Pictures of the effects of AIDS

The photos below show what a Kaposi’s sarcoma on the trunk and leg of a person affected with AIDS looks like.

AIDS Pictures and Photos

Effects of AIDS on the trunk of body AIDS Picture - Kaposi's sarcoma on the leg

Image source : Afraid To Ask

AIDS Effects

Picture of the AIDS virus under a microscope

AIDS Virus Picture

Image source : CDC National Prevention Information Network

AIDS Virus Picture 3D

AIDS Virus Picture 3D

Image Source : AMNH Jim Stoop/Exhibition Dept. © 1998 American Museum of Natural History

Picture of severe AIDS infection symptoms

Acute AIDS Symptoms

AIDS Symptoms Picture - Karposi Sarcoma

AIDS Symptoms Picture – Karposi Sarcoma

  • STDadmin

    Usual people develop sores on their bodies that are common to AIDS look at to get some idea.

  • Cris Ortiz

    Why has Hiv/aids news coverage disappeared under this presidency? Is this really a progressive depopulation strategy?