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Genital HSV-2 Vegan?

Discussion in 'Food, Drink, Diet & Recipes for Herpes' started by xkaialina, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. xkaialina

    xkaialina Newbie

    Anyone know of any good ideas for vegans to get enough lysine, and keep their immune system up? Or is being vegan not good when you have HSV?

    Learn me how to have HSV, pls.
  2. Elle22

    Elle22 Staff Member

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  3. StayingTuned

    StayingTuned No longer a member

    I eat a mostly vegan diet and have no problems. I think a plant based diet is a healthy way to be. I would never start eating meat again.
  4. xkaialina

    xkaialina Newbie

    I would eat meat and dairy and eggs if they were local, and I trusted the farmers. I don't support the big businesses.
    Also, I take, like, 3000mg of Lysine a day through a supplement. I'm going to start juicing high-lysine vegetables/fruits to help with my weight loss/world saving thing I do a few times a year.
  5. Bluetti

    Bluetti Newbie

    Hi, I just saw this.. a few months late. I am alternating vegetarian-vegan diet too. I haven't yet found the best combination of foods for protein and energy (I started running and I love it, but I'm tired) and when I would rely heavily on apples (good lysine) and peanut butter (bad bad bad arginine) it's not enough and hello o.b.s. So I've been buying eggs (eating say, 1-2 a week) from VitalFarms... I'm still on the fence about this. But the last ob I had (while trying to be strictly vegan) went on for 6 weeks! so i ate cheese samples at the grocery store. and occasionally will buy the most local/or responsible cheese, and only a little.

    Wordy! So my go to for immunity for the last 2 years (since I acquired ghsv2) is marinated kale, with ridiculous amounts of fresh ginger and garlic. It will also help keep the mean people away lol

    If you have a processor it's easy, otherwise, mince everything as well as you can by hand. oh, and NOTE, I'm terrible with measurements, so if you want the exact recipe let me know and I'll go make it and pay better attention, but here are ballpark amounts:
    For 1-2 bunches of kale (up to 1 lb) with tough stems removed, and ripped into bite-size pieces,

    2+ FAT fingers of fresh ginger root, peeled
    1-2 cloves fresh garlic, peeled
    1/4 c tamari/soy sauce/shoyu
    1/4 c light oil, safflower, or light olive is nice
    1/8 c raw apple cider vinegar
    pinch (depending on how fresh your dried cayenne pepper is, you might want to be careful with this!)

    Combine the daylights out of everything except the kale, and then pour over the kale, and then with your clean hands squish it all together, thoroughly coating all kale pieces and keep going until it's dark green and wilted. You can keep this is the fridge for a few days but it always gets eaten too fast in my house to claim any longer than that. Extra ginger and cayenne will help keep immunity up, and for me seems to help combat all effects of bread-binging and i like to think i burn the herpies in some way or another :)

    I'm taking SuperLysine+ from Quantum Health, lately for this pre-period/emotional/hormonal bump, and i *think* it is helping.. between 1500 and 2000mg am and pm (along with the blue pill).

    Would love to hear your experiences wince you posted to this thread last... best wishes!
  6. windsong

    windsong Newbie

    Hi, I have been vegan for over 6 years (for ethical reasons first health reasons second). I was just very recently diagnosed with HSV II, I probably have been having it for a few years, unnoticed (my ex husband was intimate with someone who has HSV, we reconciled afterwards and he did not tell me about it until after we had been intimate, that was 3 years ago). I have found being vegan to be best for a strong immune system.
    Best wishes!