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does anyone else get it on butt cheek ?

Discussion in 'About My Outbreaks' started by carmenita, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. carmenita

    carmenita Member

    I get my outbreaks on the butt cheeks. This is the reason I didn't know I had HSV2 -- pimples on butt cheeks are so common. It's pretty difficult for me, too, because of that. I never know if I'm getting an outbreak or if I just have a normal zit. I get nervous at every little red bump. I've tried to solve this problem by using an exfoliating cream (to limit the ingrown hairs that could make me panic!). At least I have a nice soft butt now! :-)

    But seriously, if anyone else has the same OB location, I"d love to know your experiences. I've heard about "tingling" but I don't seem to get any tingling whatsoever to warn me something's coming. I've had what I think is tingling on the lip (I also have HSV1), that feels sort of like fizzy water on the edge of my lip, without OBs (I've only had a cold sore once), but I've never felt anything similar below the waist.

    I've only known I had this since my third OB, and so may not be recognizing the prodromes, but it seems like the OB just appears out of nowhere, and I only notice it because it itches. By that time it's already a red welt, like a big mosquito bite. I vaguely remember having lower backache once, but can't remember if it was pre-OB or not. Now and then I've had pains in the back of the thighs, but again, can't remember when with regard to the OB.

    Anyone have prodromes that I might be missing? I'd like to be able to see them coming. Please tell me how it happens for you.
  2. 1FineStallion

    1FineStallion Newbie

    I know its been a long time since you posted this...but I get herpes on my Left butt cheek infrequently...NEVER thought it could be herpes!!!! Until I went to derm doc and showed him a pic I had taken; he knew right away. I was devastated and shocked!!! I didn't realize you could get genital herpes in non genital places!
    I have not found anyone else who has had it on their butt cheek. What has worked for you? Do you have scarring? My butt is a very nice butt and probably my best body part so I am sooooo bummed about this!!!
  3. dumplinsmom

    dumplinsmom Active Member

    Actually, I have HSV2 and I get it in the genital area and also on my butt cheek. I was diagnosed in September and, even though I've read it does not leave a scar, it has left a scar. I believe it's from me scratching it though. I'm still get used to what I have so I can really help you regarding the prodomes.
  4. livelaughlove

    livelaughlove Active Member

    anything in the "boxer short" area is fair game for genital hsv.
  5. cingyg

    cingyg Newbie

    I think I have it on my butt cheek too - 6-8 red bumps that look like mosquito bites and itch like crazy. There are no blisters, just bumps. I'm not sure what to do since I haven't had an outbreak in 20 years, at least not one that I realized I was having. At what point do you need to see a Dr.?
  6. Shayna

    Shayna Well-Known Member

    • VIP Supporter
    My outbreaks have been on my butt cheek, too. I've only had two but they were in the same place each time. I just ride it out- take my suppliments and soak in an epsom salts bath when the itch is bothering me. They do itch like crazy there, don't they! :rolleyes:

    I'm not sure a doctor would do anything more than give you anti viral drugs. Personally, I can't take the acyclovir. I lost a lot of hair the two times I took it.

    I would suggest getting more rest, watch what your eating and drinking, and try to boost your immune system. Hopefully that will shorten the ob and keep the next one at bay.
  7. dumplinsmom

    dumplinsmom Active Member

    The only thing the docs can do is provide the medicine to help speed up the healing process but that's about it. My doctor did tell me to put a gauze over the one's I had on my butt, not sure why.
  8. cbadbf

    cbadbf Newbie

    My gf gets her OBs in her anal cleft at the very top where her butt cheeks spread, kinda where the "t" portion of a thong is if that helps.
  9. tidy1

    tidy1 Newbie

    butt outbreaks

    I get outbreaks on my butt too. Big nasty ones, near the top and close to the crack. They were really painful and super itchy and my under wear or jeans would rub against it and remind me of it's disgustingness. At one point they seemed out of control! One time I had 3 subsequent outbreaks. I was at my whitts end. I talked to my OBGYN and she said she has some patients that have complained about the same thing, so I guess we're not alone. I've since been taking Valtrex and the outbreaks are MUCH smaller. Sometimes one begins to appear then goes away without fully erupting into fluid filled blisters. My advice....if they get bothersome, cover with gauze with a medical tape border so it can get air and heal. This helps buffer the sore from iritating clothing, plus you can give it a light scratch here and there without damaging your skin.
  10. dumplinsmom

    dumplinsmom Active Member

    My outbreaks on the butt were just as yours, big, at the top by the crack. You know, my doc told me the same thing about the gauze and tape. I used that during my butt outbreaks. I think I may have already mentioned this, but I've had H since Sep 08. When I got it, the butt outbreaks and outbreaks period just seemed to not want to go away. Maybe I was having back to back outbreaks but it seemed to never end. I think it may have been due to all the stress and being depressed. Now, it's been a while since I've had an outbreak. Sometimes I feel one coming on but it has not been a full outbreak. I'm trying a new diet, plus eliminated pop and caffeine, and I also take daily Valtrex. I take the daily Valtrex because my initial outbreaks did not seem to want to go away.
  11. trulyblessed

    trulyblessed Newbie

    Weird Place for An OB

    I read the posts about ob's on the butt cheeks and have never experienced that. But, I have had ob's on my lower back right above my waist. That was odd to me. I thought it was a rash of some sort until I went to the derm doctor. Those ob's seem to take forever to heal. Has anyone else had this experience?
  12. Herpes on butt check

    Hello all,

    Yes, I too, get herpes outbreaks on my right butt cheek. For years, I never knew what it was. I actually thought it was a recurring ringworm until I went to my Primary Care Physician and showed him the scar. Instantly, he knew it was herpes. I was devastated. I would've never in a million years thought the bumps on my butt cheek were herpes. So, he prescribed Acyclovir. I didn't understand how I got herpes on my butt cheek since I didn't have anal sex. I was ignorant about herpes back then just as many, many others have no real clue about herpes, how herpes is contracted, and where herpes outbreaks can show up.

