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Does Genital Herpes Burn Itself Out???

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by southbay, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. southbay

    southbay Newbie

    I read that in a book I have. How can that be? It actually says the virus tends to burn itself out, and that rarely do you see outbreaks after age 50. I guess that would depend when you got it, no? Geez. Is what the author saying is that perhaps the outbreaks become less frequent?
  2. peppermintpatty

    peppermintpatty Active Member

    Yeah. I think the author made that claim in context of a 50 year old having had the herps for many years. if someone gets herpes for the first time at age 50... well...not so fortunate. yes research shows that the longer someone has HSV the less mojo it has. I've read sources that claim this finding is especially true for type 2 genital? I know I 've experienced far fewer outbreaks over the past twenty some years. Of course exceptions would be found in the case of people who have weakened immune systems from developing certain other diseases.
  3. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    HAHA! "Less Mojo". I like that!

    I caught HSV1 (orally) as a kid (like most of us do). I use to get these HORRENDOUS cold sores about twice a year. Just nasty. (funny thing is, I use to pick and scratch at these things like kids do, but never caught herpes whitlow or ocular herpes....how is that? I would imagine MORE kids would have this too, as, lets face it, kids are not the cleanest! hahaha)

    anyways, so I use to get super bad cold sores as a kid. Knock on wood, now, as an adult, I rarely get bad cold sores. Maybe once a year if that. If I feel the start of one, I will go to the bathroom and I WILL lance the blister carefully, and I will immediately apply hydrogen peroxide to the area affected. It seems to work...dry it out right away , keep it clean, don't mess with it, maybe use good old caramex lip balm after it dries up a bit....and NADA. So I think that the virus DOES lessen and I think with time you also learn how to handle the virus as well. Now when I get a cold sore on my lip, I do the above procedures it is rarely noticeable. More like a tiny "zit" or something.

    I have only had HSV2 for three years now. (only? seems like a lifetime!) I have been lucky in that I do not get frequent outbreaks. I only did while pregnant and shortly after I had the baby. Vitamins, healthy foods seem to work for me. If I feel a "twinge" down there, I might try suppressives. I don't know if because I already had the HSV1 virus in me, that my immune system was/is better prepared to deal with HSV2, hence the mild outbreaks. (I think I read somewhere that this could be the case.) If so, I hope that by the time I am in my 50s, that I will have next to NO outbreaks.

    So I would say yes, over a period of time, your outbreaks will get milder and milder with age. But I also think that with that is HOW you take care of yourself and the learning process that goes WITH it....Trial and error. :wink:
  4. GymMonster

    GymMonster Member

    Like I said before, Herpes type 1 is a milder form of the virus in my opinion. I had -1 as a kid also and I was always picking and popping the blisters, squirting them all over, and it eventually went away. I no longer get type 1 outbreaks, even if I eat chocolate and lay in the sun. Type 2 will kick your ass on the other hand, it spreads so easily. But again after more than 20 years with type 2 the outbreaks have really dropped off, I get around 1 a year, but I can go up to a year and a half. They are much smaller deals also, most of the time they are so small I don't even know I'm having one.

  5. peppermintpatty

    peppermintpatty Active Member

    Actually, type 1 spreads more easily than type 2. Type 1 is also associated with more complications, such as, encepahalitis,ocular keratits, and whitlow. Type 1 is reportedly less severe in the genital area, however overall type 2 seldom recurrs outside of the sacral dermatome area. Type 1, on the other, hand has been cultured from extraneous sites outside of it's "usual" area of preference.
  6. ouch

    ouch Well-Known Member

    hey hey hey!! it is PMP, back from "vacation!"
    How are you doing?!? Hope all is going well with you! Studying hard?

    Good to have someone who can shed a light on the "technical side" of things.

    My question for you: Don't you feel your outbreaks in the nether regions are much more virulent than those on the mouth?? I have hsv1 (coldsore) and have since I was a kid. Sure I got a couple of real gnarly ones from time to time....but nothing compared to the outbreaks I get genitally. Do you find this to be the same? ( I know others have posted their genital ooutbreaks are pretty darn bad too...compared to oral herpes.) But it does seem to be easier to care for hsv1 (keeping it clean, healing time, etc.)

    However, it makes total sense the hsv1 is more likely to spread and cause complications. (spread to the nose, the eyes...god forbid, encephalitis) Whereas, how often are we all groping our nether regions, than groping elsewhere! hahaha! But hsv2 does seem to be a fragile virus .....in that it is happy in its little spot in the spine, and no where else. How weird. germs are weird! hahaha.
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