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Passed it on to my BF, but still a happyending

Discussion in 'The Secret to our Success' started by Kitt3nPaws, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Kitt3nPaws

    Kitt3nPaws Member

    So Its finally happened.
    I have type 2 oral and genital. It looks like my BF has it now orally so far. No signs of it genital for him. I feel super guilty but you know what he said?

    "So what? This doesn't change anything." :)

    We have been together for a while now, I moved back up north to be with him. He knew I had the virus and didn't care. We have been going at it like bunnies lol. And honestly I really believed he might not get it. But he got a sore in his mouth today, allot like the ones I sometimes get. Im making him go get it swabbed just to be sure. He has been great about it though.
    I know he is a lil shaken up about it. Now that he finally has it, I can see its really hitting home. But he is kissing me and talking to me and tells me how much he loves me. Nothing has changed, except now I have to make him change his diet! LoL which will be really hard. He loves all the things that HSV positive people need to stay away from.

    So though Im feeling a lil guilty, Im still happy and lucky that I have him in my life. I posted this because even though Im feeling a lil down, I want every one who reads this to realize your life isn't over. Yes there will be ups and downs with this virus. But life is full of ups and downs anyways. You can and will have a normal life, and you will find some one who will love you and not give a shit about this dumb virus.
  2. Belle69

    Belle69 Active Member

    I know how he feels. I got hsv2 from my then bf, and I was a little naive about it. I didn`t care. We also did the ``bunnylove`` thing lol, evrey day.....and when I finally got it 2 years later, it hit me like a brick wall anyway. I was really hoping he didn`t have it since he never shows any symptoms.
    Oh well, like you said, life goes on, ``whatever will be, will be``!
  3. Misty67

    Misty67 Well-Known Member

    • Moderator
    Thanks for sharing! :)
  4. package deal

    package deal Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    I understand you may be feeling guilty but the guilt is unfounded. You did not hide this from him. You were upfront with him and he knew you had the virus and he knew the risk and was willing to chance it and now he has it. He
    understood the risk.
    he understands that and now you need to understand it. Enjoy the relationship. You have a special guy there
    and I am happy for you
  5. jaee

    jaee Newbie

    I hope that maybe one day my partner will be able to accept it for what it is and find his love for me again your post gives me hope thank you
  6. i am glad things have worked out for you, because i am not sure i am going to be able to move past this with my husband.....i am still in shock of learning the "suspected diagnosis" yesturday and cannot bring myself to look at him because i feel so disgusted at what he did to me.....i am not saying i want to divorce my husband of 11 years, but at this point, i dont want to even be in the same room as him......how am i ever going to accept this and not blame him?
  7. simpleturtle

    simpleturtle Newbie

    I love your story.. I'm always so scared of passing it on..
    I was curious though about the diet thing? I've never found anything about that.. Now I'm worried that something in my diet could be making me irritated at times.. D: ???

    ...I found my answer much too quickly after I asked.. but I feel as though I have these items in my diet at an average.. slightly more than less.. and I don't feel as if that could be making it worse.. I was on a coffee "binge" I guess you could call it for two weeks, as well as indulging greatly in chocolate donuts.. and at that time I didn't experience anything significant. ://
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2012
  8. margaux x

    margaux x Member

    He may not need to change his diet at all. I have not changed what I eat and I eat all the things on the "bad" list! I drink alcohol and coffee too and I have had no OB's except the first one (Fall 2010). Wait and see. He may not need to make changes in his life. And if it is hsv2 oral, he may never have another ob.
  9. adoringfriend

    adoringfriend Newbie

    I am currently with a new partner who, two weeks in, told me he has HSV2. It hasn't put me off at all. I certainly don't see him any differently just because of some virus. Now we'll continue to be as careful as possible, and hopefully, I can make him feel a little better about it.
  10. CoriBelle

    CoriBelle Member

    You're wonderful:) Wish they'd make more like you:)
  11. True love endures and conquers all. I hope you find that.
  12. Hforever

    Hforever Newbie

    good luck Jaee
  13. Finallyhopeful

    Finallyhopeful Active Member

    So so happy for you! My husband feels the same way. Knew I had been exposed many years ago, and now that it has started to rear its ugly head, he couldn't care less. Wish there were more men like ours out there :)
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