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Vaginal discharge during herpes outbreak?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by focusedgrl0188, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I've had genital herpes for almost 3 years. With my first outbreak, I had a thick white discharge.

    After my first outbreak, I never got outbreaks near my vaginal opening. Most of my outbreaks were on my labia. Now I'm experiencing an outbreak RIGHT by the opening of my vagina. I can tell where it is when I wipe with toilet paper. I'm having A LOT of discharge.

    However with this outbreak the discharge is constant, clear, and sticky.

    Is this normal?
  2. Firehorsewoman

    Firehorsewoman Active Member

    Hello, there.

    The discharge thing can be hard to sort out. Many of us females get increased discharge when the herpes lesions occur on the inside of the vagina or cervix. During my first really bad OB I had such profuse watery discharge that I had to wear a mini-pad.

    Many of us also battle chronic, recurrent, yeast and/or Bacterial Vaginosis secondary to the genital herpes. Both of those conditions cause vaginal discharge as well.

    It is tempting to self-diagnose which condition is causing the discharge and, I am guilty myself at times but, if it continues best to see your OB/GYN.

    Take care
  3. Yeah I just feel so uncomfortable! I'll give it a few more days and then call my doctor. I have to wear a mini pad as well. I've had a yeast infection before and the discharge isn't like that at all. It's clear, mucoid, and sticky. There's no odor at all.

    Lol yes! I don't like to self diagnose either.
  4. lovelyoptimistic

    lovelyoptimistic No longer a member

    During my first outbreak I had A LOT of clear, odorless, watery discharge too. I had to wear a pad. After the first day on valtrex it was significantly reduced. Second day it was basically gone.
  5. I am new at this as well and thought my first ob was a yeast infection, now I have another "yeast infection" I have not been tested yet (not til Saturday) but my discharge is sticky, white, odorless and not watery at all. It is kinda thicker. I did have a couple of blisters show up before the yeast infection though. If this is herpes, will I always have a yeast infection with my outbreaks??
  6. Caligurl33

    Caligurl33 No longer a member

    Hello I am also new to the site. I had an outbreak end of last week and now I have a little green dischare when I wipe. Not alot to notice but I notice everything lol. I have been so emotional and my dr. Didn't even want to give me the herpes blood test because my main symptoms were low back/butt pain and recurring bv. I never noticed blisters until this OB. One or two small ones that I noticed popped working a day or two. I saw little white head type things. Sorry so gross I know. I usually get a mil yeast infection before my period. I take probiotics which help but I can still feel somethin wrong down there :(
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