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vaginal discharge with OB?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by InShock, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. InShock

    InShock Member

    Does anyone have vaginal discharge with an outbreak? With my initial OB, I had a constant flow of discharge to the point where I had to wear a pad. My second OB had a discharge but not as heavy. I called the STD hotline and they said that discharge is not associated with herpes. But all of my other tests (chlamydia, gonnorhea, HIV, syphillus, etc.) came back negative. During my initial OB, it BURNED when I had to pee SOOO BAD. I also had a fever and cold chills. My second OB, the sores were worse, but the discharge was less and there were no other symptoms. But I am curious about the discharge. If it is not caused by herpes and I don't have anything else, what else could it be?
  2. Lookin4Sun

    Lookin4Sun Newbie

    Have you been checked for bacterial vaginosis? It also may be a yeast infection but I would go to the doc and have them check it out.
  3. sapphiregem

    sapphiregem Newbie

    Hi InShock,

    I have to say that I have also had a discharge with the(only or initial) OB I've had. I would do some reading on this. I have read that there can be a discharge with the herpes because of the lesions. I wish I could remember where I saw that! All I know is that I have experienced the same thing and all of my other std test have come back clean also. I assume that it is the pressure from the lesions (abnormal tissue) in the groin, rectal, vaginal area, etc. that is the culprit to the discharge. If you think about it, if you have ever been pregnant, the "pressure" from carrying a baby around for 9 months or longer can give you hemrhoids, causes pressure on your bladder, you are more inclined to get a yeast infection or discharge, etc. I would call and speak directly to your OBGYN, chances are a discharge may not always be as common with herpes and someone that is not as educated can be giving you wrong info. on accident. Good luck to you....and maybe try typing in the yahoo search, symptons of herpes, pretty sure this is where I saw this stated. :)
  4. sapphiregem

    sapphiregem Newbie

    Ok sweetie, I found it!


    Go here and type in genital herpes! It really angers me that they have misinformed people working an std hotline! UGH! I have had all the same symptons as you dear, they are all associated with hepes! It is a horrible disease that doesn't effect you only sexually, etc. Get as much info about it as you can, like I'm doing, you will be the next one helping another person out ... :D I would still call my OBGYN though. Take care! And if you need anyone to talk to I'm here for you! :)
  5. InShock

    InShock Member

    Thanks for the info. Yes, I got tested for vaginosis, bacterial infections, UTI, bladder infection, yeast infection, and have had a complete STD screening. All of my tests came back negative. The only thing I have is herpes. The discharge usually comes before the OB begins and ends before the first sore appeared. After my second OB, I purchased a bottle of pills from the OBGYN. She said I could keep them in the house and start taking them at the first sign of my next OB to end it quicker and to reduce the other symptoms. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. cdngirl

    cdngirl Member

    if you are having an internal outbreak you will have discharge. i usually have to wear a light pad when i have one like that too!
  7. ladylid

    ladylid Newbie

    I had an OB with sores on the inside of my vagina and yes I had lots of discharge too. The doctors tested for all the other STI's and fungal things and they were all clear.

    So it's a yes to discharge and herpes for me.
  8. spike

    spike Newbie

    I also had a vaginal discharge with my first outbreak and it was sooo bad! I don't understand why some people say that vaginal discharge can't be caused by herpes. There are also so many websites where they say it must be something different. I am having another outbreak now but this time on my chest. I have no idea how it got there! My chest looks terrible right now, it's all covered by blisters and a yellowish liquid is coming out of it. So actually same to my first outbreak but different location!! My genital area is all fine, almost nothing there, just ocassionaly it gets a bit swollen. I asked my doc if it is possible for the virus to change the location. He said that normally no and he hopes no. Then I thought I got shingles but he said that shingles looks a bit different. Hmm, so what do I have? Blisters, yellowish color, lesions...doesn't sound it like herpes? Aciclovir didn't work for this but for the genital area it did, so now he prescribed me antibiotics. But how can antibiotics stop a virus? I understand nothing anymore! So is the herpes virus going to change the location anytime it wants to?
  9. mssassyap

    mssassyap Newbie

    Viginal discharge

    I have viginal discharge almost every time i have an OB. Before i got herpes I tended to discharge a lot a day before my period and then a few days after. Now it just seemd like i discharge all the time because I get OB after my period. Is there any ways to keep it dry in the viginal area. I just feel i am wet all the time, and I know that make the OB start. Please Help!!:confused:
  10. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    You know, there has been much debate on here about the whole vaginal dischare/herpes relation thing. I can say only this:

    every single website I have EVER read in regards to herpes and herpes symptoms mention possible vaginal discharge.

    For me personally, when I DO have an outbreak, I notice a heavier than normal discharge flow. Nothing crazy, just a clear flow. I take it that the poor vagina is trying to clean herself out and help in the HEALING OF HERPES LESIONS...

