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Scalp pain?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by rowgeophe, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. rowgeophe

    rowgeophe Newbie

    I have been having cold sore attacks since I can't remember, and fortunately do not have many, but mostly when I have had too much sun or too much alcohol, and usually they are on my lips but not too bad, on the initial tingle I will immediately start to apply Zovirax and within a week the are well on the way to healing.
    Usually the attack will happen in my sleep and I will wake up with pain in my scalp and all down one side of my face the skin will be very tender but only when first touched, it feels like I've been slugged in the face and most times I don't even realise that it is the onset of an attack until later the lip tingle starts. sometimes, as in my latest attack I get the facial/scalp attack with no lip sores. Is this a common symptom or am I unique, my mother suffered an attack of gullien bahr syndrome(sic) from which she fully recovered. any info would help.

  2. grad05

    grad05 Newbie

    I know that your post has been here a while but I figured I would reply. That is wonderful that your mom fully recovered from her bout with Guillain-Barre syndrome. I had a professor whose husband suffered from it years ago and has recovered fairly well from it. I am no doctor but I think that maybe the reason you are having these problems is because HSV affects the nerves and the route that the virus takes (when you are having an outbreak or somewhat asymptomatic shedding of the virus) is irritated. Wether it is normal or not I don't know.
  3. whereats

    whereats Newbie

    I currently have it on my scalp. dont be surprised if you find out you do have it on your scalp. i have had it on my arms, my chest, my back. if its skin, it can grow on it. I dont recognize your symtoms but i have seen it in a bunch of different ways. bumps, yellow scabs, even "invisible" herpes thats an itch that never goes away. i think it just affects every person differently. I am not in the position of making recomendations but i'm thinking of seeing a dermitologist because everyone thinks i have headlice. But dont let it worry you too much. Everyone gets it at some point in their life. When it gets into your scalp though, i know exactly how you feel. It really sucks. good luck to you.
  4. Sandygirl

    Sandygirl Newbie

    scalp herpes

    I am so glad to find someone else who knows that herpes can be invisible and practically constant. I have it on my scalp and it is sometimes is becomes quite painful, but it doesn't come out in blisters. I also get little blisters that break out on my hairline on my forehead and on my hands that break out in the same place from time to time.
  5. dissolvedo2

    dissolvedo2 Member

    scalp pain

    I am experiencing this too, and am having difficulty getting a doctor to acknowledge that it might be herpes. Frustrating.
  6. brynecki

    brynecki Newbie

    scalp herpes

    Yes, that is where I break out. However, I am now taking a suppressive dose of acyclovir and using a topical antibiotic (erithromycin sp?) I also use a tea tree oil based shampoo. If I am conscientious re taking the acyclovir the breakouts are minimal. When I fail to maintain the anti viral I will breakout immediately.The topical antibiotic helps to dry the lesions quickly. The problem with scalp herpes is that the scalp is prone to a buildup of oil which will initiate a breakout (tea tree oil based shampoos help substantially).
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