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Welcome to the Herpes-Coldsores (HC) Support Network. We are humbled to be the oldest and largest online community for people affected by the herpes and cold sore virus.

If you’ve been feeling afraid, alone, isolated or confused prepare to feel a whole lot better. You are among friends here and our support crew intend to help everyone realize just how normal and common this skin condition is.

What we have found is that one of our most powerful weapons against herpes stigma is Truth and Perspective. Gather correct and accurate information so you can understand what this virus is all about – unlike a lot of diseases and ailments herpes really doesn’t cause any harm for most people. You can still have kids, maintain your health, live to a ripe long age and have great sex and meaningful relationships, if you want them, along the way.

You just need to become informed on the best way to live life with HSV, and where you can, adopt a different viewpoint on herpes to the one we’ve sometimes been accustomed to – herpes is NOT the end of your sex life and it does not change the awesome blueprint of your life. You are still exceptional and perfectly gorgeous like you have always been – herpes is just another layer to the depth of your interesting story. Truly. It doesn’t have to change much at all. With a few rare exceptions, perspective really is everything when it comes to the herpes virus.

Unsure if you have herpes?

Always see your doc first, even if it without a doubt looks like herpes in reality it might not be. So please, save yourself the heartache and stress and get tested.  You can buy online approved STD tests which are a legitimate and slightly more private option, or visit your Doctor.

Don’t delay – if you have symptoms or signs of what you think could be herpes it is better to make an appointment while you still have what could potentially be an outbreak, this will make it easier for your physician to diagnose the condition.

Everything will be O.K.

If you haven’t got the message yet it is this – herpes, for most folks, is only as big a deal as you allow it to be. Often the demons in our head are far more destructive to our health and happiness than the actual blister that pops up from time to time.

Try talking to the folks at the Honeycomb Herpes Forum or browse our articles for useful tips and information.


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  1. Today I found out I have the virus and am struggling with how to tell my partner….. We’ve been together 2 years

  2. It hasn’t been confirmed if I have herpes or not but I have blisters, sores, achy joints and flu like symptoms…I’m 24 and still on my mom’s insurance but once I’m off I don’t know how much the medications will be.

  3. Does anyone know a good way to help with the sores that keep reopening I have a few that won’t go away because they keep reopening but the rest are healed any ideas?

  4. Hi, i got herpes recently, maybe 6 month ago, is it norm to have ob when it heal just several days and then having ob again again for more than 4 times by this 6 month, but it took for month to heal, and then for several days, the ob come back again

  5. I’m trying to look for a support group or people I can’t talk to about this… I’m ok now… But I’m so paranoids that everything I feel in my body I think it’s that!!

  6. I’m having and out break and I’m taking alcyclovir then today I have this watery discharge that irritating my vagina what do I do

  7. Hey everyone…
    So I have ghsv1… It’s been about 3 years and I’ve had 2 OB’s…
    I have chosen to not disclose to partners and to use condoms obviously to protect myself from any other shenanigans… Currently i haven’t passed this little gift along to anyone! Because..(wait for it) I educated myself and do what I can on my part to not share it with others.
    This may sound awful, but I don’t think someone with oral hsv1 would think twice to disclose or not to a partner that they had “the herp”. So seeing as how the risks of transmission are low with ghsv1 being transferred genital to genital and that if a OB occurred I would simple refrain from sex, as most of u know refraining from sex during an OB is
    Not a problem, I wouldn’t even let someone touch me there during an OB with a stick. Let alone have sex.
    I guess life is just full of risks, and if this were some life threatening disease I would definitely choose otherwise to disclose. But it is merely a unfortunate skin irritation. I feel like I don’t need to tell someone about it as about 10% of people havent been exposed already and the majority of ppl already have antibodies. And in the rare chance a partner ever did catch ghsv1 from me then I would just play dumb and go from there seeing as how common this really is. (Please don’t judge my decision… Frankly, I don’t see why u would stigmatize yourself with something so minor..) with that being said this is
    Not HIV. It’s hardly a std. It’s my choice to not disclose. Does this make me an awful person? I must say it does give me a minor sense of bad moral choices but in the long run, it really isn’t a big deal.. And if u make it a big deal people freak out. So I would prefer to not be treated as a leper and to be able to live life as I would regardless of ghsv1. Life is full of risks. People take risks everyday without knowing the consequences. Why should this be any different? I wish I could shout I have ghsv1 from the roof tops but in society that’s just not the case. So I will keep my little secret, a secret. Protect myself and others the best I can. And that is really all you can do in this so called life.

