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Discussion in 'Herpes Clinical Trials' started by keepthefaith, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member

  2. Reya

    Reya Member

    Have you emailed or talked to the licensing officer that is listed on the site to find out where you can get the injection or vaccine?
  3. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member

    I emailed GlaxoSmithKline to see if they are aware of this and would want to license it. THey responded by saying they fowarded the information over to the apporiate part of the company. THats it. I will email them next week to see if they have any updates.
  4. Reya

    Reya Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. Will you keep me posted please?
  5. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member

    If they respond to me I will keep the board posted. I sent another email and have no recieved a response yet.
  6. Couldbeworse

    Couldbeworse Newbie

    I'm blown away!

    It looks like this is completely legit in that it's from the University of Florida. I can't understand why there is not more about this in the press, media, etc.

    They are claiming that they have a cure for a terrible plague which effects millions of people globally! I would think that drug companies would be falling over each other to license it.

    I wrote the product admistrator asking if there is anyway to try it right now. I will keep you all posted on the results.
  7. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member


    I emailed the admin as well, good thinking. I am going to try to get this out there as much as possible. Lets get this thing going.
  8. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member

    Contacted NBC on this topic.

    I sent NBC a email on this. Lets see the response.

    "As an employee of a medical office GYN to be specific there has been a growing epidemic that isn't deadly but something that effects the lives of many across all walks of life. Myself aswell as others suffer from a very common disease. The Herpes Simplex Virus. However, according to the University of Florida they have a CURE. Thats right a cure yet no one has taken any action to license this and make it available for others. Millions of people in the us alone have this. I am sure you know the stats, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men. Myself as well as others from various message boards have emailed pharmacutical companies with responses like " we have fowarded the information to the proper department". That is not enough for me. Too many people have this. Too many people have changed the way they live because of this. We have a cure. Why not use it? This is the link the University of FLorida Gene Therapy website:


    There are alot of people waiting for information on this discovery. This email along with the response will be posted on a message forum. We need your help. NBC has been the first News Bureau to be contacted. We will contact others after we recieve a response. Thank You for your time on this issue.

    John G.

    A similar email went to the CDC.
  9. greenday

    greenday Newbie


    That's really awesome that you're doing this. Hopefully you'll get a good response back.
  10. steve802k

    steve802k Newbie

    Is this legitimate?

    I was always under the impression that viruses could not be cured. I came down with herpes about a month ago. Has this cure been proven effective, or are they still just hoping? Any idea on how soon it will be before it will be possible for me to get the cure?
  11. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member

    Re: Is this legitimate?

    It isn't a cure that rids your body of the virus, but its a "cure" which basically turns the virus on itself and turns it off. As to when it is available, I don't really know.

    I haven't had any responses whats so ever from anyone. This is really discouraging. I really need everyone to come together and do something about this. There is hope but we need to do something about it.
  12. Bumper

    Bumper Newbie

    I hate to be negative but is it possible that the pharmaceutical companies make more money from their ongoing treatments than they would if they administered a one off cure to us?
    Have you contacted Florida to ask if they have any information/advice who to contact?
    I live in the UK, I'll see if there's another route to take over here. Our medical system does not rest QUITE as firmly with money making, although I'm afraid we are following you happily down that road.
    Just to clarify, no one has licensed this? The license is still available? It's not just that the license has been bought and is being buried?
  13. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member


    I am discouraged. I have emailed the admins to this site, florida unversity, and nbc. I have recieved ZERO respones. I am hoping someone can give me some answers. I have to keep trying.
  14. De

    De Newbie

    Jesus is the only cure.
  15. keepthefaith

    keepthefaith Member

    Great, I still have Herpes, Sorry.


    We aren't the only ones looking at this stuff:


    Follow along boys and girls.

    This disease has not stopped the way I live my life. Like someone on this site posted, This was the card I was dealt in life, just a bump in the road. Not the end of the road. Everyone be strong, life is not as bad as some may think.
  16. schirall

    schirall Newbie

    university of florida!!!!!!

    come on these guys made gatorade.they are the real deal !!! lol

    we're home free!!!!!!!!as long as it cannot be spread,it's done!
  17. scarlet

    scarlet Newbie

    people power

    i think part of the problem we face is that HSV is not something people want to hear about, let alone watch a story about on 60 minutes......

    I have contacted some university's in Australia as well as the media, we need to keep emailing and calling until they are forced to listen. Dont be discouraged by no reply. We have to make them realise what a big problem HSV is and that we're not these stereotypical junkies, sex workers, or whatever.....we have an STD but there are millions of us out there, and we are regular people who have the right to gain access to this treatment!!

    Its down to good old PEOPLE POWER! Keep it up guys. :)
  18. I Got to University of Florida

    I acctually a student at the University of Florida...maybe i can pay these dudes a visit and get more info out of this.
    Who should I see?
  19. blackkitty

    blackkitty Newbie

    Out of all the vaccines I've read about this seems to be the most promising. I'd be interested in learning more about it...
  20. Email the University of Florida link to ALL

    OK This is what I did today.......I included the link from University of Florida and I emailed it to CNN, GLAXO and FOX asking why is no one picking up on this. My email also stated that I am sick of spending money on suppressive therapy when a vaccine is available. I am going to email it to every station I can think of tomorrow.

    I have also sent it to my family and friends who know I have herpes and have asked them to do the same.

    Will EVERYONE on this site please do the same. Chatting amongst ourselves is NOT going to change anything. We need to get vocal. One or two emails does nothing, a couple hundred or thousand will do the trick.

    Maybe it will turn these money hungry drug companies around.
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