Article by Christy Charles

Tricks and Tips

If you’ve been having regular outbreaks you have an acid build up which will take a while to be neutralised and peed or perspired out until you become outbreak free. To speed up the process you need to do a cleanse. Which will give you an alkaline slate to start on.

The best kind of cleanse it an alkaline cleanse. The easiest is one which tastes great. WATERMELONS! Watermelons are in season. Eat them all day long. Only that, and for as long as you can and drink copious amounts of alkaline water. Something with a PH above 7.

Your nose will run, your bladder won’t stop filling up and if you can work out a sweat go for it. The easiest way to work out a sweat is to sit in your bath tap as hot as you can bear it with a pot of ginger tea, or any herbal tea. Get some bicarbonate of soda, empty half of it into the tub get some Epsom salts pour 250 grams into the tub soak and release toxins.

Do this for as many days as you can. If you get hungry eat, this is not about staving yourself. All things in moderation. And you don’t want to stress your body and bring on an outbreak.

The Aerobic Oxygen Cleanse

Very easy. I did this and still ate normally. Wake up in the morning put twenty drops of aerobic oxygen in one litre of water. Drink all. I don’t like the taste of aerobic oxygen in water so I put the twenty drops in some juice and drink the water after. A bit of lemon juice in the water would only help. Get ready to pee your toxins out. Every three hours I did the same. Oxygen in juice with water. If your detox symptoms are too strong, nausea, etc go slower. But be prepared for a runny nose and non stop pee stops. You’re cleaning house.

The Maintenance Cleanse

Grow your own wheat grass. Extremely detoxifying and alkalising and immune system fortifying. Get a towel, put it in a dish. Pour some grains in. Soak the towel. Cover it all up. Water it every couple o hours. In one day you’ll see the sprouts. Continue keeping it moist til the shoots appear. Open it up to the light and watch it grow. Chew the juice out of the grass. Ok there are more professional ways to do this but it tastes as good and the benefits are the same.

Drink Lots of Herbal Teas

I like my teas spicy. And there’s a lovely Yogi tea with cinnamon, ginger and pepper which just does it for me. Most spices are very alkalising and that you’re drinking it with water just helps to flush out the neutralised wastes.

Reading Material

Reverse Aging by Sang Whang

The Ph Miracle by Robert Young and Shirley Young