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Bumps on Arm...Herpes?

Discussion in 'Herpes Symptoms' started by qwertyuiop, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. qwertyuiop

    qwertyuiop Newbie

    About 1.5 months ago I was in a relationship with a woman who has HSV2, but I was never told until a friend let me in on her secret...my own little nightmare since.

    About 3 weeks ago I had red bumps on my chest and arms pop up, and they were vessicular. 2 doctors told me that because they were too spread out and not clustered they didn't seem like herpes. A third doctor told me they could be herpes because they had vessicles, but a swab came back negative...who knows it could've been to late to get an accurate swab.

    Anyways, she prescribed me a 10 day regimen of Valtrex, and the bumps went away (whether it was due to the medicine or just time, I can't say).

    Anyways, last week two bumps appeared on both of my arms, in almost symmetrical locations (top of both arms, about 2" from the elbows), and they are raised and almost look similar to the ones that were on my chest. The one on my right arm is starting to fade, and neither have cause me any pain, itching, or discomfort.

    Here are two pictures:



    Thanks for your help!
  2. WarriorKing

    WarriorKing Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    It would be uncommon for those to be herpes at that location. Much more likely, if you got herpes from her, that your genitals or lips would be the breakout point.
  3. MissHope

    MissHope Active Member

    My mother has type 2 on her arm - HOWEVER when she has an outbreak, they look exactly like a facial coldsore, are painful, and then itchy as they heal.... her outbreaks last around 2 weeks from when they first pop up until when the skin heals over (but are depending on her general health & immune system at the time).

    Based on what hers look like and what yours look like, I'd be inclined to say it wasn't herpes, but I am no doctor and I've also learnt that herpes doesn't follow the rules.

    Sorry I cant be more help.
  4. whoopywoo

    whoopywoo Member

    MissHope, does your mother have type 2 genitally too? Just curious thats all as it's a unusal place to have Herpes. How did she manage to get it on her arm?
  5. MissHope

    MissHope Active Member

    She had it typed via swab test. As to how she got it, they assume from her ex husband (who was a cheater)...... And no, she does not have it genitally only on her arm. I didn't really want to know further details so I just left it at that when she told me! Mums and sex, eeewwwww, lol!
  6. boobooizluvd

    boobooizluvd Newbie

    I heard on the news a few months ago that young kids were getting herpes in the armpits. They say that instead of having intercourse kids were letting males rub their penises under their arm (I know...very strange!). They would develop sores under their arms & tested positive for herpes. It is possible to get herpes in other places on your body...even odd ones.
  7. OliverBranching

    OliverBranching Active Member

    I have the same bumps!!
    I just got diagnosed with hsv1 a couple months ago, and since the I have been getting random bumps that pop up all over my body. Some last for as little as a day, yet others have been there for a couple months now. The ones I have had on the back of my thighs started off very itchy at night. They haven't itched for about a month but they're still there! I'm so confused.
    My resent ex tested after I told him about my + test result and his came back negative. We were monogamous, so that means I've had hsv1 for well over 10 months. My skin has never done this stuff before. Since being told I had hsv1 I have developed so many skin issues. I've gone to the detmitoligist, the ER, and a follow up Dr. They all seem to think I have some kind of eczema, but something just doesn't feel right. I feel like a freakin lepar. I'm scared to come into contact with anyone. I know everyone likes to say "80% of the population has hsv1, but I don't buy it. I've been looking at everyone's skin and no ones looks like mine. I feel so gross and just want to kill myself.
    I know I'm being dramatic... I hated people like me before I was one of them. I just don't understand what's happening to me. I've always had really nice skin and now it's blotchy and bumpy. I've never had a cold sore, and the skin rash I had on my genitals cleared up with a steroid cream my Dr gave me. I've been using the same cream in these other spots with no relief.
    I'm a homosexual and this is really destroying me. "My people" are super shallow, and we normally have sex on the 1st date. I'm ready to settle down and find someone to be with forever, and my skin is making this so hard to do. I don't know where my hsv actually is, and I'm freaked its all over. It would be somewhat manageable if it was oral or genital.. but full body?! how do You no spread That?!?! I've showed Drs my skin and no one will give me any antiviral meds. I don't have insurance and have all racked up $800 in medical debt. I just don't know what to do!! I'm losing more and more hope everyday...
    Sex isn't even that important to me anymore, but the idea of not even being able to cuddle someone is killing me inside. I'm really worried I have some kind of freaking super herp that laid dormant in me for god knows how long, and is now out on a mission to ruin my life...
    I've been on lysine, apple cider vinegar, and oil of oregano for 2 months with no relief. Everyday I get closer to just blowing my fucking brains out... :,(
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
  8. WarriorKing

    WarriorKing Staff Member

    • Super Moderator
    There are many different skin medical conditions. Good chance your current symptoms have nothing to do with HSV. Doctors aren't magicians, they can't instantly tell you what you have. Could even be a food allergy. If you get blisters then get them cultured.
  9. tonoend

    tonoend Newbie

    Dude my pimple-like bumps look exactly the same like yours. It's bacterial. You need to go the doctor's to get you prescribed with antibiotics or something to get rid of it.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2013
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