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being a surrogate mother.

Discussion in 'Fertility, Childbirth & Pregnancy with Herpes' started by kaylarie, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. kaylarie

    kaylarie Member

    for the longest time i wanted to do that soooo bad. but now i cant do that. i'm bummed. i love being pregnant and always had great pregnancies and wanted to do it and share the joy of being a parent to others who couldnt. and now i cant do it because of GH. i'm mad but oh well. just one more thing i cant do. kinda bums me out.
  2. you could still do it. You would need to educate the pending parents and maybe have a C section. But having GH should not stop you doing this for someone.
  3. kaylarie

    kaylarie Member

    well, the agencies i had looked into wont let you if you have a history of std's or current std's. also i was diagnosed with HPV a few years ago, not sure if my body cleared it though.... so theres a good chance i have the cancer causing type. so they wouldnt let me do that because of that as well.
    i think the only way id be able to do it is if i didnt go through an agency.
  4. my sister wont be able to hold a pregancy to full term with her blood disorder, shes 22 and knows her body wont let her and it kills her to know she wont ever feel a baby inside of her. i told her when she was diagnosed that i will carry her chldren for her no matter what. but that was before i was diagnosed with herpes....
    i am now currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first child and have had 3 outbreaks and my doctor and i are on the same level if i fee like i am haveing an outbreak its a c section but im haveing one anywayslol. my sister has been next to for the whole pregnancy calls me every 3 days we hang out more and she told me just the other day thats she is still ok with me haveing her children for her. which of course made me cry (stupid hormones) some people are still accepting of the fact that its ok as long as theres a c section cant help to try.
  5. PrayForCure

    PrayForCure Member

    outbreak during pregnancy

    Just curious whether you tend to have more outbreaks during pregnancy. I have been thinking of becoming a mom for a long time. However, just last year I was diagnosed with GH.

    I am the type of person who is very afraid of pain. So even the idea of giving birth sometimes scares me. Now with the thought that there will be a lot more outbreaks during pregnant, it really freaks me out. So far it is almost a year since my first diagnosis, I had two outbreaks. Will I have like 5 or 6 if I am pregnant?

    What are your pregnant ladies' experiences with the outbreaks during pregnancy?

    Also, why don't you pregnant ladies take Valtrex daily instead of taking it only from the start of the 34 weeks? Is taking Valtrex daily not recommended for pregnant women? If you take it daily, then you won't have any outbreak during pregnancy at all, correct?
  6. kaylarie

    kaylarie Member

    prayforcure: from what i've read and been told about H is if you have it while youre pregnant you tend to have more OB's and they can be a little worse then what you would normally have if you werent pregnant because of all the stress thats already put on your body. but i cant tell you how true that is because i got H during my pregnancy. i was 20 something weeks along and am now 34 weeks along. since i got it during pregnancy my route had to be a different one than ladies who had it prior to concieving. i was put on meds immediately, even before the results came back (i had a visible outbreak so they did a swab) because its not good to contract it during pregnancy but if you have it before it's really no big deal. im on meds til whenever i decide to stop taking them after baby is born. as for the time frame they usually start pregnant women on the meds later in their pregnancy thats probably more to be cautious because they arent entirely sure of the effects of prolonged exposure to the fetus, and some meds women cant take til later in pregnancy anyways. its just one of those things theyd rather try to limit. but the fetus doesnt get much of the meds passed to them by time your body absorbs it so its no biggie. another thing.... the meds dont always keep you outbreak free, they just lower your chances of having an outbreak and making them less severe than what you would have if you were to get one, and lessen the chances of passing H to someone. from all of the research ive done and what ive been told by the doc its really rare to pass H to your baby during normal delivery unless you have an active OB because once you hit 28 weeks i think it is your baby starts to develop antibodies to lower their chances of getting H from you, and if youre already on meds then its even lower.
  7. I got less outbreaks while pregnant. I think i got 1 with each of my pregnancies. But it was at about 20 weeks..
    But while breastfeeding i got it about every 3 months. I think due to stress of new baby, breastfeeding and hormones.
    My last pregnancy i didn't get it at all though..only breastfeeding.
    I know other mums who never got it while breastfeeding though. It is just what ever triggers your own attacks...

    I chose not to go on antivirals while pregnant but i also opted for C sections. My doctor was very good about talking to me about the risks of each thing.
    It was just i was more comfortable with C sections as i had scared myself about GH..
    My friend with GH had a natural birth and took antivirals and her baby didnt get it..
  8. zoey

    zoey Newbie


    Hi, I would love to talk with you. I have an egg donor that has herpes but has had 5 vaginal births no problems. I was hoping we could make each others dreams come true. She had only a few break outs and take no medication for it. If interested please pm me Thanks, D
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