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Over-the-Counter LANACANE Stops the Itching and Burning!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by tidwell1026, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. tidwell1026

    tidwell1026 Newbie

    I am not sure it this is a good thing to use or not, but it sure is helping me right now. And I will do just about anything at this point.

    I was up all night last night itching like crazy and, in the morning, picked up some "Maximum Strength Lanacane for Intense Itch & Pain". It has been helping tremendously.

    I had my first herpes outbreak last week and am still suffering with it. I hope it's true about the first one being the worst. Anyway, I was having a lot of pain when urinating, but Lanacane helps for this too because it coats the sores.

    It is keeping me from going crazy while I wait through this.
  2. Lasmom

    Lasmom Active Member

    Hey - whatever works - just be careful - Herpes loves damp environments - you don't want to take the chance to spread it or elongate your outbreak - dry is the way! I'm not sure if the Lanacane absorbs quickly - and I'm certainly no Doc - but I hope it works for you - just make sure it doesn't make it - worse

    Anyone use this before? Any other remedies for itch????

    Good luck Tidwell.
  3. tidwell1026

    tidwell1026 Newbie

    Thanks for the warning. I wasn't sure if moist or dry was better for herpes. Seem like dry makes it itch more.

    But I will say that the Lanacane gets absorbed fairly quickly and it just leaves the skin soft.

    It takes the edge off.
  4. Lasmom

    Lasmom Active Member

    Itch more - gone fast if it's dry. I hinestly sleep naked when I can... if I have an outbreak so the air can dry it faster...

    What about oatmeal baths? Like for chicken pox & poison Ivy - dries it up, soothes the itch -

    I dunno - if id doesn't stay damp and gives you relief - sounds good.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'm always telling people to try epsom salt. If you soak in a bath with it, or disolve it in a cup of warm water and pour it on a.m.a.p. it really clears things up fast.
  6. RmRowe88

    RmRowe88 Newbie

    I am suffering my first outbreak at the moment, and I've fallen in love with Lanacane as well Tidwell. I wasn't entirely sure if I should use it or not, but it seems alright and the box does say it can be used for this sort of thing.
    The only thing I can suggest besides Lanacane that I've been doing ( and you most likely already know this ) is taking a bath in about 2 cups of Epsem salts for 15-20 minutes.
    Initially it stings like heck, but it's just the salt working to clear out the bacteria and dry the sores out. So just take a deep breath and get into that tub, I promise it makes a world of difference when you get out and put the Lanacane on.
    It has been less than a week so far for my first outbreak, thankfully I got the prescription from the doctor early on, but still coping with the idea of having herpes and the pain, hasn't been easy..
    I wish you the best though and hopefully your outbreak doesnt last long and you don't have many reoccurances.
  7. cookie1978

    cookie1978 Active Member

    OMG Lanacane was a saving thing for me. I would scratch raw, and lanacane would really stop me from doing that.

    Epsom salt baths are good. There is now an Epsom salt LOTION. It burns a bit if you apply it too much at once, so only use a dab.

    Then there's tea tree oil... which burns too. But it helped me tremendously and I still use from time to time to stop the itching.

    I also had success with Aftersun Lidocaine Gel, the blue cooling kind. it makes a mess, but the itching stops a bit.

    And the usual Purell... I like the one with Aloe.

    You can try those and see which one helps better. Try them one at a time, not all in one day...
  8. Purell.... the hand sanitizer?? ... really curious bout this one!
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