    I mean, doesn't this make sense? The Ph Balance within the vagina is surely upset due to the appearance of herpes lesions, it would seem to me that the vaginas first "instinct" would be to clean itself out. Thus, causes more discharge.

    Now, if the dishcharge has a funky smell, a cottage cheese like consistency (yeah, TMI, but I am keeping it real here) or difference in color, then you might have a bachterial infection and need to get to the doctor asap and get tested and treated properly. (those are generally the signs of some type of yeast infection OR another STD).

    But as far as an excess of clear vaginal fluid discharging from the body during a herpes outbreak,well, I can only speak from personal experience, and from what I have read, and I say....keep a careful watch, but don't be too alarmed. If the discharge increases or changes or last long, even after the outbreak is clearing up, maybe THEN check with a doctor too.

    So there is my 10 cents on that one.
  11. BoxofRain

    BoxofRain Active Member

    Have you ever had discharge similar to that before? do you take birth control? if you do or dont there is a lot to do with discharge and hormones and your menstrual cycle. There is times when you will get discharge at different levels and consistencies throughout each month.some women experience it more than others..sometimes its such a small amount it isnt noticed, and other times it is more depending on the individuals body. Herpes doesnt necessarily have to be what is causing it but it could be adding to any you might get. Even though it seems gross, discharge is actually quite normal (unless as stated above it is excessive, produces a smell, strange consistency, etc. and is associated with any pain or discomfort.)
  12. livingwH

    livingwH Newbie

    i have only had one OB b/c I was diagnosed only a month ago, but i also had a YELLOW discharge that was from herpes because all of my other tests came back negative!
  13. Indy Stylist

    Indy Stylist Member

    I only had the discharge with my first OB and it was VERY heavy. I had to wear a pad too. It was a brownish yellow color. Everything was negative so I know it was herpes related.
  14. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    I know that during my "ovulation" period of the cycle I have more discharge (yeah, yeah, I know, TMI!) and I will wear a little mini pad during that time if it is a bit crazy, but otherwise, the only time I have excessive discharge that is NOT related to a bachterial infection is during an outbreak.

    Think of this too: Most of us, prior to the actual outbreak, get prodomme symptoms....that tingly sensation. I think I can say, without sounding nuts, that it is almost a tingly "pleasurable" sensation (before the sores show up.) now, with that being said...the poor little vagina is feeling all tingly and maybe thinking it is time to get aroused.....thus...she begins to secrete more fluids....THUS....lots of "discharge".

    Just a theory I have....I am full of them! ;-)
  15. InShock

    InShock Member

    I don't get pleasure from the tingles - I think they hurt!

    Also, my first OB came with a HEAVY dark yellow (almost orange) discharge, so heavy I had to wear a pad, and it had to be H because all the other tests came back negative. (I originally thought I had chlamydia - and was hoping that was all it was - imagine my shock when I got the diagnosis!) But my second OB had a discharge but not so heavy and not such a dark color.
  16. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    wow, that is insane, I never had any discharge like that, but I am glad that it wasn't as bad the second time around for you. Our poor bodies! sheesh. BUT, I can't help but feel it is your bodies defense mechanism hard at work, fighting against the virus. Purging and cleaning itself out naturally.

    I talked to some other women privately (who also have herpes) and we all had the same weird side effect from the tingles....they DO cause a sort of squirm in your seat reaction that is almost pleasurable (obviously in the very beginning, long before the lesions/sores show up) Almost like someone is "tickling" you down there. That is how I usually know when I am about to have an OB. It starts with light tingles that then progresses to a tingly/soreness/heaviness. Many times, when I feel that happen, I load up on vitamin C/B complex and lysine (more than normal). Sometimes it helps and I never have a lesion or only one....sometimes it doesn't. But it is worth a shot for me.
  17. cdngirl

    cdngirl Member

    LivingwithH- i too have the same type of discharge and it wis whenever i get or am getting an ob...i have been tested for fungi and pretty much everything else and all that is fine...
  18. angiel

    angiel Newbie


    I have vaiginal discharge almost every time i have an OB too. :confused:
  19. Hopeful77

    Hopeful77 Newbie

    I'm going through this right now and I have no idea. I don't have an internal outbreak (that i can see) so i don't understand what's going on. On top of a constant flow of vaginal discharge my vulva is twice the size it should be and it's constantly getting burned by the discharge and there's nothing I can do to prevent it. Even sitting in a bath doesn't temporarily relieve my pain, why is this OB 3x worse than my original one??
  20. Neverpurring

    Neverpurring Newbie

    I myself experience a more frequent discharge before an outbreak. I find myself changing my underwear more often but have not resorted to using sanitary pads as aid to absorb the wetness. It is rather annoying I will admit
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