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Red Marine Algae and Lysine? please advise me!

Discussion in 'Nature has a Remedy' started by bravegirl85, May 23, 2012.

  1. bravegirl85

    bravegirl85 Newbie

    May 1, 2012
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    Hi all, i'm a new member here. 3 months ago i was diagnosed having HSV-2/genital ..i'm still trying to find what's the best natural remedies to prevent my breakout. So far I had only 2 breakouts since my initial infection. but i've been taking valtrex eveytime i feel something wrong down there.. But my doc told me, taking valtrex too often is not good, and can harm my body.He told me to take care my health and built my immune.

    so, i would like to ask some supplements below that i have taken for about 2 months...maybe some of you can help me to choose and your critics and advice will be very helpful.
    Below are what i've been taking everyday:
    1) early morning, 1 hour before breakfast: 1 tablet of lysine (1000mg), the brand is GNC.

    2) after breakfast: 4 capsules of red marine algae - @500 mg each. (i recently bought 2 brands: Pure Planet and GigartinaOne).
    Please somebody tell me about these brands, are they safe? because i live in Indonesia, and i need to buy it from Amazon and have them shipped to my address, since there's no drugstore which sell it. I've been looking in Singapore and Malaysia too, neither of them also have these remedies.

    Especially the GigartinaOne, i can't find the manufacturer and distributor. Maybe i can give the link from amazon and other site below, so you can check it out:



    3) after lunch: take vitamin C 1000mg ( the brand is: Ester-C from GNC)

    4) after dinner: Vitamin B complex.

    Please anyone advise me about this...is this ok if i take it for a long time? because until now, i still often feel a minor "tingling" or" itch" around my genital almost everyday...which is a sign that i'm about to have another OB..it really sucks.

    My O&G doctor prescribed me zovirax cream to use it 2X daily until the sign is gone. But i'm looking for a real natural and cheaper supplements , because valtrex and zovirax is really expensive here...i've been spending 50% of my salary just for buying this medicine .it's crazy
  2. terbangmobil

    terbangmobil Member

    Dec 26, 2011
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    Indonesia, Jakarta
    Hii there, I am from Indonesia too. I have similar experience but only take L-lysine and vit C both at 1000grm everyday. At times, i still feel the itch but a really minor one.

    According to various forums, L-lysine if taken at high dosage (6000grm per day) will harm the liver. Though not scientifically proven. Still you need to consider the fact that any medication taken not according to their appropriate dosage is not recommended.

    I don't know how much GNC l-lysine cost but you can try kal from natura farm, it might be cheaper.

    On another subject, you will probably have known that i sent you a private message. If you feel that i am intruding, please do tell me and i will not bother you again. The reason i really want to get to know you is that since you are married, how does herpes affect your life, your decision and your partner. I am still single and really want your input on married life.

    This is my email: terbangmobil@gmail.com or nick, djhon car. I hope to hear from you.
  3. Acesheart

    Acesheart Legendary Member
    Staff Member Support Provider

    Nov 26, 2011
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    I do hear good things about red marine algae. I have also heard of many taking Vit.C in very high doses. I personally take Vit.B cpmplex liquid twice a day & lysine 625mgs a day. That along with my antivirals so far have kept me with only two outbreaks ever. I just started the Lysine so I will keep taking for at least a year to see if it makes a difference when I get my next blood test done. Thats for the tips and the links. Truly, Ace