Pictures of the effects of Gonorrhea

The photos below show what a Gonorrhea infection looks like.



Picture of the effects Gonorrhea

Image Source :  The Body by Rick Sowadsky, MSPH December, 1997 thebody.com

Gonorrhea effects Female Gonorrhea Picture

Image source : Afraid To Ask  afraidtoask.com

Male Gonorrhea Photos

Epididymitis, a complication of gonorrhea

Image source: healthac.org


Gonorrhea of the eye

Ocular Gonorrhea

Infection of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea on the Hand

Picture of Gonorrhea Bacteria


Images of Gonorrhea

Microscopic view of Gonorrhea

  Picture of the Gonorrhea Virus

Image source : CDC National Prevention Information Network cdcnpin.org