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Question about wheat & grains?

Discussion in 'Food, Drink, Diet & Recipes for Herpes' started by dazed7, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. dazed7

    dazed7 Newbie

    I have been doing my research on lysine and arginine in foods, etc. It looks like wheat, brown rice, pasta, etc. are all relatively high in arginine. I am curious if folks know about other grains out there... I have not been able to figure out if white rice, barley, quinoa, spelt, etc. are also high in arginine. I am trying to figure out the "better" grains to select. I live in a place where rice is a staple...and am curious if perhaps white rice is ok.

    Also, what about other starch choices? I see that potatoes are high in arginine. What about bread--looks like this might be one to avoid altogether. What are other good starch/grain choices out there?

    If anyone has any resources, etc. about arginine and lysine in grains...or other carbs/starch, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. beachday

    beachday Active Member

    ONe of the charts someone recommended says that sprouted wheat bread and brown rice are low acidic. white rice and anything with wheat or white flour is acidic.

    I can't give up ww bread. I need it for sandwiches for work

    Amaranth, wild rice, millet ane quinoa are alkaline. I do not know what most of these are though.
  3. JS21

    JS21 Member

    Potatoes on the chart listed on this site have lysine higher than arginine.

    I eat teff which is high in lysine. As far as I know it is the only grain which is high in lysine. I can eat two 100% teff muffins or pancakes with no problems at all.

    I also eat carrots and parsnips.
  4. JS21

    JS21 Member

    All grains are high in arginine, except teff.

    Sweet potatoes are almost half and half lysine/argnine.
  5. czechmate

    czechmate Newbie

    hi you guys,
    what is teff and where do you get it??
    Also, which one is the lesser of 2 evils? Brown rice bread or whole wheat bread?
  6. czechmate

    czechmate Newbie

    PS: I looked up teff on WIkipedia and lysine levels are LOWER than arginine :(
  7. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    This website is helpful as a reference to some grains and seeds which are high in Lysine: All about grains

    Most grains will have a large amount of arginine, but it can be okay in moderate amounts if balanced with a decent amount of lysine.
  8. oneday123

    oneday123 Newbie

    I dont think quinoa is good for us. I am trying to figure out if I can have white rice instaed of brown? and how to balance it out with veggies to fight the arginine.
  9. oneday123

    oneday123 Newbie

    trying to figure this out too. If I have white rice is that better? or if I have brown rice can I balance it out with something high in lysine? man, I need help with this!
  10. aliciahere

    aliciahere Newbie

    Quinoa is good, it is alkaline and it is higher in lysine than arginine.

    Brown grains are always better than white, however, almost all grains are higher in arginine than lysine so you have to be carefull. As with everything, enjoy it in moderation - eat lots of veggies at the same time and you should be good to go.

    If you can find a sprouted grain bread (and other items), that is very good as it is alkaline, though I am not to sure what the lysine/arginine content is. I haven't had a problem with it and it is very tasty.
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