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Constant tears/paper cuts on labia

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by smithconfused, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. smithconfused

    smithconfused Active Member

    I have GHSV2, however I have been experiencing constant burning, itching and pain. These symptoms are usually followed by two tears or paper cuts on my labia. I have recently been tested for yeast, BV and other STDs, and ALL test were negative. So, what can this be??? Outbreak??

    Just wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced this. I take Valtrex during outbreaks. The cuts/tears only last a few days and heal. Then return a few days to a week later. No scab, just regular skin.

    Thanks for all your help.
  2. VVK

    VVK Active Member

    Are you sexually active? If so, it could be because you are not sufficiently hydrated. You could also be developing a sensitivity to your underclothing or the washing detergent.
  3. smithconfused

    smithconfused Active Member

    Havent changed any detergent or body wash. Yes,I am sexually active but use lube. I have these cuts even I dont have sex. They just appear after intense itching and burning. I feel so hopeless because no one seems to know what it is. The skin on labia is so sensitive...I am afraid it can cause permanent damage.
  4. VVK

    VVK Active Member

    Oh. I was hoping it was something simple like chafing during sex or with the underwear. Although outbreaks of HSV can come in various forms, this really sounds like a skin irritation that leads to cracking. Something that comes into contact with that particular area of skin is giving you this reaction. You can develop sensitivities to detergents and body washes over time, so keep this in mind. Also, when your skin is damaged, it is more likely to react badly with detergents and body washes until it becomes normal again.

    You said that you have constant burning, itching, and pain. Can you remember when this started?
  5. Misty67

    Misty67 Well-Known Member

    • Moderator
    Hi smith

    I am HSV2+ and I don't get the classic sores and blisters. I only burn and have a dis-charge. (I consider this to be my OB) I was first diagnosed with yest, then BV...then BOOM HSV. When my doctor examined me the second time he said he noticed small tears....I can't see them even with my magnifying mirror.

    Yest infections can last a long time and come back. The same for BV.
    I know its frustrating not knowing what is going on with your body!! good luck!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2011
  6. Kitty123

    Kitty123 Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    sometimes my labia has somewhat of a rough appearance to it. And when the lighting of the room hits it, I can sort of see tiny teeny bumps. Its so hard to explain. They don't hurt or bleed but when I run my fingers across it, I can feel somewhat of a texture. I don't know if these are tears or papercuts or not. It's so hard to tell because like Misty, I can never see ANYYYYTHING. But I get itching for at least a week
  7. HelloHello

    HelloHello Newbie

    this same thing is currently happening to me! I think it's an outbreak (would be my third). I've never had an outbreak like this before, but if my outbreaks keep continuing like this, then I'm happy as anything!

    The only reason I'm sure it's an outbreak is because I ALWAYS get BV during an outbreak. Or so it seems (I've only had 2 outbreaks but it's been the same).

    I have yet to take any medicine for any of my outbreaks (Valtrex).

    I think there's a good chance you're having an outbreak too.
  8. oceanwaves

    oceanwaves Member

    I have never had the typical sores..I ONLY get these tiny tiny tears..I literally have to take a picture with my HD camera and zoom in to see them sometimes...I get them dispite taking acly daily..I'm 99% sure the tears are HSV related..wish they would stop though..
  9. smithconfused

    smithconfused Active Member

    Thank you all for replying. I will go to a different doc to get a second opinion. Someone on another forum suggested that it could be atrophic vaginitis due to low estrogen. This may very well be the case because I am breast feeding. I dont know, but I need to get a handle on it. It is making my like miserable. I sometimes get tiny tiny rashes on my labia after the tears heal. What the HECK!!!! I am lost. My gyn is clueless and of little help!!!
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