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Reliability of these so called 'cures'

Discussion in 'Herpes Clinical Trials' started by anotherteenager, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So I've just been reading all the posts on this section, I'm from Australia and I was wondering, is there really going to be a cure?? And when do you reckon any products/ injections associated with curing the disease will make it to the market?
  2. oneday

    oneday Active Member

    Realistically, 15-20 years if the current research holds promising results in human clinical studies. It takes ages for new drugs to hit the market and that is the typical time frame. There are exceptions, such as with Guardasil vaccine. I know it sucks having this virus, but there is SO many more worse things to have than hsv. We all hope for a cure, all in the same boat, but we can't put our lives on hold waiting for that day, in case it never comes-and that is a real possibility. No virus has been cured to date, but research is making incredible strides towards acheiving that in about the last 10 years. And how much more do HIV +ve people need a cure more than us? Think about it, if we got hsv 100 years ago we would have had to just weather the storm there wasn't even topical aciclovir until the 80's so of course there will be better treatments available soon. I badly hope for a cure like the majority of users on here, but unfortunately it's going to be a while. Even though several scientists now have promising breakthroughs and results, there's just no money for them to develop it further. At least there are scientists working on it, even if it takes a while. It would be frustrating if nothing was being researched. It comes down to, no one knows when or if there'll be a cure, we have to wait and see for now. So many people are affected by this so don't forget you are not alone and we are all hoping for something that will help us eventually.
  3. ConceiveBelieveAchieve

    ConceiveBelieveAchieve Newbie

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    Hi OneDay,
    I hear you loud and clear except for the wait and see part. While I realize a cure may be a while coming there are researchers right now asking for funds to speed up the process. As you noted, there are so many infected with HSV and even while the medical community still considers it a non-issue these numbers could accelerate research for a cure much quicker. There is power in our numbers and momentum in the research for a cure--we are lucky to have it. I hope to be working directly with this site in reaching more people and driving fundraising. Even with only 30,000 on this site we would need only $50 from each person to get Bloom and Cullen the 1.5 million I hear they need for clinicial trials....How can we as a collective not fund this work? How can we not send e-mails of encouragement and support to Coridon? How can we sit and wait while some lives are ruined by HSV? and how can we belittle a virus that has been linked to Alzheimers, blindess, brain damage, painful sores, depression/suicide, neonatal death and possibly cancer. There is also increased risk of HIV transmission especially in the thirld world. Now i'm not saying it's the worst thing in the world but it is a virus we should be fighting actively and passionately! I know no one has a childhood dream of carrying the Herpes flag but I ask that you help out in anyway possible...
    E-mail me at timothymax1@gmail.com if you want to help!
  4. oneday

    oneday Active Member

    I don't mean sit back, wait and do nothing, I mean wait and see as in seeing how clinical trial results in humans go. I am all for donating to speed up research process. My $50 has already gone to Blooms research, as well as to Cullen and Halfords Vaccine. I agree, it would be great if everyone on here spared just $50 to research and really believe we would make a huge step forward to success against this virus and cut years off the day it arrives!
  5. Herpes Awareness

    Herpes Awareness No longer a member

    Aicuris AIC 316 is approaching Phase III trials already, which could be available easily within 3-5 years -- while not a 'cure', it's a suppressant several orders of magnitude better than the best available today. See the pinned threads on 'top treatments in the works' ('upcoming new herpes drugs') for more info on a number of novel approaches for antivirals and vaccines, some of which promise to be outright cures.
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