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Alcohol on sores?

Discussion in 'Coping with Outbreaks in Every Day Life' started by polka_dot, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. polka_dot

    polka_dot Newbie

    Is this a good idea and what alcohol .. ovbiously some kind of spirit.
  2. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    I have often considered dabbing alcohol on the spot when I get an ob, but so far have been too chicken. It might be ok before it develops into a raw sore, but after that... yeow!! I can just imagine!

    Instead, I do use hydrogen peroxide numerous times during the day (like everytime I'm in the bathrom) as soon as I feel ab ob coming on. It doesn't burn, and it seems to help heal them more quickly. They kind of dry up and go away before they have a chance to get bad. In fact, mine never last more than two, or maybe three, days at the most anymore, and if I start the hydrogen peroxide right away, they don't blister and get raw. It works for me, anyway. Can't swear it will work for everyone, but it doesn't hurt, either.

    I also should advise you that my ob's are entirely external. I wouldn't advise putting hydrogen peroxide anywhere internal or it could mess up your ph balance and possibly cause other problems.
  3. JerseyGuy

    JerseyGuy Member


    I've read never to put alcohol or peroxide in the lower region =/
  4. MsLucy

    MsLucy Well-Known Member

    I've read in posts by others on here that they use it, too. I've also found that it makes it feel somewhat better temporarily. Maybe that's my imagination, though... psychological relief. Whatever works, I say. They say Purell works good, too, but I've never tried it, myself.
  5. polka_dot

    polka_dot Newbie

    another questions guys, is valaciclivor stronger than famvir? Ive been on famvir now for a month and along with the use of epsoms salts, warm water and cotton wool things have got slightly better. Im wiling to try anything to get this 3months outbreak sorted for a little while. :)
  6. Skaterboy

    Skaterboy Newbie

    I have been using hydrogen peroxide since yesterday and it already seems to be less red down there.
  7. biophilia

    biophilia Newbie

    Topical help

    Ok here's the goods. For cold sores at least Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick is the absolute bomb. The roll-on liquid is a mix of alcohol, calendula, borage, yarrow, and a bunch of other herbs.

    I put it on like an over the counter cream when the tingling begins. Unlike the over the counter stuff which only seems to work the first time I use it. This continues to work every time. If I get it right away rarely does the sore break the skin. I am careful to not contaminate the bottle by putting it on my finger first - one bottle lasts me about a year. (see http://www.burtsbees.ca/natural_remedies.htm to buy online)

    I think one of the reasons people use hydrogen peroxide is that the herpes virus has two stages: the viral stage and the bacterial stage. The virus erupts and does it's thing. When the sore is red that is very likely now a bacterial infection. You can use Burt's Bees as above for this as well as Polysporin, hydrogen peroxide and other topical anti-bacterials to heal it up. I believe by this stage it is no longer the virus causing the trouble. I have no clue if hydrogen peroxide works on the virus itself though.
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