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untreated herpes

Discussion in 'Everything Else Herpes!' started by Anonymous, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Anonymous

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    In all of the literature I've read about herpes, I've not seen anything about what happens to you if left untreated. I've had herpes for 9 years now, and for the past 7 I've not had any type of treatment ie: medications. Since I do not have medical insurance, I'm unable to see a doctor. I feel fine, but who knows what may be going on inside of me. Does anyone out there know what the effects of nontreatment is? I'm very curious to know.
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    Oct 20, 2003
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    Whatever's happening on the outside of you is USUALLY a good indication of what's going on inside. In your situation you seem to imply that it's a mild case of HSV, and besides some folks complaining of fatigue or aches in whatever appendage or area the virus settles in when dormant, it appears to have no internal effects. Few people seek out internal therapy, and even then it's only suppressive. So to sumarize my rambling, your internals should be fine.

    If I've learned one thing, good diet and lots of excercise helps prevent outbreaks, especially if you can't afford topical or internal treatments.
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    Nov 1, 2003
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    I agree.

    I have HSV-2 for about 8 years now. In the beginning I was taking zovirax, but when I did it I felt very weak and almost felt like fainting. I've talked to a Alternative medicine (holistic) doctor who is also MD, and a Chinese herb specialist, and they both said that it's better not to take it, if I don't have real severe outbreak or any kind of other severe symptom. When we have outbreak, that's the time our body need to be strong the most to fight with the virus. But if we take zovirax or those other anti-viral medicine, it also kills good things in our body that we need to fight off herpes virus with. In other words, when our immune system need to be strong the most, taking anti-viral medicine makes immune system weak.

    So I stopped taking it. Instead of that, I've been trying to be careful about my diet, and take some vitamins, to keep my immune system strong. I get outbreak from time to time especially when I get stressed out, but not taking any medication didn't worsen my symptom. And I was reading posts in this forum, I think I'm gonna start to do some exercise everyday.