    I can tell when an outbreak is coming because I initially feel a slight itch on my right butt check, then when I go in the bathroom to check in the mirror, I would see a small red mark in the same area my outbreaks always come. The next thing you know within hours, the small red mark becomes bigger and I see the little blisters beginning to form. Yes, my outbreaks do leave scars, and unfortunately because of the scarring I do not wear regular bathing suit bottoms. I wear bathing suits with boy shorts, and that is a bummer. :( I'm thinking of buying some fade cream to get rid of the scars. I now take Famvir, which was prescribed by a dermatologist. He said Acyclovir was outdated.

    I've noticed when I get really stressed out, my outbreaks occur. I've had HSV-2 for nine years now. I didn't find out my outbreaks were herpes until I was already four years into it. Thank God, I've only had outbreaks on my right butt check. Always in the same general area, but not in the same exact spot.

    I found a very interesting article that really enlighentened me about the herpes I contracted that shows up on my butt cheek. Please check it out: removed advertising link
    Please let me know what you think.


    With Gratitude:D
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  13. goodmorning

    goodmorning Member

    recurring herpes or pimple on my butt?

    I noticed after I had sex with my boyfriend this morning that a pimple showed up on my butt overnight. I don't think I've ever had recurring herpes there; it always shows up on my labia and it usually itches and hurts. I just got back home and noticed another one nearby. They're both large and pink, like cystic pimples. They're sore when I sit on them and rub them, but they're not itchy. I swabbed some isopropyl alcohol on them and they did not sting like past lesions.
    I'm really really hoping that its not an outbreak, because that means that I probably carelessly infected my boyfriend since it's not an area covered by a condom..at all.
    Does anyone get recurring outbreaks like this? Or am I just freaking out?
  14. Aaaaah!

    After reading this thread, I'm pretty sure I've had an outbreak on my ass. I was here because I've been having a lot of cold sores, and I've been pretty bummed about it. Now I'm pretty sure I have a genital infection as well. It was a long time ago, but it was pretty much like what people are describing here. The clinic wasn't really interested in testing me, because it was obvious that I was getting cold sores, but now I think I had better have a blood test to find out if I have HSV1 or 2 or both. Any advice?
  15. mhien

    mhien Newbie

    I'm in the middle of my first OB, and I have one one each buttcheek. They don't seem to bother me, the rest of the OB is intensely painful. These are just kind of there...maybe itch a little. They seem to be lasting longer than the other area of the OB though, even though they bother me less.
  16. Doesn't sound like herpes

    Your bumps don't sound like herpes. My outbreaks always come in a very small cluster of blisters and they itch and are bothersome.
  17. Yes, get a blood test

    Just so you can know what type of HSV you have, I suggest you have a blood test done.
  18. xanax28

    xanax28 Newbie

    butt cheek

    I get the outbreaks only at the top right side near my belt line. I get a rundown tired all the time and some pain in my legs which I now recognize as signs a breakout is coming. They all have been stress related. I have never broken out on my penis and have not infected any peartners who I mentioned my HSV2 to. I have had unprotected sex with my girlfriends as a condom will not help if you have no breakouts in the genital area. I have been in a bad relationship that ended two months ago. I had only one outbreak several years ago and was told it was shingles. During the high stress times with my ex girl I had about 4 breakouts in six months(turned out she was an alcoholic and I had to kick her out). I took valtrex which helped. i just am geting over another outbreak that has been with me two weeks. Fucking painful right near the belt underwear line. My doc prescribed valtrex for 4 months daily. I got depressed with the whole end of relationship thing followed by a breakout by drinking and smoking excessively for the last 2 weeks. Dumb and self destructive I know. I am not continuing this pity party for myself as I am better off without her. In addition, I joined positive singles and actually have two dates lined up after writing 12 women. Trying to make the best of a situation. Sorry for the ramble, but I wanted to answer your question and vent a bit.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2009
  19. JHILL22

    JHILL22 Newbie

    I dont know what to do?!?!?

    Recently i have started getting itchy spots on my bum, they look like insect bites and they itch like them too, once i itch one, more of them start to come up, and the hole is very itchy too. The red sports then go away and don't scab but they reoccur every day. Ive been looking online and most things say it could be herpes... i did have sex around three months ago and stupidly was without protection as with my boyfriend (now ex) and on pill, but it's only started to come up now.. Now im scared if it is herpes, does that mean i cant have any sexual partners in the future without risk of passing it on?! What shall i do?!?!?!? I cant ask my ex either as we had a bad breakup?
  20. Outbreaks are no fun

    It's best to eliminate stress altogether for so many good reasons, and having herpes is one of them.

    Best wishes to you. Gain more control of your emotions so that you will have more control over your condition.
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