Bacterial Vaginosis Pictures 2

A range of pictures showing the effects caused by the STD Bacterial Vaginosis

Warning some of the photos are extremely graphic in nature.

Bacterial Vaginosis undert the microscope

bacterial vaginosis cells

testing for bacterial vaginosisObtaining a sample of the discharge whiff test for bacterial vaginosisThe whiff test

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  • faith

    Hi i have. Itching in side my V . When I use the bathroom to pee it burn and hurt and .while I sit down I feel a little heat and I feel fluid came down but there nothing.. should I go to my doctor

    • STDadmin

      Hi Faith,

      I am terribly sorry for any delay in getting back to you, especially considering the seriousness of all health conditions and the need to address them in a timely manner.

      Faith, to answer your question, YES, absolutely you should go and see your local doctor.

      When symptoms occur in the genital region it is a very important sign for us. We must take head of the messages of the body and take action.

      As the actually cause of your symptoms is not easy to determine, it is always recommended that one has a professional clinician overview your case, take tests and conclude for you the direct source of this imbalance and what protocol you should take in order to heal and recover anything that should need addressing.

      Please find the support you need and get on top of the situation as soon as possible. Any STD should be promptly taken care of in order to prevent further damage to the genitals and the entire anatomy therein.

      If you should need any support along the way please let me know.

      May your life be content and full of wonder!

      Take care Faith x

      Anna Lovaise
      STD Admin