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yellow puss?

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by Danieyellie, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Danieyellie

    Danieyellie Newbie

    Does herpes have yellow puss come out of it if you pick off a scab? Or is it more likely that i've infected something from touching it so much
  2. rnmichelle

    rnmichelle Member

    Pus is the result of an infection, which from reading your previous post about repeatedly picking the scabs, you've created a great environment for an infection. A scab is a protective barrier, and with you ripping that off again and again (esp. in the region nearby waste products - bunches of bacteria), you're practically putting a welcome mat out for bacteria down there. What you have now is an infection of some sort, whether or not it started out as herpes...you'd still need to see a doctor, explain what's been going on with you and get a culture done.

    PLEASE stop picking! (and I hope you've been washing your hands, before and after - you don't want to add any more germs down there, nor do you want to spread them elsewhere on your bod :) )
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