  8. So ive had the unfortunate virus over 5 years now. Reading on new treatments and watched the herpes eraser video. I cannot find any real first person reviews. HAs anyone tried the 21 day menu of vitamins that video suggest you buy for 39$ to view? Did it work or did anyone get their money back?

  9. I recently got a swab culture done and was diagnosed with hvs type 2, but I have no symptoms at all, just a small bump near my perineum and the doctor did a swab. I am planning to get an Igg blood test done just to confirm and rule it out. I have no symptoms as what to people describe. I am devastated. Can someone please enlighten me? I also do not know how long I’ve had it and who gave it to me.

  10. Hello. Can anyone help me explain this test result as typed below. I am very confused. My boyfriend also got tested and results were all negative. I have been with this guy for 4 months from now. My previous relationship was 7 months ago from now. Please advise. I am very worried. I am not sure who transferred it to me.
    Herpes simplex type 1 IgG 5.5
    Herpes simplex type 2 IgG 0
    Chlamydia species IgG 0

  11. You are not a virus. You are a human being. Things happen. Sometimes to good people. Life goes on. Hsv does not define you. It does not make you a damaged person. You are still the great person you were before and will forever be. Regardless of this, you are allowed to feel cheated or challenged by life but know that people love you. The ones that don’t are ignorant and uneducated. Of course Hsv is not desired or fortunate to get, but it does not change who you are as a person. I let myself feel mad, angry, sad and scared. But in the end, I’m still here. I am a great person with great qualities. I am happy! I’m not going to let a cold sore define my personality or character. Anyone who thinks the less of you for it, doesn’t deserve you’re love and attention. Keep the positive vibes going and surround yourself with the people that you want to be. Trust me, it may be hard, your outbreaks painful, but you will get through it. You are amazing. There is no one else like you out there. Be the best version of yourself and don’t let a skin irritation take over your life. You are beautiful inside and out. And no one has the right to tell you otherwise. There are people that understand and are willing to listen. Find those people and never let them go. Everything will be alright. Xo-in2theblue

  12. Life sucks I found today but by a blood test ..but the way I see least we aren’t HIV ..that’s a plus and we won’t die ..second you can’t let this get you down guys…I hand a uncle that died from cancer …so we should embrase this shit and live life to the fullest…

  13. Hi there everyone, I went to pick up my blood results at the doctors today and found out I have herpes…devastating, curious as to the effectiveness of the ebook

  14. I have had herpes for over two years and have suffered for the whole time. I broke it off with the person who gave it to me months ago. After that I was ok for awhile, but I started dating someone and for three weeks now I have been fighting the prodrom (sensations). I was very nervousness and incredibly stressed to tell this person I had herpes. I do EVERYTHING to prevent a break out! Eat healthy, meaning only good food that is recommended and not containing arginine, cut out alcohol and caffeine. I don’t know what else to do. I can only think that because I have a bad gut that my body cannot fight off the virus when there is any emotional stress. It is a vicious cycle to worry about telling someone you have it and then worry about it transferring to them. I’m feeling like this relationship is doomed. It is so depressing to work so hard to fight it and have sensations for so long. ='((

  15. I was just diagnosed with herpes yesterday. I completely fell apart. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I wish I had someone to talk to. I’m scared to tell my friends and family. I just keep thinking back to the night I got it. Thinking about that guy. I’m so angry. What if I would have just stayed home that night? Left a little sooner? I feel disgusting. And I’m on my first outbreak. I’m miserable. I can barely get out of bed. The gel helps provide a little relief along with a lot of bathes. But the Valacyclovir is giving me a horrible headache. I’m feeling so lost and confused.

        1. Yes can u email? Can you post your email here and I’ll respond with my number and I’ll reply right back and we can text

  16. Hello I just found out I have h 1&2. However doctor did not seem knowledgeable I asked a few questions and she was like your are fine . she told me I was exposed but not infected that did jot make sense . I I have been doing my research and cannot get a good answer. I am going back and hopefully she is going to be more helpful . i am assuming I’m H +. Has anybody had the same situation? I have not had any out breaks however I am stressing out like crazy. What to do I every day I cannot accept this.

    1. This happened to me also. My dr didn’t really give me any advice. She told me it’s fine your fine and in my head I’m thinking no I’m not 🙁

  17. my boyfriend used to f**k around with “hoes” and he was sxually active one day he walked one of those hoes home and they kissed and he said the next day he woke up he had a bump on his lip he said he and his brother and father tried to get rid of it by poping and it eventually started to bleed he said it never came back again … but then like 2 months ago he tells me hes right or left nut hurts I forgot which one and now im scared… can he have herpes ? or any other disease? i havent gotten anything after kissing him… ive only gooten cold sores but since I was a little girl but havent gotten them in a while … im so confused to be honest

  18. I was just diagnosed with herpes and chlamydia today due to rape and I’ve been taking it pretty hard. I’ve been crying for god knows how long and i have to somehow tell my boyfriend who is in the army about it. I’m scared and depressed and I Dont know how to go about telling him or coping with it.

