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The Top-Ten upcoming new herpes drugs

Discussion in 'Herpes Clinical Trials' started by motorcyclemaintainance, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. motorcyclemaintainance

    motorcyclemaintainance Active Member

    The acyclovir family of herpes antivirals has been around in one form or another for the last 20 years. It's high time some progress was made, especially given that the ASHA says 50% of women in the USA will have genital herpes by 2025.

    Here is a shortlist of the most likely new treatments to become available soon, in order of how close they are to market, number 1 being the closest to market. Make your own additions to, or comments on, the list.

    Here's the countdown:

    1. Herpevac
    Although there's a mysterious quiet at GSK recently, Herpevac is apparently finishing up Phase III trials. It won't be of any use to anyone who already has herpes, but it's the first real attempt to bring a vaccine to market. Rumor has it that the vaccine is around 75% effective in women who don't already carry either herpes type.

    2. Nanobio NB-001
    Ok, so it's a cream, but it's no ordinary cream. Nanobio's NB-001 uses extremely small particles called nanodroplets, which penetrate the skin and attack the virus directly. It makes Zovirax look antiquated.

    3. Starpharma Vivagel
    A new condom-coating that might also come as a cream. Recent trials on animals have shown it is between 85 and 100 per cent effective at blocking HIV and Herpes transmission.

    4. Astellas ASP-2151
    The most promising of the long-awaited Helicase Primase Inhibitors (HPI) drugs. And I really mean long-awaited. This is like super-acyclovir, and there's been some speculation that it could inhibit the virus so effectively that asymptomatic shedding may not be an issue.

    5. Immunovex HSV2
    A genetically-modified live herpes virus that won't be able to cause any symptoms, but will guard against infection from the symptomatic type. Immunovex plan to hold Phase I trials this year. The theory behind the vaccine is solid, and the animal trials were successful.

    6. ACAM-529
    Harvard's modified herpes virus can't multiply or infect cells. Two important genes are deleted to take the bite out of herpes. Scientists hope that this vaccine will prepare the body should it be attacked by the real virus. It may also help symptomatic people already carrying herpes. Acambis are investigating the technology, and Harvard continues to research the treatment. You can donate to their research here.

    7. University of Florida vaccine
    This is pretty much the Holy Grail of herpes vaccines, with the potential to actually cure people of the virus. The University proposes a vaccine that actually cuts into the structure of the virus, damaging it so significantly that it is eaten up by the body.

    8. Bill Halford's vaccine
    Great ideas from this inspiring maverick researcher. Halford plans to use a live virus to stimulate constant inoculation against nastier strains. By deleting an important part of the herpes virus, Halford can produce a new type of herpes virus that does infect you, but won't produce visible signs. If everyone's asymptomatic then the virus will be soon forgotten.

    9. Bavituximab
    This novel drug could combat a range of viruses, from Herpes to HIV. Bavituximab is an antiviral that could be to viruses what antibiotics are to bacteria.

    10. Vironova's VN-180
    An interesting broad-spectrum antiviral with a range of possible applications, like Bavituximab. It looks impressive, but is in the very early stages of development.
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  2. lifesstillgood

    lifesstillgood Active Member

    Thanks for all your hard work gathering this info.
  3. lovebug

    lovebug Active Member

    I agree

    Thanks for compiling this list!
  4. lovebug

    lovebug Active Member

    hey motorcyclemaintenance,
    can you edit your post to do a little summary blurb for each potential cure, including the UofF and the Harvard one? I get so confused with all these trials, and although I try to read most threads, even have a google alert setup, and donated to our drive, I get completely lost with who is doing what. I look it up, but I'll forget in a few days. If you can't, no big deal. It's just that your list is so concise!
  5. chooseyourbattles

    chooseyourbattles Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for that list!
  6. wrestler84

    wrestler84 Member

    Thanks for compiling the list. I'm especially excited about the chane that Nanobio NB-001 might be OTC and since it's already finished Phase II trials it has a very good chance of making it to us. Now if only Astellas would announce if they are taking ASP2151 to stage III trials anytime soon I'd be feeling pretty good about the state ofresearch that's about to transition to the market.
  7. whataboutbob

    whataboutbob Newbie

    Wow I had no idea we were so close to a vaccine! Herpevac is the closest to coming out and its 75% effective thats great news! That would probably bring the chance of spreading down under 1% if one is also on suppressive therepy huh? So you said it is completing phase 3 what kind of time frame does that put us in? under two years?? Wonder how much it will cost if it comes from GSK and it's anything like valtrex it will probably be a pretty penny.
  8. wrestler84

    wrestler84 Member

    Herpavec is only effective in women who have not yet been exposed to HSV-1 or HSV-2 if I recall correctly. The upside though is that even if it's to late for the current generation to benefit greatly from such a vaccine, it would at least help the next one. Several of the other vaccines under development are targeted at reducing/eliminating symptoms though. Hopefully at least one of them makes it through to market!
  9. whataboutbob

