no idea what I'm talking about. Just a thought, really... Talk to your ob-gyn...
  4. Maize

    Maize Newbie

    Thanks you two, at least I know I'm not going crazy here. I guess its back to the Valtrex for me!!
  5. lovebug

    lovebug Active Member

    I would definitely play around with Valtrex. I don't think you need to go on suppressive therapy, btw. Just pop one right after sex and for the next couple of days. With acyclovir, you can take up to 800mg 3xday at the start of recurrence. Not sure how that translates to Valtrex.

    But I wouldn't just focus on anti-virals. There are a lot of factors: friction during sex, hormones, immune system. Think of the outbreak as a symptom...

    Good luck, and congrats on the baby!
  6. ginnyp

    ginnyp Well-Known Member

    I know your immune system does some wacky things when and after pregnancy. I have an autoimmune disorder, and was told that usually during pregnancy symptoms just miraculously disappear, because of a particular hormone, and then after pregnancy symptoms return with a huge vengeance for a little while until your body gets it under control again. Sounds like the same thing is going on with your herpes. I wouldn't worry, just try to fight it, and if you are able (depends on breastfeeding, etc.) you may want to use an antiviral while the virus is out to kill off as much as you can of it.

    HITBYHSV Active Member

    What happened?

    I dont think this virus is especially intelligent - but I have on my 3rd outbreak discovered something that I find very encouraging; - I started the method of hard hitting with high levels of meds (3 X 2 300mg tabs X 3 times daily) on my 3rd outbreak and it all began after a night out where the virus was extremely quite and asleep. Now next morning however it came out - as it thought "the old bugger is wasted - so I can go have some fun" - however I hit it hard with 600mg Valaciclovir tabs and I did it the very second I felt burning peeks in my legs.

    A burning hell started within 10-15 mins of me taking the tabs, as if the virus was caught out in open - it only managed to bring a very small inflamation on my balls - and no blisters was shown as it had the next 600mg within 3 hours of the first stroke. But as I gave the next bang it went completely crazy inside me and both my feets and hands and different places all over my body were on fire - as if your killing a wild animal - fighting for survival. - After my next 600mg it went quite and I ended the day with no outbreak - really (!) - but a hell of a pressure on my pump I must say and the inflamation was also gone after I had put 3 times cream on it.....

    - So went out the next night and had a drink again to see if the virus would react to it again - and it didnt......WOW! - did my virus had a lesson or what happened?

    What Im trying to say is that if we can control our virus and give it some spanking to behave - then maybe we can finally get to live a fairly normal life with it? - and you can also get your sex-life back in order - anybody else with experiences on how to control the virus out there?

  8. Mamma

    Mamma Member


    this resonates with me as I had my first (recognised) outbreak on 15th March, just one blister, another 2 weeks later and another a week later. In between I had sex as I thought they had gone. So sex seems to irritate mine...OR....is it all part of the same outbreak ?

    What lovebug says about women having no previous symptoms also seems to ring true for me.
  9. ShockandAwe

    ShockandAwe Newbie

    Newbie... man o man.

    Hi guys. This topic is right where Im at now. I was diagnosed with HSV a few days ago... Its been crazy as Ive been running back and forth from the ER. I tried to have mutual masturabation with my gf but right after I came, I started getting chills and feverish symptoms, albeit no fever. Yesterday night I had an insane fever that left me thinking I was going to die. I think Im finishing up on my first outbreak, but the tension and the stress in my pelvic area havent left me. Damn, this really has stricken me --- sex was something I loved dearly with my partner. But yeah, live and learn I guess.
  10. ShockandAwe

    ShockandAwe Newbie

    By the way, I heard from a friend that his gf has had HSV2 for years and now doesnt have any symptoms. Does this get significantly better for some? Any hopeful stories would be really, really helpful right now.
  11. Maize

    Maize Newbie

    Hey ShockandAwe,

    I think its an individual basis. I have HSV2 which I got from my husbands mouth. Prior to having my son my outbreaks did seem to decrease in frequency but now they are back with a vengence! I don't really know if there's is any rhyme or reason. Maybe you'll be one of those people who only had one or two outbreaks in their whole life! I hope so...
    Good luck!
  12. lovebug

    lovebug Active Member

    Shock and Awe - yes, it does usually take a few years for your body to adjust. Some people have an easier time with it, some a harder time. I think you'll find a lot of people on this board who've had it a while, myself included, and with little to no outbreaks. Prodrome still seems to be an issue. Not everyone, though, and as Maize's post illustrates, life changes (pregnancy, menopause) can alter hormones, immune system and throw everything into a spin...

    Hitbyhsv - glad to hear that the megadoses right at the onset of symptoms seemed to work for you. Just to be clear, what was your dosage? 600mg Valtrex 3x a day?

    Acyclovir washes out of the system after 5 hours, so anyone doing the mega-acyclovir would want to take 800mg every 5 hours, roughly 3xdaily.
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