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Scars on penis

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by mb230, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. mb230

    mb230 Newbie

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum and would like to thank everyone in advance for your help. I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with genital herpes about 5 months ago. I noticed two small blisters on my penis which would scab over for a couple weeks and eventually went away. The whole time, I never scratched or picked at it and actually applied Neosporin everyday. Now its about 4 months later and I still have two very small brown scars where the blisters once were. I have been told that herpes rarely leaves scarring so I was wondering if this was permanent, and if so can anyone recommend any types of treatments to help reduce the scarring. Thank you.

  2. liedto

    liedto Active Member

    mine has been about 2 months and appears to be healed but I still have scars as well and I am pretty sure they are not going to be healed before my next outbreak, what type of GHSV do you have? cause most scars on a person body do heal over time so I would assume these would be no different, but if you have GHSV2 you might have OB's too frequent for those scars to ever heal.
  3. mb230

    mb230 Newbie

    hsv2. i had the first outbreak in mid January, and since then have been outbreak free at least in terms of sores.
  4. liedto

    liedto Active Member

    I am still a little unclear of the time line of things here you mentioned 4 and 5 months before, but I would say if you have not had an outbreak in 8.5 months, you might not have too many outbreaks and it it may be possible to get the scars to disappear for a while. Do you take anything? I am not sure if antibodies have anything to do with outbreak frequency.
  5. mb230

    mb230 Newbie

    i have been outbreak free since the first time. however one time i had my lymph node swell up in the my thigh for a couple of days but I did not see any sores pop up. could be antibodies? any ideas how to get rid of the scars though? thank
  6. Sincere25

    Sincere25 Active Member

    Well the ones from my first outbreaks the scars went away,, My second outbreak involved blisters which i popped immiditately and applied alcohol and hydroxide, and now is that they are starting to dissapear after 3 weeks tho.

    Let me ask you a question, ever since you contracted the virus or think u did, has the condition or look of your penis changed permanently? cause I got the virus in Nov of 2007 but didn't get outbreaks til i found out I was positive til June of this year and that was when the outbreaks started after I found out i was positive, but form Nov of 07 til now my penis has not looked the same at all ever since I cought the virus? is anyone experiencing the same thing? Like it has never looked normal ever since i cought this virus even when I dont have an outbreak of scabs, cuts or blisters. :confused:
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