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The scab stage...

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by basa9952, May 30, 2007.

  1. basa9952

    basa9952 Newbie

    I always wondered why do herpes scabs seem to take so long to heal. Anyone know why? I remember last time I had a herpes outbreak, I actually cut my finger with a knife by accident and that cut was much worse than the cut/sore from herpes, yet it healed much quicker! Why is that?

    Also does anyone know how to speed up the healing of a scab? Any lotions, creams??? Or is it better to just keep it dry and leave it alone?

    Btw, I am referring to genital herpes.
  2. Caliope

    Caliope Well-Known Member

    I've had 2 ob's with sores and never a scab. I imagine you can put several different things to speed healing. Topically I've heard positive feed back on wheat germ oil and stuff like dynamiclear.

    My friend swears by using Domeboro. It is a powder you mix with water that you then soak a compress in or add it directly to a bath or sitz bath and apply to the affected area to speed healing.
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  3. gutted.

    gutted. Active Member

    I use topical zovirax - mine normally heal in 2 - 3 days.
  4. WaxedWrong

    WaxedWrong Active Member

    scabs suck, the only outbreak i had with scabs was the very first one.
    and it was a monster.
    i put a&d ointment on them.
    but it takes so long cause, either a) its a pretty big outbreak, and has lots of skin to heal. b) immune system not up to par c) the virus is still active and shedding, so it might be keeping the skin from healing so it can try and infect people.
  5. basa9952

    basa9952 Newbie

    This is so weird because unlike you guys, I never really get sores! And I have zero pain when going through an OB. Its just a swollen red area, then next thing you know, a scab forms.

    what is a & d ?
  6. Shayna

    Shayna Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    a&d is an ointment. I think that's the brand name. It's been around for a long time.
  7. WaxedWrong

    WaxedWrong Active Member

  8. ppear1200

    ppear1200 Newbie

    I went the ther Derm yesterday and got a cortizone shot and it sped the healing process up dramatically.

    this isn't an option you can use everytime since it isn't healthy to get too many of these shots but when you have a golfball sized swollen weaping sore on your face and have to go to work the next day...
  9. Cindy Robinson

    Cindy Robinson Dynamiclear Representative

    Aloe vera

    Aloe vera gel can be very helpful in speeding the healing of the scab. It grows wild in many places so may even be in your garden at home.

    Fact Sheet - Aloe Vera Gel for herpes

    The gel helps to regenerate new skin cells while allowing the sore to breathe and remain dry while it is healing.
  10. neverstop

    neverstop Newbie

    This is what I'm looking for, something to get me through the work week. What stage were you in when you got the shot and where did he inject? I would love an update on your progress.

    On scabs: It seems that every other time I have a cold sore ob, I get a scab. I swear the scab is the longest part of the process and often the largest/most ugly. I'm now trying Aloe Vera gel and trying to keep the d*mn thing as dry as possible otherwise.
  11. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    Cortizone is contra-indicative

    Cortizone (and anything that contains steroids) is a big no-no with herpes.

    Steroidal based treatments are contra-indicative with viruses like herpes because, although they may seem to work excellent to begin with, they ultimately allow the infection to thrive and become worse.

    Read the Herpes Facts Pamphlet for more details @ http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/herpes_pamphlet.php
  12. Strong

    Strong Active Member

    I as well keep hearing about scabing. Seems pretty common. My primery ob was terrible but had no scabs. I had the start of two more ob and still never a scab weird. Crazy the way this virus works. Wish really wish there were specialist out there for this.
  13. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator

    Often, whether a scab forms or not relates to the area that is affected and how much moisture there is.

    A scab or crusting is less likely to form if the area is overally moist. In these types of cases, the area will often close over and heal rather than forming a scab.
  14. Strong

    Strong Active Member

    interesting. Good to know. All this talk about scabbing. Thought maybe I was odd. lol.
  15. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    To scab or not to scab

    lol not at all. Many people do NOT get scabs. It is the same process if you fall over and graze your knee. A scab will normally form to help repair and protect the healing area. It is more a natural mechanism of the body than a direct effect of the virus.

    This is why people who have very mild symptoms also tend to have no scab appear, it relates to the nature of the wound and the body's natural method of healing.

    I posted this sentence on another post earlier, it is very helpful in explaining what is happening when a scab forms:

    This is taken from: http://www.dynamiclear.com/aloe_vera_for_herpes.htm

  16. Strong

    Strong Active Member

    Also very interesting. So would you think maybe that if a scab does not form during the healing process that it may be more likely that redness and tenderness may linger alittle longer than some one who scabs per say? Kind of makes sense in a way. Only because a scab seems to protect the underlying skin... especially skin regenerating. Which I can imagine would be sensitive. I'm babbling...
  17. hiding

    hiding Member

    i always thought keeping the sores dry would heal them faster. am i wrong? *confused*
  18. hiding

    hiding Member

  19. HC-Support-Team

    HC-Support-Team Staff Member

    • Administrator
    Aloe vera

    If the area is kept dry it is likely to heal much faster. If the area becomes wet or overally moist it can cause the scab to become soggy and fall off prematurely, this could prolong healing.

    Aloe vera, unlike many other topical creams and ointments, allows the skin to 'breathe' naturally while nourishing it with vital nutrients.

    The Biogenic Aloe vera gel featured in this article is pure Aloe vera barbadensis. You can find this plant variety growning in many gardens. Using the fresh plant will also work excellent, the main advantage with the Biogenic Aloe vera gel sold here is that it is non-sticky and transparent, so you can apply it and then go out, if need be.

    Be mindful of using Aloe vera in a cream or ointment, as it is very likely that it is not the pure inner gel that you need and is sometimes considerably less effective due to both the quality of the plant used and the loss of vitality after it has been processed into a cream or ointment.

    Hope this helps,

    Shenda ;)
  20. hiding

    hiding Member

    yes, thanks a lot. I have the natural plant in my backyard :)
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