    whataboutbob Newbie

    well herpevac is good enough for me! my girlfriend does not have 1 or 2 so this would be great for us. Of course I care about preventing/curing the virus for everyone, but honestly right now I don't care about myself, the physical aspect of HSV doesn't bother me in the least, my only concern is passing it along to her. Hopefully it comes out soon before it is too late. Would be nice to stop wearing condoms and be able to get head i'll tell ya that! But yes the U of F vaccine sounds like the best long term solution, I will definitely be donating whatever I can to that soon.
  10. bella303

    bella303 Active Member

    Wow! This is great! Thank you for providing this list.....
  11. wrestler84

    wrestler84 Member

    Update on one of the drugs

    I thought I'd go ahead and post this info in here as well since the ASP2151 thread is pretty dead. Number 4 on the list will be headed to Phase III trials!

    From page 18 of the quarterly statement for Astellas:

    P2 results of the treatment of recurrent genital herpes
    -The efficacy of ASP2151 once a day was similar to that of valacylovir three times a day
    -No major safety concerns were shown

    P2 results in Japan and the U.S. are planned to be presented at a conference in the second half of 2009

    Future plan: Preparation for P3 of herpes zoster and the treatment of recurrent genital herpes was started as well as further development plan for the suppression of reccurent genital herpes is under consideration.
  12. itscuretime

    itscuretime Member

    thank you!

    Thanks a lot for posting this thread!

    I hope that something comes out soon that works. I don't understand why the vaccine only works on women though?

    anyways, hopefully the government is smart enough to think, maybe if they release a cure/vaccine that it will help pull the economy out of this recession
  13. Blueskies

    Blueskies Active Member

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say thank you to all those posting information on Vaccines and Clinical Trials. I have only had this disease for six days now but it has been six days of shear hell. Not going to get into my story here, wish the man I thought was my boyfriend was as concerned and loving as Whataboutbob. Its nice to hear that not all of you are creeps. Anyways, just wondering what second and third trial means and how that relates to time/years. Do you think the University of Florida cure is really true? How long have they been working on it? Is it possible it could be out in the next ten years? I might still have a chance of having a normal life with a husband and kids if it shows up before then. Although I don't know if I can abstain for that long.

  14. bella303

    bella303 Active Member


    The U of FL study is a promising and viable cure. The research is currently in preclinical trials. There are two studies, HSV1 and HSV2. The HSV1 study is further along than HSV2. However, we were told that there are venture capitalists waiting for them to get through animal testing. The current funding needs are for animal testing and possibly toxicology testing.

    We have started up another fundraising drive. To follow the drive go to http://www.herpes-coldsores.com/messageforum/showthread.php?t=14179 to read up on the history of how it got started and where we are at today. We have set a goal of $5000 to raise for U of FL and $5000 to raise for Harvard Knipe Lab.


  15. BPGoddess

    BPGoddess Active Member

    Thank you for the list!

    Thank you for the list! You have restored hope!
  16. By far, this is the best thread on the site. I was just wondering if this represents substantially more focus on HSV than there has been in previous years. Given that there have only been what, 3 drugs to hit the market in the past 30 years to treat it, 10 very viable options seems like a great leap forward. I have only had it for about 8 months now, so I am not caugh up on the history of previous research.

    Does anyone who would consider themselves a "veteran" know if there were other promising drugs in the past that just fizzled for one reason or another that sounded just as promising?

    I mean, I am no scientist, but it seems like some of these approaches are fairly novel - like the inhibitors to block the production of certain protiens that it needs to replicate. From what I read in those articles, it appears as though that approach is new and based on things that were discovered very recently - info that was not around when Valtrex was in its initial trials.
  17. motorcyclemaintainance

    motorcyclemaintainance Active Member

    The scientists I have spoken to say that interest in herpes drugs has been dampened by the failures of the past decades. However, our understanding of viruses has increased enormously in very recent years.

    I don't consider myself a veteran, but looking back through the posts here and on other herpes messageboards: Yes, the last 30 years are littered with failed herpes drugs. However, they are not littered with failed RNAi herpes drugs, nanoemulsion herpes drugs, or attenuated live vaccines for herpes. What I mean here is that there are some very new technologies available today that have never been tried before.

    Sadly, many scientists I have spoken to are finding it difficult to interest a commercial partner and bring these new advances to clinical trials.

    Some of the news articles on these treatments are extremely misleading, often giving the impression that these discoveries are being aggressively pursued by drug companies. Several times I've been given the impression that a new herpes drug is on its way, only to discover that the scientists involved have recieved little commercial interest.

    This is why it is important for us to donate and stimulate this interest. It's possible that the pharmaceuticals just aren't aware of how much demand there is for something better than Valtrex. After all, it's not like we've been the loudest voice out there so far.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2009
  18. oneday123

    oneday123 Newbie

    thanks for your time. you rule!!!!
  19. tyealia

    tyealia Newbie

  20. Sincere25

    Sincere25 Active Member

    Patience is a virtue!!!!!!!!!!
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