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What's better Valtrex or Lysine?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by LadyLove, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. LadyLove

    LadyLove Newbie

    I've heard that taking Lysine pills (which I can buy over the counter) can help prevent genital outbreaks...is this true?

    My question is....why didnt my doctor tell me that I can take this instead of valtrax?

    If I can take Lysine rather than Valtrax will it give me the same results as Valtrax does? Whats so different between the two? If I take Lysine can it harm me in any other way?
    I;ve heard the Valtrax cant harm me at all and theres no side effects...which is true for me so far...since this is the only drug that I've been relying on for the past 7yrs.
    It does make me feel better to know that I dont have to go to the doctors to get my valtrax prescription filled again. Now I can just go and get it over the counter...are there different types of lysine that I should be concerned about?

    I much rather buy Lysine than going to the pharmacist because a. that person knows why i need to take it and b. i'm always afraid they might say VALTRAX real loud so others in line will hear what I'm getting...so to avoid this i normally hang around the drug store until I see no one in line. Once the coast is clear I run up there..and try to get it as fast as I can to avoid them asking me questions about the Valtrax pill.

    On top of that valtrax is expensive..thankfully i am covered by my work's health insurance by 80% so I only have to pay 25 bucks..but what happens if i lose my job, then that means I'd have to pay over 100 bucks for it out of my pocket. ..and there is no way i'm going to claim this bill on tax return becaue i do not want my accountant to see what i'm taking...
    Another pain in the butt with the blue pill (valtrax) is that i cant have it lying around anywhere.. i always hide it so that no one sees it...why does this damn pill have to have VALTRAX on it anyway?

    So if I take Lysine pills instead...is this just as good as Valtrax? Does it have the same effects as valtrax? Does it make a difference if I take Lysine or Valtrax to prevent the spreading to another partner?

    I've heard that Lysine is a lot cheaper and it will help boost my immune system and I shouldnt have any genital break outs...which is good right?

    Are there any disadvantages in taking lysine?
  2. Undefeated

    Undefeated No longer a member

    Valtrax is a drug (remember that), all drugs have side effects even if they are not noticeable. Drugs are bad period! And of course your doctors isn't going to educated you on a all natural herb such as Lysine, the medical community do not believe in natural herbs/vitamins. I'm here to tell you from personal experience that Lysine works. The one I use is by Quatum health (i've tried other brands but didn't like the results), in addition to the Lysine, Olive leaf is amazing and compliments Lysine very well, the olive leaf I use is made by Solary, both can be purchased online or from your local health food store and cost about 20 bucks for both together!!! Do your research and try not to feed into everything the doc tell you about YOUR body!!! You'll be just fine and you will beat this thing!
  3. justmyself

    justmyself Active Member

    I take Lysine instead of Valtrex. If I miss a day of it or try to reduce my dosage below the 1,250 mgs. they recommend, I start getting itching and other prodrome symptoms right away. I also take other vitamins and herbs (including Olive Leaf) and I found under the Immune SystemTips on this forum. Taking or not taking the suppressive medications is a personal choice. Everyone is different. Some people have no noticable side effects from Valtrex or other anti-virals, others have intolerable side effects. My thought is to always lean towards natural healing as opposed to drugs. Try it, see if it works for you. I get my supplements from Puritan's Pride online. They have very reasonable prices and quality products.

    Good luck!
  4. regret

    regret Well-Known Member

    valtrex isnt bad..it does help reduce the chances of giving it to a sig other,lysine helps but i dont think i would get rid of the valtrex completely . if your embarressed by going to the pharmacy call ahead of time and give them the perscription number and tell them you will be by to pick it up and when you get there say i am here to pick up a perscritpion for so and so....
  5. JBnATL

    JBnATL Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    Valtrex and Lysine are two different things

    Valtrex is an antiviral that kills the virus. Lysine is an amino acid (unlike the previous post that said it was an herb). Research has shown that the virus needs an amino acid, Arginine, to help replicate. It has also been proven that the virus does not replicate with Lysine. So the theory is that if you flood your system with Lysine and reduce the amount of Arginine in your body, the virus will have a harder time replicating and thus fewer outbreaks.

    And look into what Acyclovir costs in Canada. Acyclovir is another antiviral, just like Valtrex but here in the US it is considerably cheaper than Valtrex.

    Good luck!

  6. Seatortuga

    Seatortuga Guest

    I cracked up when I read this post. I just got an image of someone being all shady at the pharmacy of some dang herpes medicine. I've never been to a pharmacy for Valtrex, but if I ever do, I'll probably say it loudly just to piss the people in line off!

