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Rubbing Alcohol?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by flower12, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. flower12

    flower12 Newbie

    Hi, I am new here.

    I was diagnosed with genital herpes 5 years ago. I had one initial (and painful) outbreak, my doctor gave me Valtrex to take for a week and hasn't been back since. That is until 2 days ago

    I have 3 or 4 small but very painful (and itchy) sores in the anal region (outer)
    I was looking online for remedies found around the house, and have heard that applying a cotton pad soaked with Rubbing Alcohol for a few minutes twice a day for 3-4 days will help the healing process. I just started doing that tonight (it burned! but after the pain had significantly reduced) and I applied cornstarch to keep the area dry.

    Basically my question is: what are your views on using rubbing alcohol? (aside from the pain factor) Do you think it works?
  2. WarriorKing

    WarriorKing Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    I have used it for years to hopefully dry up the blisters quicker, relieve the itch some, and kill any little herpes critters stupid enough to be close to the outer layer of skin. I believe it is helpful.
  3. OnTheRise

    OnTheRise Active Member

    I agree. Keep it away from mucous membranes but otherwise it is a super killer.
  4. flower12

    flower12 Newbie

    about how long does it take? It is my second outbreak ever and Im freaking out a little...Im also a bit of a worrier, and Im worried they won't go away (it sounds stupid, I know)

    Ive applied rubbing alcohol for 5 min and then cornstarch afterwards 4 times in 24 hours...the pain has significantly reduced (still a little pain) but the bumps are still there

    I know I am not alone in having this, yet at the moment I FEEL so alone..and scared
  5. OnTheRise

    OnTheRise Active Member

    I would buy the alcohol pads in the store. A box is about $1 for 100 at walmart. Hold the pad in place, don't rub too much, for 30 seconds. They do drip if you apply pressure so be careful the alcohol doesn't drip and contact mucous membranes and cause burns. Use a different pad for each area. Once the sore feels/looks like it is healing, stop using the alcohol as it can reopen or burn causing a delay in healing. Another, perhaps better plan, is Wichhazel. You will find it next to the alcohol at your store. It is only 14% alcohol but will take care of the itching and still give you some antiviral action. I don't know about Cornstarch but if it's irritated after scabbing maybe something more soothing like dabbing vitamin e oil, aloe or Benadryl cream. I read of people having good luck with Lemon Balm as well. Best wishes Flower. You are fortunate in having few outbreaks and I can tell you are a proactive person who will kick it back into it's place. You can do this!!!
  6. OnTheRise

    OnTheRise Active Member

    oh....and zinc. Works wonders. I like Burt's Bees Diaper Cream. All kinds of natural stuff in it along with the zinc. H hates it. Very soothing and works like a charm. Hugs!
  7. flower12

    flower12 Newbie

    Thank you so much, you have made me feel a little more optimistic about this OB
    I will stop the rubbing alcohol for now (the sores burst today)
    where can I get Lemon balm?
  8. OnTheRise

    OnTheRise Active Member

    I saw it at the health food store in the health and beauty aids section. I think it was about $10.
  9. ineverthought

    ineverthought Newbie

    I used alcohol too but it didnt seem as fast to me as some remedies. I ordered Dynamiclear online. The 6 OB pack is $50 & the lifetime bottle is $100. Sounds expensive, but the healing time is super duper fast. I've had sores disapper in 24-72 hours. I also use crushed Lysine pills and those seem to really clear the sores up too. I'm a female. I also want to start taking Valtrex but I'd rather use natural remedies than to put pills inside my body.
  10. I've used betadine to dry up HSV sores. It stings less than rubbing alcohol, but again you want to only use it externally and not on mucous membranes.
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