AIDS Pictures and Photos

Warning some of the photos are extremely graphic in nature.



how HIV works


Diagram of the AIDS Virus

HIV Structure Diagram




Pictures of the effects of AIDS

The photos below show what a Kaposi’s sarcoma on the trunk and leg of a person affected with AIDS looks like.

Effects of AIDS on the trunk of bodyAIDS Picture - Kaposi's sarcoma on the leg

Image source : Afraid To Ask

Picture of the AIDS virus under a microscope

HIV cell

AIDS Virus Picture

Image source : CDC National Prevention Information Network

AIDS Virus Picture 3D

AIDS Virus Picture 3D

Image Source : AMNH Jim Stoop/Exhibition Dept. © 1998 American Museum of Natural History

Picture of severe AIDS infection symptoms

Acute AIDS Symptoms

AIDS virus rash

AIDS Symptoms Picture – Karposi Sarcoma

AIDS Effects


  • STDadmin

    Usual people develop sores on their bodies that are common to AIDS look at to get some idea.

  • Cris Ortiz

    Why has Hiv/aids news coverage disappeared under this presidency? Is this really a progressive depopulation strategy?

    • Maggie Skeel

      I hope not Cris. I hope the will is still there to solve this problem for all the sufferers.