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Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by princejohn, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. princejohn

    princejohn Member

    I have been reading a few studies which suggest that Spirulina can inhibit the replication of HSV-1. The tests were done on animals.

    I have started taking Spirulina as an immune booster, its only been 2 weeks, so too early to tell. But, no out breaks as yet.

    I am wondering if anyone has tried Spirulina and what were the results??

    (I have HSV-1 oral and genital)
  2. sophie11

    sophie11 Member

    Good overall supplement to take, this is my main stay vitamin!! Yes, will help also helps remove toxins but you need to ad a lot more to you regimen. Try detoxing with zeolite pure, this will remove heavy metl and plastics also help with viral load. Take 3 times a day. Look into some oxygen therapy, mms can help also. I had best results when I cleaned up my body detoxing and eating organic.
  3. frank80

    frank80 Member

    I used spirulina too. Two times a day for a few weeks now. I mix it with my juices. I bought it form Wholefood. I am hoping this helps me too. I take spirulina, and dr sibes products. I had a blood test done a week ago. I invest a lot of money in his products I change my diet no meats. I hope the results stay no herpes. I had it for 5 6 years now I hope the doctor lie to me and they wanted to make the money off me lol
  4. frank80

    frank80 Member

    I eat organic too its a lot of money to buy these foods. Something have to kill the virus. I also pray to god for him to heal me too. I know he will heal me some way somehow. I have faith I believe. We my fight this virus. by giving updates and post information that will help us kill this virus. I used Spirulina 6 days a week I think I will drink a glass now.
  5. sophie11

    sophie11 Member

    Spirulina is only my "multi vitamin" it can help but isn't even going to put a dent in this! I believe the most important thing to do is cleansing and removing toxins and trying not to put any pack in by eating organic. 3 most important are heavy metal, parasite and colon cleanse on a very regular basis with a maintenance program. I also take a very high quality probiotic. Our immune systems are in our gut and colon so they have to be the healthiest or none of the supplements we take will even matter!!

    I also believe oxygen and minerals are a HUGE key in this also. In my opinion you have to hit this as hard as you can from every different angle that you can on a daily basis. Here is a list of everything that I take every day or every other for some. D-earth, molecula silver, zeolite pure, oxy-powder, mr oxygen sulfur msm, humic/fulvic acid, propolis plus I take a few other basic thing just for health.
  6. sophie11....i just got the zeolite pure in the mail today and it didn't come with scoop. how much do you take? i know you do it three times a day....would 1tsp be good enough and how much water? thanks. i looked on their website but i didn't see that info anywhere.
  7. sophie11

    sophie11 Member

    I just use a teaspoon 3x day. I mix mine in a double shot glass and use lemon aid to mix it with because I also take a tsp of msm at that point also and it tastes really bad so it helps kill it. Just use water it Tastes like nothing. You might only want to start at 1/2 tsp once a day and work up from there, don't know if you could have any detox effects from this. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks Sophie11. I'm adding this with other supplements I'm taking. I'm also taking famcyclovir .....do you think it will be alright? I looked on the website and is says that it should be ok but to ask your Dr to be sure, well my Dr doesn't know what zeolite is and "thinks that it should be ok" do you know anything about this? Thanks again in advance.
  9. sophie11

    sophie11 Member

    Hi lookingforrelief, it should be fine. I would just make sure to take them a few hours apart, maybe take your zeolite as soon as you wake.
  10. Thanks Sophie11. I hope this and everything else I'm taking makes this thing dormant again. I've been super depressed cause of this horrible affliction. If u read my previous post you'll see. Thanks again, I will keep you posted. Oh BTW, I know everyone is different but how long did it take to see results? I'm sorry, this will be my last question.
  11. sophie11

    sophie11 Member

    That's ok :-), I can't really remember but it will depend on just how toxic your body is. It works by removing heavy metals first then plastics and pesticides and then starts on viral particles. I actually do think it helped me quite quickly. I hope it helps you like it has worked for me.