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Discussion in 'Meet-ups & Local Connections' started by SillySlappa, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. SillySlappa

    SillySlappa Member

    Hey Guys,

    Anyone out there from Aus. Just been feeling a bit down lately like im the only one in the whole of Australia who has herpes. It seems like a very american issue to me, although dont get me wrong. I know it's not. I'm just feeling a lil lonely in Aus...so anyone else out there who has it?? maybe i wont feel so outcastish!!
  2. AquariusAngel

    AquariusAngel Active Member

    Well I hate to burst your bubble but you are not the only Australia with the H ;)
    You will soon see that there are more Aussies on here than you think. You never have to feel alone here. Private message me if you ever need to chat one on one. As I'm sure you also know, the chat room is a great place to talk about your thoughts and concerns.
  3. novanne

    novanne Newbie

    Hi Silly. You are not alone.
  4. SillySlappa

    SillySlappa Member

    ok lemme re-phrase - any aussies that are like 19-20 and only just got it. Seems most of the aussies ive met bar a few have had the virus for years and got it when they were older and married.
  5. SillySlappa

    SillySlappa Member

    also any aussies with GHSV1 or GHSV2 - I have genital HSV 1 which means its not meant to recur as much...hmpphh mine keeps recurring atm. But yeh i know there's plenty of aussies with coldsores, how do u think i got ghsv1 from a stupid friken boy and his stupid freaking coldsore. but yeh anyone in aus with genital not facial as facial is common enough to find in aus but i feel genital isnt really. and altho i have teh exact same thing just down below...its yet somehow so different.
  6. devoed

    devoed Newbie

    hey silly im from aus with hsv1 genital so you are definetly not alone Im 18 years old and am havig a difficult time coming to terms with it too
  7. crest

    crest Newbie

    27 year old guy in Brissy :)
  8. MissHope

    MissHope Active Member

    Yep I'm another Aussie as well..... welcome aboard - we're glad you found us.

    And there are quite a few of us here so you certainly aren't alone. You may care to check out the Living Sphere site which is an Aussie site for herpes support - they also have local pages depending on which state you are in and you can get info on support groups and social outings.....
  9. 12345Anon

    12345Anon Member

  10. littlebee

    littlebee Newbie

    Hi all

    Another Sydneysider :)

    Really want to thank you all, first time I'd seen something like this and it actually made me smile.

    I'm also young, and was feeling pretty alone (I'm 22), so its really nice to know there are other people so similar to me out there.

    If any sydneysiders need someone to talk to, feel free to PM me :)

    keep on keeping on

  11. Hey Silly,

    Male, perth, ghsv1, 23.

    Found out last week.

    Felt pretty alone myself until I found this site.

  12. winonabee

    winonabee Member

    Sad to see there are no recent posts! Very silly to think you're alone - female 20 yr old from sydney! I usually roam around the site when I have an outbreak but I think I'll be here regularly as Newly Diagnosed ones do need people to talk to...
  13. jayne13

    jayne13 Member

    hay im not from auz but im close enough! from new zealand, 25 year old diagnosed last wednesday...yet to be confirmed but not being naive, im 99% sure ive got it. this site has been great, its funny how we feel so alone yet there's probably someone next door living with the same thing. i see you're talking about ghsv - what's the difference to that and hsv?
  14. winonabee

    winonabee Member

    HSV stands for Herpes Simplex Virus and GHSV stands for the Genital Herpes Simplex virus of HSV2 lol

    Jayne- I agree, I actually think I'm pretty sure some of my friends have it. It's so common! Everyone (including me) is just denying it - who would openly admit it anyway? :)
  15. jayne13

    jayne13 Member

    ah that makes sense, haha duh! yeah i'd deniy it too...ive only told my closest friend and i know she's not going to tell anyone so im safe for now lol. i live in a small town so best to not say anything to save people talking! just wish it didnt have the bad reputation it does have! i know ive changed my tune about it. shouldnt take getting it to do that tho really!
  16. winonabee

    winonabee Member

    You shared it with a friend huh? I am so scared.. I haven't told anyone about it.. at all... :\
  17. jayne13

    jayne13 Member

    That's why it's good to have this site, to help those who feel they can't talk to anyone. I only told someone I knew wouldn't say a word.
  18. winonabee

    winonabee Member

    Yeah it's quite 'funny' how I'm looking forward to going on my laptop and browsing this site when I go home LOL
  19. winonabee

    winonabee Member

    Any Sydney people who would be keen for coffee or chitchats?
  20. chardebo52

    chardebo52 Member

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