Longest running online support network for people affected by the herpes and cord sores virus.

“If you’ve been feeling afraid, alone, isolated or confused prepare to feel a whole lot better.”


Herpes can look like other conditions and always needs a professional diagnosis.


Symptoms tend to pop up unexpectedly. What to expect with typical herpes outbreaks.


One challenge can be rejection. Gain practical tips on how to talk about herpes.

Unsure if you have herpes?

Always see your doc first, even if it without a doubt looks like herpes when in reality, it might not be. So please, save yourself the heartache and stress and get tested.  You can buy online approved STD tests which are a legitimate and slightly more private option, or visit your Doctor.

Don’t delay – if you have symptoms or signs of what you think could be herpes it is better to make an appointment while you still have what could potentially be an outbreak, this will make it easier for your physician to diagnose the condition.

😊 A Positive Perspective

One of our most powerful weapons against herpes stigma is Truth and Perspective. Gather correct and accurate information so you can understand what this virus is all about – unlike a lot of diseases and ailments herpes really doesn’t cause any harm for most people. You can still have kids, maintain your health, live to a ripe long age and have great sex and meaningful relationships, if you want them, along the way.



👌 Everything will be O.K. 

If you haven’t got the message yet it is this – herpes, for most folks, is only as big a deal as you allow it to be. Often the demons in our head are far more destructive to our health and happiness than the actual blister that pops up from time to time.

Become informed on the best way to live life with HSV, and where you can, adopt a different viewpoint on herpes to the one we’ve sometimes been accustomed to – herpes is NOT the end of your sex life and it does not change the awesome blueprint of your life.

You are still exceptional and perfectly gorgeous like you have always been – herpes is just another layer to the depth of your interesting story. Truly. It doesn’t have to change much at all. With a few rare exceptions, perspective really is everything when it comes to the herpes virus.


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