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Vaginal Discharge and Herpes

Discussion in 'Personal Experience with Herpes' started by Bellatrix, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Bellatrix

    Bellatrix Newbie

    I still have had no symptoms of herpes that I have noticed--but I have had discharge like a yeast infection that won't go away, which is unusual for me. Could it be herpes? I went to an std clinic and they said it was a yeast infection, and gave me diflucan, but all it did was change it from a white gross discharge to an off-white, sometimes yellow, discharge, of about the same consistency, that is not normal for me.

    I read that a watery discharge is sometimes associated with herpes, but I don't have that. I just feel like there's no way I COULDN'T have gotten it, and women are supposed to have horrible ob's aren't they? Is weird vaginal discharge considered an outbreak?

    I have asked 3 different doctors to be tested for herpes, and they all told me that testing is not very accurate, blah blah--which is contrary to everything I've read online. I did get a blood test for herpes, but they said it doesn't differenciate between HSV-1 and HSV-2, and I haven't gotten the results yet (don't they send them in the mail?)

    I thought for sure an STD clinic would have newer, more accurate herpes tests...
  2. Cluelesswendy

    Cluelesswendy Member

    I'm not sure about the discharge.. BUT I have read that herpes can cause vaginal discharge.. doesn't HAVE TO, but it can.

    FYI- Women do NOT necessarily have to had horrible outbreaks. There are people on here that have had minor outbreaks. It really depends person to person.

    I'm waiting on my test results too. I KNOW it is very scary.

    I will keep you in my prayers.
  3. Cluelesswendy

    Cluelesswendy Member

    I was just diagnosed with H today..
    I will tell you what I experienced:
    -Vaginal discharge, burning sensation, redness, lower back pain, abdominal pain. I did not have any open sores or ulcers.

    I hope this helps you.
  4. Strong

    Strong Active Member

    I had everything above including the tingling and sores.
  5. Caliope

    Caliope Well-Known Member

    for 10 years the dr's could not diagnose me. that doesn't make it easy to diagnose in my opinion. I had to have an actual classic ob to get a positive diagnosis.

    my current dr keeps insisting that an ob must hurt or its not herpes and also told me not to use condoms so I figure he's not too bright.

    Believe me none of us describes the same symptoms and over time I can tell you I've never had the same thing exactly the same twice with the exception of itching. I always have that feeling like there's a tiny gremlin in my panties with a feather tickling the heck out of me and no amount of scratching will make it stop.
  6. d84

    d84 Member


    What did your doctor tell you about not using condoms?
  7. Caliope

    Caliope Well-Known Member

    I'm allergic to latex.

    Latex condoms actually blister my skin and make me very red and very sore and swollen.

    He told me there's no reason to use the others. I think, but he did not say, that they aren't effective against std's. I only have one partner since 2004.
  8. Are you saying you don't use condoms? If so, is your partner HSV+ or just willing to take the chance? I think in the case of HSV the non-latex condoms would be almost as effective as latex because you are really just trying to protect the skin from touching. Those condoms don't work against HIV because the HIV virus is so tiny it can get through tiny pores in the condom.
    I'm not saying that someone can't contract HSV with one of those, but I don't think the risk would be much greater than contracting it while using a latex condom. And I think it is still better than no condom at all.
  9. I should probably also add that the HSV virus is carried in bodily fluids, especially semen. I know that HSV can be contained in fluids but it is mainly from the skin of an uninfected person touching an area where an infected person is having an OB or viral shedding that it is contracted.
  10. OH crap! I mean that the HIV virus is carried in semen! DUH! Wish I could edit my posts!
  11. Rhiannon

    Rhiannon No longer a member

    Dear Bellatrix,
    Those doctors sound pretty uninformed. Is there something like a sexual health clinic that you could go to? It soulds like you have some sort of infection, and you'r worried about herpes. I'd be insisting on 2 swab tests: one for herpes and another for a bacterial infection.

    My yeast infections are usually indicated by smelly, thick white discharges and sometimes one medication wouldn't fix it, but another would.

    Good luck.
  12. justagirl

    justagirl Active Member

    :eek: You just about made me pee my pants with that last post. *PHEW*
  13. Imawakenow

    Imawakenow Member

    YIKES! Me, too!!!
  14. captainsuz

    captainsuz Newbie

    Re: Herpes + Discharge

    Hi, in response to Bellatrix,

    I was diagnosed for genital herpes about 9 months ago, haven't had many (if any) outbreaks since my initial (and horrible) outbreak. However, now I am noticing a yellowish discharge as well.

    I recently went to my doctor for a full STD screening and will get the results in about 2 weeks. I was thinking your discharge may be a result of BV (Bacterial vaginosis) - which I have had before as well, or maybe just regular herpes discharge. I am also quite worried, I don't love changing my underwear mid-day due to discharge.

    I will write again when I hear my results, if you are concerned though, I'd see a doctor. BV can be treated with antibiotics.
  15. ladygaga1211

    ladygaga1211 Newbie

    I have the same discharge too if i take valtrex it goes away for a few days and then just comes right back!! I have to ask my doctor about it. Also I dont know where you live but in CT they have clinics you can go to, to get tested some of them only take donations too... maybe you can look into that? I think its weird that NO doctor will test you, for my annual, I have the option to get tested for any std?
  16. musumegirl

    musumegirl Member

    @ Ladygaga and Captainsuz,

    I have yellow-ish discharge too. Been semi constant since my diagnosis. Smells almost yeasty but not a yeast infection. Its gross tho, gets on my panties! Im starting to take acyclovir daily to see if it changes.
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