Article by Christy Charles

The Alkaline Health theory

“An acidic body provides a biological terrain conducive for disease to proliferate… Maintaining proper alkaline levels is essential for overall good health as well as preventing all herpes outbreaks.” ~ From the book Never an Outbreak.

In simple words… pathogens love an acid environment. That’s where they breed and multiply. The herpes virus cannot survive or proliferate in an alkaline environment.

Alkalizing your body:

So how does one re-balance one’s body to an alkaline level which supports health and keep the little suckers from being a hindrance?

Diet. Whatever you put inside of you. Eat or drink.

Let’s start with what we drink. Your choice of beverage.


Not all waters are equal. Before you buy mineral water (if that’s what you drink) have a look at the official analyse at the back of the bottle. You should favour water which is on the alkaline side on the scale. I spent one morning in the supermarket reading the backs of every brand of water till I found one which had a PH of 8. (Luchon if you’re living in France). It’s also a lovely soft water and tastes great.

To those fortunate enough to have the extra cash around to throw into a Melody water ioniser which not only filters your tap water, it splits the water into acid, which you can feed your plants and alkaline which you can drink , there is this option. Sang Whang the author to Reverse Aging swears by it. I have one and I don’t think any harm has come of me using it. I only need to clarify what the white depot in the glass is.

Other Drinks

If you want to bring on an outbreak drink cola. It has an acidity of 2.5. it would take 32 glasses of alkaline water with a PH of ten to neutralise one glass of cola.

If you want to stomp an outbreak squeeze lemons into your water. They have an extremely alkalising effect in the body.

Beer has a PH of 2.5 Guess you wouldn’t want to drink this everyday. Hard spirits are also very acid forming. And so to any drink sweetened with artificial sweeteners or refined sugar.

Juice your own fruits. Make your own lemon aid. And if you must have an acidic drink, get alkalife a few drops in your wine will not alter the taste but will lower its acidity make it more neutral. (Can’t imagine doing that in a posh restaurant.) I think the trick is finding the middle ground. You can have one drink but it is what it all adds up to at the end of the day. When you pee on the litmus paper the next morning it will total your previous day consumption with accuracy. God forbid it turns red. You want it slightly alkaline. Not deep purple either.

Litmus paper can be got at your pharmacy. Do the test on rising before you’ve eaten or drunk any thing. Cut a piece off and pee on it. Watch the colour change.


You are what you eat all day long. You’ve got a spot somewhere. You’ve put it there. Eczema, you’ve put that there. Itchy dry scalp? That’s your food talking. You are a sum total of what you have been eating and what you haven’t been eating.

The only thing to remember when making food choices is that the alkaline food must tip the plate over. Two thirds to one third in favour of the alkaline foods.
All grains are acid forming. Spelt, wheat, rye, amaranth, quinoa, corn oats, rice,barley, kamut…. But I eat them every day. The trick is balance. When I wake up in the morning and feel for a lovely slice of toasted homemade sourdough multigrain bread with chopped nuts and seeds (which is unusual as a glass of lemon water and a lovely mango keeps me till lunch) I don’t hesitate. As long as I match that slice of bread with twice as much fruit I am doing fine. I love bread and I adore nuts. I thin it would be a shame not to take full advantage of earth’s bounty.

I apply the same rule to lunch and dinner. And snacks. A great way to achieve that balance easily is to either eat carb with veges or protein with veges. Then you can see the balance. A plate is only so big. And if it has to be heaped with rice and chicken where do you have enough space for the veges? And eating like this allows you to eat more often. Yum yum and not get fat. Once your tummy tells you its emptied you can go for the other thing you wanted to eat earlier with some fruit. And there’s no guilt. I eat crisps but I have a carrot to go with it. It’s not the potatoes I’m afraid of, they’re alkaline. It’s the sunflower oil which isn’t, it’s acid forming.

One warning, you will find yourself going to the toilet at every meal. Which is good and regular. It is sometimes embarrassing when I sit down to eat with my boys. One quarter way through one gets up and goes to the loo. The then other. They then wash their hands and return to the table. Invariably.

Click the following link for a detailed list of foods rated according to their acidity or alkalinity.