Will there be a cure for herpes?

Although the herpes virus is relatively easy to kill in a laboratory dish the problem arises because this virus hides itself inside an apparently normal host nerve cell until it has multiplied itself and is ready to migrate. This is when an outbreak occurs and the blisters appear.

Some experts believe that developing an effective HSV vaccine is the only practical way to control the disease and the spread of infection, and if such a vaccine becomes available then universal immunization may be the best approach.

Is there any Herpes Vaccine?

Various vaccines are in clinical trials or pre-clinical development, including mutated strains of herpes virus that cannot replicate, inactivated herpes virus, and DNA vaccines that use genetic fragments of the virus to trigger an immune response. Creating such a vaccine, however, is complex and difficult.

The Herpes Clinical Trials section of our website should be able to point you in the right direction if you are interested in following the progress of these vaccines and other trials.

There are treatments which have been proven to reduce viral shedding and the growth rate of the virus, which can in turn help to reduce the risk of transmission. If you are interested in learning more about these you can read through the Herpes Supplements and Herpes Medications sections for details.