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Using a needle to pop a cold sore?

Discussion in 'Herpes Treatment Zone' started by afgirl, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. afgirl

    afgirl Newbie

    I have a whammy of a cold sore right now, on my bottom lip from top to bottom. It started scabbing today with the help of constantly drying it out by using domeboro solution and rubbing alcohol alternately.

    However, around the scabs it looks slightly raised and swollen. I can't tell if it a wide blister around the scabs (doesn't appear so), or if it's just swollen due to the scabbing?

    Anyway, is it a good idea to take a clean needle and try to let some fluid out? Will it make it worse? Will it help to heal it faster? Please help. I don't to spend my weekend locked inside my bedroom :(
  2. Eurydice

    Eurydice Active Member

    Hi afgirl,
    I don't get cold sores, but I know you cannot touch them or use a needle on it.
    You might spread it all over. Don't over dry your lips, instead of alcohol use vaseline or the best oil of oregano, which is killing the bacteria and stops virus from multiplying:

    " Originally Posted by coalminer View Post
    This really worked for me: Oil of Oregano is excellent and really works. Best source I’ve found is: http://www.bio-alternatives.net For the sore that first appears, use Dynamiclear if you can, let it dry for and hour or so, then start “Purell with Aloe” and apply it often. If alone, use Oil of Oregano on the area (it smells). For genital herpes apply it from the tail bone and up to your waist on the spine. Use Oil of Oregano 3 times daily under tongue (4+ drops) and apply on spine from tail bone to as high as waist at night before bed for 30 days or more. Some claim this has cured them (or permanently stopped outbreaks). It seems to have cured me. For oral herpes you can also apply it on spine at back of neck and down to shoulder blades. Oil of Oregano kills the virus."

    Good luck.;)
  3. Blueskies

    Blueskies Active Member

    Whats the devise? and just because you don't have symptoms anymore doesn't mean you don't have it anymore and can't pass it on to others.
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