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This works for me!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by JessicaMarie1987, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I was diagnosed with gen. herpes about 6 months ago..
    a few days ago i had an out break and for the first time they were not down below.. they were on my face..
    how embarrassing to have to go out in public..
    a few people I know jokingly said I had herpes (not knowing that I actually did)..
    I told everybody it was a rash or an allergic reaction..

    anyways I had to find something fast.. to make them go away..
    I tried toothpaste when they first showed up(VERY BAD IDEA) .. It made them feel better but it also made them worse because the toothpaste held in moisture..
    so then I tried Bactine.. It didn't seem to be doing anything.. but it didn't make it worse either..

    Finally, I tried calamine lotion.. THIS WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER!! almost right away I saw a major difference.. I use the calamine lotion skin protectant.. not the itch relief kind because the skin protectant is more potent..

    the Calamine lotion dries the soars out almost instantly!! on the bottle it says "Helps dry the oozing and weeping of poison ivy, and poison oak".. so I thought id give it a try and it helped me tremendously!

    but I am unsure of what to do after they are dried... as for now i am still using the calamine lotion..
  2. Just joking>>> i thought it was working>> but apparently it isnt!!
  3. I dont know>> im totally confused.. It looks like the sht is going away and coming bacc!!! This sht is weird!!
  4. Kqk

    Kqk Active Member

  5. ihavit2

    ihavit2 Member

    try desitin
  6. Tiny

    Tiny Newbie

    When my little girl had chicken pox (herpes lite)...they said don't use calamine lotion as it can make scars, because it dries the sores out. They recommended band aid heal gel it works pretty well and it doesn't sting.

    I saw these the other day when I was in the pharmacy...they looked pretty awesome...although unfortunately mine are on my vjajyjay so I can't stick one on and look like the cool kids :-( (well, I can I suppose but it would be my little secret!)

    I usually use betadine (which is an iodine product...on OBs down below and it works a treat on zits too) it is a little yellow...so if its on your face probably not so suitable for day wear this season. But who knows if we work the runways yellow will be the new black before we know it ;-)
  7. Hi Sanner,
    Do you know how there using this mixture? i've been using epizyn (zinc) and a purell equivelent with good results, and have been thinking of maybe mixing up a concoction. This mix you have pointed out seems similair and would be interested in any more info you may have. I've tried google, but not come up with much

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