    1. I know how you feel. I was just diagnosed a few months ago and it’s still hard. If you’d like to talk email me at and I can give you the links to some support grouos. They really help!

      1. I was just diagnosed last Friday. I am so lost and been crying. Devasted actually. My bf and I have been monogamous for two years. I have whitlow which make me believe I contracted it elsewhere maybe at the gym or work. How do I tell him? I’m so afraid he’s going to leave me and I’m all alone 🙁 don’t know how to tell him every time we talk I cry …. Need emotional support. I want him to get tested too because he might have it but no symptoms. I don’t know what to do except I feel my life is ruined and all my hopes and dreams gone. 🙁

  19. Ok I went to the gyno on Wednesday and was told I have what appeared to be a herpes lesion, no treatment but he sent off a culture. He said it was not a big deal, not to worry. Well I am worried. Yesterday I noticed the beginnings of new bumps in that same area, I look today and there are just 3 or 4 small whitish bumps. What am I to do??

  20. Recently tested. Going back in three weeks for another test as recommended by doctor. First Igg test came back equivocal with a 1.0 numerical reading. Tests are negative if under .91 and positive if at/over 1.10. I had an encounter with new partner a month ago and have no visible symptoms. I do have groin stiffness but no flu like symptoms, no pain or tingling anywhere. I guess I’m just curious as to what causes an equivocal test result? The doctor said sometimes its due to a weak immune system or autoimmune diseases (I believe I do have alopecia). So my question is this. What are the chances this test is false and my immune system threw off the results? Because the way I figure it, since I do have a weaker immune system, the chances of showing visible symptoms after 1 month are high but yet I remain with no lesions or bumps of any sort. Please help. I’m freaking the F out! Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on my questions. Much love.

  21. I’m really devastated idk who I got it from if it’s from the guy I just started talking to or someone in the pass. I just never thought this would happen to me. The part that really bothers me is that there is no cure & that it can be spread. This is terrible. I’ll find out for sure if this is what I have but I’m still hoping & praying its something else

  22. I just found out I may have herpes. Ill find out in a week if it’s a for sure thing. I was devastated. The fact that it’s a life long disease with no cure just brought me down to my knees. I believe I got it from the guy I just started seeing because I have never had this problem before and he is the only one I’ve been sleeping w for months but I just read that I could have had this for years and never had an outbreak until now? So it could be my fault? How do I break it out to him because I would want someone to tell me.

    1. I was told by my partner of a year. This way. Hey baby i got my std test back and well i have herpes. I was shocked but there’s no good way to break it to him.Have your fact ready and exsplain what you know about it to him. I am in search of help and knowledge to deal with it. I found telling my closest friends and my mom is helping. My mom infact said well it wont kill you. So you will learn to embrace it. I am still lost and hurt but i forgive him and one day will forgive myself i hope.

    2. I have had it for 20 yrs..and yes its not wonderful..but its not as bad as people that don’t have say either..

    3. I need someone to talk too im 18 i just found out i have herpes 2 weeks before my bday irdk what to do i feel like no one will ever want me i just want some one i can talk to that’s going through the same thing how do i cope with this.

      1. That is how I felt the when I found out! The truth is a lot of people will be with u and a lot of people have it. Keep ur head up and be glad u didn’t get AIDS!

  23. Married 7 years, faithful for 9 years… Have two kids and had my first hsv2 outbreak? So confused! Can it really lay dormant for 9 years. Culture confirmed. We both got bloodwork, my level 15, hubby is 2. Does this mean he had it for a Long time?

    1. I’ve had active HSV1 for almost 15 years. I am not yet 30. I have always been told, including doctors, the virus originates from the chicken pox. The virus can lay dormant for decades. Random stresses can cause the virus to become active. Even a simple cold or an extreme of childbirth can cause it to become active. Other times it can be contact from in infected person to make it become active.

  24. Hi there i have just recently noticed what appears to be an ulcer on the tip of my penis. I’ve been looking online about what it cohld be and the most common outcome is herpes. The problem i have is that i’ve never had an ulcer here before and i’ve been with my gf for the majority of this year. Neither of us have cold sores and she’s told me before tht shes never had an sti. I’ve never had one either. could it be anything else?

    1. Alot of doc that test for stds do not test for herpes unless you ask or have side effects. I would ask and get tested.

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