    (Everyone on the forum is saying "No trips to the drug store with Seatortuga....;))
  7. notsofast22

    notsofast22 Active Member

    I can totally relate to your hiding out at the pharmacy story. I went to fill my valtrex yesterday UNTIL I noticed my ex girlfriends mom in line to fill her prescriptions. F THAT! I came back the next day. As for valtrex vs. lysine. There is no comparison. Valtrex was designed specifically for the herpes virus. Lysine is just an amino acide found in every food you eat. I quit taking lysine and found my OBs decreased. Maybe its because I'm new to the virus and my body is learning to fight it. I don't believe in Lysine. The best way to fight herpes is with a healthy immune system. Eat healthy, quit drinking soda (i only drink water) and hope for the best.
  8. GntiNh

    GntiNh Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    I'd come with you and we could wear one of BB's Valtrex t shirts!

    Seriously, I believe it's a personal choice as to whether you take drugs and / or supplements. Reading information on this site helped, and I now take Valtrex
  9. SiameseDream

    SiameseDream Active Member

    JB pretty much covered it. Valtrex & Lysine are completely different.

    Valtrex is an artificial antiviral that is meant to kill the virus (to an extent) and cut down on viral shedding.

    Lysine is an amino acid that comes natural in most foods. Lysine is meant to balance out Arginine (amino acid that aids in H replication)

    Like Vit C, our body doesn't have the ability to produce Lysine, so we rely on food sources for it. Same as Arginine. Both Arginine and Lysine are GH amino acids (growth hormones) made to stimulate growth & reproduction. This is why body builders take both supplements.

    Believe it or not, before I got H I used to take both supplements. In theory if you eat healthy + a low Arginine diet, then you shouldn't need a Lysine supplement. Everyone's body is different of course. Some H people could eat nuts, chocolate all day and not get an OB...while some H people get an OB after one cup of coffee.
  10. LadyLove

    LadyLove Newbie

    Lysine not approved by the FDA? is this true?

    Now I'm worried...concerned...found this when I was doing a search on Lysine.


    Lysine has not been approved by the FDA to treat any disease, and it should not be substituted for prescription medications.

    Should I consult a doctor that I am going to Lysine and Olive Leaf to treat my gh and to help prevent the viral shedding and outbreaks?

    I dont want to mess my body up more now by taking lysine and olive leaf ...is this something to be concerned about now? The last thing i need to deal with is another problem with my health. I'm just worried that after looking at certain websites it tells me that i should consult a doctor before taking this...i dont think i have any other health problems but god knows..maybe i do but i dont know about it..
    I feel that if i tell the doctor that i want to take lysine and olive leaf he/she might discourage me and tell me that valtrax is safer and better.

  11. SiameseDream

    SiameseDream Active Member

    If it makes you sleep at night, then talk to your doctor. As I mentioned before, Lysine is a NATURAL amino acid that is in pretty much everything you eat.

    I wouldn't let the FDA approved thing bother you...you would be surprised at how many NATURAL things aren't FDA approved.

    Before H, I've been taking Lysine for 10 yrs with zero issues.
  12. KevZee

    KevZee Newbie

    are you seriously comparing Valtrex to Lysine? There is a reason Valtrex costs so much, becuase it works and has been proven. Lysine still hasnt been confirmed to even do anything for herpes.
  13. tacobell2009

    tacobell2009 Newbie

    Valtrex is awsome, but lysine does work!

    I have taken both of them! When I had insurance, (sad I know) I use to take valtrex 500mg and man it work within a hour. I even felt better, but when I ran out of meds. I start to look for alternate methods. I have to take Lysine at 3,000 mg a day during outbreak, use tea tree oil, hot hot shower twice a day, and blow dry sores to speed up healing time. So if I was you, I will just take the pill. I recently purchase a bottle ayclovir 800mg from cheap pills.com, (I wish I didn't) it helps with the discomfort but not as good as valtrex, I going to start the lysine 3000mg today to speed up healing process, as long with zinc 50mg , vitamin c 500mg garlic 50mg, cod liver oil, and vitamin b complex, all for a week to see how this works out!

    I would not personally care what people thing, you will be surprise what they are truly living with, I will just go to the pharmacy and fill my medication!
  14. Mary2371

    Mary2371 Newbie

  15. ihave

    ihave Newbie

    Valtrex works according to clinical trials, Lysine is still undergoing clinical trials and (afaik) no solid evidence that it works has been found yet. This is why it's not FDA approved (nothing to do with safety). Some studies have shown that Lysine reduces the sores, but not prodrome symptoms.

    Safety: Olive leaf oil has no negative side effects I've heard of. I take the dose recommended on the bottle (5mL 2x a day). Lysine has shown to have at least one case of negative effects if you take 3000mg a day for a couple years. The minimum effective dose is approx 1500mg a day - I take 2000mg a day during an outbreak, and 500-1000mg a day otherwise.
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